World Information Society Day

World Information Society Day was proclaimed to be on 17 May by a United Nations General Assembly resolution, following the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis.UN document |docid=A-RES-60-252 |type=Resolution |body=General Assembly |session=60 |resolution_number=252 |highlight=rect_189,250_815,343 |page=3 |accessdate=2007-09-12| date=27 March 2006]

The day had previously been known as World Telecommunication Day to commemorate the founding of the International Telecommunication Union in 17 May 1865. [cite web|title=World Telecommunication Day 2006: Promoting Global Cybersecurity| url =| date=28 march 2006]

The first World Information Society Day took place on Wednesday, 17 May 2006. [cite web|url=|title=In message for world information society day, Secretary-General calls for International countermeasure to enhance cybersecurity|date=26 April 2006]

The main objective of the day is to raise global awareness of society changes brought by the Internet and new technologies. It also aims to help reduce the Digital divide.


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