Card blowing

Infobox CardGame
title = Card Blowing
subtitle = AKA "Kartenpusten"
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alt_names =
type = Drinking
players = 5+
ages = Legal drinking age
num_cards = 52
deck = Anglo-American
play = Clockwise
card_rank = Ace(A)-Two(2)
origin = Germany
related =
playing_time = 15 minutes
random_chance =
skills =
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Card blowing (Kartenpusten) is a German drinking game involving a deck of cards and beer. It is best suited to groups of five or more. While possible to be played with fewer players, the rapid rate of beer consumption makes this not recommended.


*A standard deck of playing cards without Jokers.
*Two cups are to be kept on hand, always filled with approximately a tenth of a liter (3 ounces) of (usually cheap) beer. To ensure uniformity, a permanent marker can be used to draw on the side of clear plastic cups. These cups are to be immediately refilled after every penalty drink to keep the game moving. To speed up the game, larger quantities can be used.
*Two coasters and paper towels (recommended to help keep the cards from getting wet)


The deck of cards is placed face-up on an overturned cup. Players sit around the table and play progresses clockwise. Turns are taken blowing cards off the deck. One player is designated as the official glass refiller. If possible, the pouring of beer should be done at an adjacent table to keep the table area where the blowing takes place as dry as possible.

Forcing drinks on other players

If the top card is a heart, the player who just blew must choose someone at the table to drink. If the top card is the ace of hearts, the player must choose someone at the table to drink two shots of beer.

Penalty drinks

In addition to hearts, there are other cases in which a player can be forced to drink.

*If the player succeeds in blowing the last card off the cup
*If the player doesn't blow any cards off the cup
*If the player stops blowing in the middle of a turn and starts again (two separate breaths)
*If the player touches the cards at all
*If the player knocks down any of the cards while moving the cup
*If the player is not sitting in his seat to blow (when the cards are precariously balanced and the player is attempting to avoid the previous rule)
*If the player doesn't finish his beer shot all at once

When a player succeeds in blowing off all but the last card, the next player must drink a shot and play begins again with a full deck at the following player.


Whenever possible, newcomers should avoid sitting to the left of any more experienced player, and avoid making enemies.

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