A paronym or paronyme in linguistics may refer to two different things:
# A word that is related to another word and derives from the same root, e.g. a cognate word;
# Words which are almost homonyms, but have slight differences in spelling or pronunciation and have different meanings. Some paronyms are truly synonymous, but only under the of conditions. They often to confusion. Examples of any type of paronym are:

* ' and '
* "collision" and "collusion"
* "conjuncture" and "conjecture"
* "excise" and "exercise"
* "prolepsis" and "proslepsis"
* "" and "contiguous"
* " (or )" and " (or )"
* ' and '
* ' and '
* ' and '

See also

* -onym
* Cognate
* Doublet (linguistics)

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