name = Suckers
fossil_range = Middle Eocene - Present

image_caption = quillback, "Carpiodes cyprinus"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Actinopterygii
ordo = Cypriniformes
subordo = Cobitoidea
familia = Catostomidae
subdivision_ranks = Genera
subdivision = †"Amyzon" "Carpiodes" "Catostomus" "Chasmistes" "Cycleptus" "Deltistes" "Erimyzon" "Hypentelium" "Ictiobus" "Minytrema" "Moxostoma" "Myxocyprinus" "Thoburnia" †"Vasnetzovia" "Xyrauchen" See text for species.

Catostomidae is the sucker family of the order Cypriniformes.

There are 80 species in this family of freshwater fishes. Catostomidae are found in North America, east central China, and eastern Siberia. Their mouth is located on the underside of the head (subterminal), with thick, fleshy lips. Most species are less than 60 cm (2 feet) in length but the largest species can reach 1 m (40 inches). They are not usually fished recreationally; they are not highly prized in North America for their flesh although they are a fairly popular target with spear fisherman.

Catostomids are most often found in rivers but can be found in any freshwater environment. Their food ranges from detritus and bottom dwelling organisms (such as crustaceans and worms), to surface insects and small fishes.

Fossil record

Catostomidae have been uncovered and dated to the Middle Eocene in Colorado and Utah. An enormous gap (36.2 million years) in the fossil record occurs from the Late Eocene to Early Pleistocene [] .

As food

They are preferentially harvested in the spring, during their spawning run. They can be fried, canned or smoked.


Subfamily Catostominae:Tribe Catostomini:* Genus "Catostomus":** Utah sucker, "Catostomus ardens" (Jordan & Gilbert, 1881).:** Yaqui sucker, "Catostomus bernardini" (Girard, 1856).:** Cahita sucker, "Catostomus cahita" (Siebert & Minckley, 1986).:** Longnose sucker, "Catostomus catostomus catostomus" (Forster, 1773).:** Jasper longnose sucker, "Catostomus catostomus lacustris" (Bajkov, 1927).:** Desert sucker, "Catostomus clarkii" (Baird & Girard, 1854).:** Bridgelip sucker, "Catostomus columbianus" (Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1893).:** White sucker, "Catostomus commersonii" (Lacépède, 1803).:** "Catostomus conchos" (Meek, 1902).:** Bluehead sucker, "Catostomus discobolus discobolus" (Cope, 1871).:** Zuni bluehead sucker, "Catostomus discobolus yarrowi" (Cope, 1874).:** Owens sucker, "Catostomus fumeiventris" (Miller, 1973).:** Sonora sucker, "Catostomus insignis" (Baird & Girard, 1854).:** Flannelmouth sucker, "Catostomus latipinnis" (Baird & Girard, 1853).:** Bavispe sucker, "Catostomus leopoldi" (Siebert & Minckley, 1986).:** Largescale sucker, "Catostomus macrocheilus" (Girard, 1856).:** Modoc sucker, "Catostomus microps" (Rutter, 1908).:** Nazas sucker, "Catostomus nebuliferus" (Garman, 1881).:** Goose lake sucker, "Catostomus occidentalis lacusanserinus" (Fowler, 1913).:** Sacramento sucker, "Catostomus occidentalis occidentalis" Ayres, 1854.:** Mountain sucker, "Catostomus platyrhynchus" (Cope, 1874).:** Rio Grande sucker, "Catostomus plebeius" Baird & Girard, 1854.:** Jenny creek sucker, "Catostomus rimiculus" Gilbert & Snyder, 1898.:** Santa Ana sucker, "Catostomus santaanae" (Snyder, 1908).:** Klamath largescale sucker, "Catostomus snyderi" Gilbert, 1898.:** Tahoe sucker, "Catostomus tahoensis" Gill & Jordan, 1878.:** Warner sucker, "Catostomus warnerensis" Snyder, 1908.:** Opata sucker, "Catostomus wigginsi" Herre & Brock, 1936.:* Genus "Chasmistes":** Shortnose sucker, "Chasmistes brevirostris" Cope, 1879.:** Cui-ui, "Chasmistes cujus" Cope, 1883.:** "Chasmistes fecundus" (Cope & Yarrow, 1875).:** June sucker, "Chasmistes liorus liorus" Jordan, 1878.:** "Chasmistes liorus mictus" Miller & Smith, 1981.:** Snake River sucker, "Chasmistes muriei" Miller & Smith, 1981.:* Genus "Deltistes":** Lost River sucker, "Deltistes luxatus" (Cope, 1879).:* Genus "Xyrauchen":** Razorback sucker, "Xyrauchen texanus" (Abbott, 1860).:Tribe Erimyzoninae:* Genus "Erimyzon":** Creek chubsucker, "Erimyzon oblongus" (Mitchill, 1814).:** Lake chubsucker, "Erimyzon sucetta" (Lacépède, 1803).:** Sharpfin chubsucker, "Erimyzon tenuis" (Agassiz, 1855).:* Genus "Minytrema":** Spotted sucker, "Minytrema melanops" (Rafinesque, 1820).:Tribe Thoburniinae:* Genus "Hypentelium":** Alabama hog sucker, "Hypentelium etowanum" (Jordan, 1877).:** Northern hog sucker, "Hypentelium nigricans" (Lesueur, 1817).:** Roanoke hog sucker, "Hypentelium roanokense" Raney & Lachner, 1947.:* Genus "Thoburnia":** Blackfin sucker, "Thoburnia atripinnis" (Bailey, 1959).:** Rustyside sucker, "Thoburnia hamiltoni" (Raney & Lachner, 1946).:** Torrent sucker, "Thoburnia rhothoeca" (Thoburn, 1896).:Tribe Moxostomatini:* Genus "Moxostoma":** Longlip jumprock, "Moxostoma albidum" (Girard, 1856).:** Silver redhorse, "Moxostoma anisurum" (Rafinesque, 1820).:** Bigeye jumprock, "Moxostoma ariommum" Robins & Raney, 1956.:** Mexican redhorse, "Moxostoma austrinum" Bean, 1880.:** Smallmouth redhorse, "Moxostoma breviceps" (Cope, 1870).:** River redhorse, "Moxostoma carinatum" (Cope, 1870).:** Blacktip jumprock, "Moxostoma cervinum" (Cope, 1868).:** Notchlip redhorse, "Moxostoma collapsum" (Cope, 1870).:** Gray redhorse, "Moxostoma congestum" (Baird & Girard, 1854).:** Black redhorse, "Moxostoma duquesni" (Lesueur, 1817).:** Golden redhorse, "Moxostoma erythrurum" (Rafinesque, 1818).:** Copper redhorse, "Moxostoma hubbsi" Legendre, 1952.:** Harelip sucker, "Moxostoma lacerum" (Jordan & Brayton, 1877).:** Greater jumprock, "Moxostoma lachneri" Robins & Raney, 1956.:** Shorthead redhorse, "Moxostoma macrolepidotum" (Lesueur, 1817).:** Mascota jumprock, "Moxostoma mascotae" Regan, 1907.:** V-lip redhorse, "Moxostoma pappillosum" (Cope, 1870).:** Pealip redhorse, "Moxostoma pisolabrum" Trautman & Martin, 1951.:** Blacktail redhorse, "Moxostoma poecilurum" (Jordan, 1877).:** Smallfin redhorse, "Moxostoma robustum" (Cope, 1870). :** Striped jumprock, "Moxostoma rupiscartes" Jordan & Jenkins, 1889.:** Greater redhorse, "Moxostoma valenciennesi" Jordan, 1885.Subfamily Cycleptinae:* Genus "Cycleptus":** Blue sucker, "Cycleptus elongatus" (Lesueur, 1817).:** southeastern blue sucker, "Cycleptus meridionalis" Burr & Mayden, 1999.Subfamily Ictiobinae:* Genus †"Amyzon":** †Amyzon aggregatum (Wilson, 1977):** †Amyzon brevipinne (Cope, 1894):** †Amyzon commune (Cope, 1874):** †Amyzon mentale (Cope, 1872):* Genus "Carpiodes":** River carpsucker, "Carpiodes carpio" (Rafinesque, 1820).:** Quillback, "Carpiodes cyprinus" (Lesueur, 1817).:** "Carpiodes dialuzona" Van Hasselt, 1823.:** Highfin carpsucker, "Carpiodes velifer" (Rafinesque, 1820).:* Genus "Ictiobus":** Smallmouth buffalo, "Ictiobus bubalus" (Rafinesque, 1818).:** Bigmouth buffalo, "Ictiobus cyprinellus" (Valenciennes, 1844).:** Fleshylip buffalo, "Ictiobus labiosus" (Meek, 1904).:** Usumacinta buffalo, "Ictiobus meridionalis" (Burr & Mayden, 1999).:** Black buffalo, "Ictiobus Niger" (Rafinesque, 1819).Subfamily Myxocyprininae:* Genus "Myxocyprinus":** Chinese sucker, "Myxocyprinus asiaticus" (Bleeker, 1865).


* 1991. Comments on the Genus Amyzon (Family Catostomidae) "Journal of Paleontology" 654:678-686

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