List of characters in Totally Spies!

List of characters in Totally Spies!

The following is a list of characters from the animated television series "Totally Spies!".

Main Characters

The three spies (Sam, Clover, and Alex) are the main protagonists of the show and are the most developed characters. They all have their own running jokes. The three all find it difficult to keep up balancing time between school work, their missions, and important social lives. All three girls are rivaled in school by Mandy. The surnames for the Spies are either not revealed or unknown.


Samantha, usually referred to as Sam, has long, wavy red hair, and a green catsuit. She is the most intelligent of the group and is often considered the de-facto leader. She uses her intelligence to create plans and diversions so that the girls can easily capture the villains. Sam also acts as the big sister to the group and keeps the girls in line, but sometimes she will have her moments where she is not as focused as she should be.

Sam, like Clover and Alex, enjoys dating, shopping, and visiting salons, but she is not as interested as the others are; unlike Clover, she always puts her studying or missions first. She is considered a little "nerdy" to a certain extent.

Sam is also the most sarcastic of the group. She sometimes gets annoyed by Alex and Clover's comments and actions and will reply with sarcastic remarks or jokes such as calling Clover a dimwit in an episode that had them fighting over a casting session for `Les Miserables'. Another example was in "Futureshock!". The cheerleaders were doing a routine and Mandy fell off the human pyramid and everyone gasped. While Alex noted that the fall obviously was not a part of the routine, Sam suggested that it be worked in.

In the episode "Spies in Space", Sam gets called to the principal's office. It turns out that her grades are the best in BHHS history, and that she should go to college. For a while, Sam shows off a bit, like when the victim comments that the spies were smart, Sam replied by saying, "It sure pays to be a college girl." However, at the end Sam chooses to stay in high school.

As a play on her intelligence, Sam is frequently brainwashed by villains as a running gag of the series.

In the episode "Do You Believe In Magic?", Sam introduces herself as "Samantha Simpson" when she enters the Magician's castle. However, it is unconfirmed if this is her actual last name.

Sam is voiced by Jennifer Hale.


Clover has medium length blonde hair, blue eyes and a red catsuit. She is considered to be the show's most stereotypical character: she is always more concerned about her looks, boys, and the latest trends and fads than she is about her work as a spy. As a result, she is often side-tracked on the missions. In fact, her priority focus on her social life has even sometimes affected the entire team's performance. In the episode "Super Agent Much?", she was seen talking away on her cell phone while the spies were chasing a villain, resulting in the villain being able to escape. She has also blown the girl's cover multiple times. In the episode "Spies on the Farm", she jumped out blowing their cover because the farmer had turned his two cute sons part human, part vegatables. She often compares fashion to her work and is usually more concerned with trying to improve her social life and become more popular in different ways. She is normally (if not always) the first one to go against Mandy.

Even though Clover is more focused on materialistic and superficial substances than her missions, she does understand the importance of friendship and teamwork. She will rise to the occasion and give villains what they deserve. Clover sometimes leads the team whenever Sam is either kidnapped, brainwashed, or mind controlled, such as during the episodes "Power Yoga Much?" and "Dental? More Like Mental!".

She seems to be the more flamboyant of her team members, normally wearing some revealing outfit on her free time; her soccer outfit is also shown to be the only one that is a belly shirt. As a play on her obsession with her appearance, Clover is often drastically physically changed by villains as a running gag of the series. She also never makes it through the WOOHP tunnel without landing upside down or some other mishap. It is stated in "It's How You Play The Game" that Clover is allergic to daffodils.

Clover is the most flirtatious of the main group. She is known to have had an abundance of boyfriends (often more than one at a time) and will do anything to get a guy. The initial sub plot of part three of the episode "Evil Promotion Much?" had her struggling to find a date for her coming out party as she had dated every single boy in the city. Her love of boys can almost (if not entirely) be matched by her love of fashion and beauty. Given that she is particularly interested in fashion and beauty, she does not seem to be very smart, however. During her time at primary school, Clover used to be bullied by one of her classmates, who found her being very easy to fox, as it is shown in the episode "Spies vs Spies".

Clover is the most intimately knowledgeable of her friends about pop culture topics, especially topics having to do with attractive male celebrities. She has been known to use questionable methods to obtain such information, but nothing truly illegal.

She speaks with a strong "valley girl" accent by speaking phrases like "so totally", and adding the word "much?" to the end of a statement (this is partially made into a running gag for Season Three titles) and sometimes adds "sooo passe" and also gets titled in episodes like "Feng Shui Is Like Sooo Passe" and "Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe". Clover is identified as a vegetarian in "Here Comes The Sun", "Space Much?", "Spies On The Farm" and "Return Of Geraldine".

Clover's views on certain topics seem to shift frequently. An example of this being in an episode inwhich Alex shows great admiration for Video Games, and is scolded by Clover for it, as she finds that only Nerds can enjoy them. However, in a later episode, she uses a WOOHP gadget to use a special attack which she learned from a Kung Fu Commando video game, suggesting that she is a fan of the fictional franchise.

Clover is voiced by Andrea Baker.


Alex has short black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and sports a yellow catsuit. In "Game Girls" Alex one time had a purpleish silver catsuit. She is the most athletic and fitness minded spy of the team. She loves to play sports especially soccer and is always trying out some new fad diet. Alex is also the most naive. She sometimes is bit slow to some of the figures of speeches and takes them too literally. She is also the most childish seeing as her best friend is toy turtle named Olie. In the episode "Futureshock" it was revealed that she still has it even though she is in her thirties and keeps it under her pillow, She sometimes makes bad grades in school but eventually pulls it out in the end. Another characteristic of Alex is that she is always about keeping her friends happy. She often serves as a link between Clover and Sam who sometimes have meaningless squabbles (like one happening for a petty reason between Sam and Clover in season 1 episode "Abductions").

Despite being the most athletic, she can sometimes be very clumsy, and has been prone to bad luck. Alex is also the second girliest. She is very concerned about fashion and boys, sometimes to the same extremes as Clover. Another one of Alex's hobbies is eating. Even though she may be the most healthy, she likes to eat the most. In "Evil Valentine's Day" we see that she has a dream about candy. In the beginning part of the b-story in "The New Jerry" and the ending of "Animal World" we see her eating nonstop.

Alex, being extensively prone to bad luck, is also an usual victim of the villains, not unlike her friends.

Alex is the only character to have her dad featured in the show. She also is the only character of the main group that we have not seen her house that she lived in with her parents.

Alex has the broadest variety of clothing out of the group. Usually she dresses preppy and trendy like Clover, or conservative and elegant like Sam, but other times she will wear a sportier type outfit. She usually will have on heels, wedges, or flats and sometimes she likes to wear tennis shoes. Her outfits sometimes tend to be the skimpiest of the girls too.

In season 1-2, Alex was voiced by Katie Leigh. Thereafter, she was voiced by Katie Griffin.

Jerry Lewis

Jerry James Lewis is the founder and administrator of WOOHP, the World Organization Of Human Protection. A middle-aged, very serious British gentleman, he is responsible for briefing the girls on their missions, as well as for providing them with their gadgets at the start of each episode. He also has a tendency to send the girls on "test missions" without telling them that it's fake.

Although he has a mostly hands-off role, Jerry has participated in a couple of the girls' missions. Despite his thin and nonathletic appearance, he has in fact demonstrated highly impressive combat and piloting skills superior to those displayed by the girls themselves, including running up (and down) the side of a building. Jerry appears in fewer episodes on Season 4.

His mother was introduced in "Mommies Dearest". A rather overprotective, stereotypical British mother, she is unaware of Jerry's job at WOOHP as he has told her, as a cover-up, that he is in the guest house business. As such, she finds his erratic behavior around her (caused by his WOOHP job), such as "talking into wallets" and going onto the roof (to talk to the girls) as a reason to wrap him up in cotton wool.

Despite being the leader of the world's top spy organization, the security surrounding Jerry is surprisingly lax, and he has been subverted on multiple occasions.

Jerry has been somewhat cursed in his personal life in that all the people he relates to keep turning out to be supervillains. His best friend in college, his wife (Myrna Beesbottom, whom he married in Season 3's "Evil Valentine's Day") and even his own twin brother Terence (Terry) have all been revealed as villains attempting to kill Jerry or destroy WOOHP. In the 1980s, he was a member of a little known band, Double Digits. He started WOOHP in the 70's and took ballet as a kid which came in handy in Season 4 Episode "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!" when he used some of the moves he knew to defeat a mind controlled Mandy.

Jerry is voiced by Jess Harnell in Season 1-2, and by Adrian Truss in Season 3+.

Minor Characters


In Seasons 1-3, Britney was a minor but important character. Britney was, at the time, the newest recruit to the team and was introduced in the episode "Alex Quits". She has bluish-black hair and purple eyes, and wears an azure-colored catsuit. She seems to be Asian. Britney was the captain of her high school's cheerleading squad and she loves to play chess. Out of all of the girls in the series, Britney is the only one shown to live on her own. Most of the episode "Virtual Stranger" takes place in her apartment.

Britney is shown to be extremely intelligent, even more so than Sam. In fact, the solutions she comes to are so out of left field, that the others often question just "how" she knows them in the first place. This trait of hers is actually relevant to the plot, as it causes Alex to be jealous of her on "many" occasions. Britney was the main focus on two of the series' episodes: "Alex Quits'" and "Escape From WOOHP Island". She also makes a cameo in "Evil Promotion Much? - Part 3" as one of the agents in suits during the spies' promotion ceremony.

In season 5, Britney has her own three episode (#115-#117) story arc in which she joins Sam, Clover, and Alex in both missions and school (she transferred to Malibu University).cite web|url=| ] Alex's jealousy is once again the focus of the first two. In the third, it is revealed that Britney sees Alex as a role model, and thus the two form a sisterly bond. She is also shown to view Sam, Alex, and Clover as her best friends, and it is hinted that the four interact quite often off camera. At the end of episode #117, Britney is assigned to WOOHP Australia, and partnered with Blaine (much to Clover's disdain).

Britney cameos in episode #129 in a fantasy of Sam, Clover, and Alex. Though WOOHP was being shut down, the girls said they would still get together for parties, and Britney was included in the gathering. Britney's final appearance is in the final episode as one of the spies captured by "Agent X". After being freed, she assists the others in fighting the drones, but is quickly defeated, leaving Sam, Clover, and Alex, to finish the series' final battle.

Britney is voiced by Lindsay Ridgeway in Season 2 and Stephanie Broschart in season 3+.


He is an agent in WOOHP like Sam, Clover, and Alex. He first appeared in the 3 parts of "Evil Promotion Much?" as their trainer and he was later shown in "Deja Cruise" as Jerry's sidekick for Sam, Alex, and Clover's super spies test. Clover has shown some romantic interest in Dean, as he is the only boy that can "resist her". He is also the only male member of WOOHP other than Jerry to not have a minor role, such as numerous security guards. Dean returns toward the end of the series and is put in charge of the WOOHP gadget lab. He is also present and takes part in the final battle in the series finale.

Dean is voiced by Greg Cipes.


Mandy is a rival for Sam, Clover and Alex at school. Being of the "popular teenager" stereotype, she is shown to be stylish, popular and pretty (at least in her own opinion) but also arrogant, egocentric, selfish, bratty, and downright maleficent - apparently she may have inherited these negative traits from her mother. She also has a high and squeaky voice with a nasal laugh. In the episode "Attack of the 50ft Mandy", Mandy is said to be 5'4" ("5'8" in 4 inch heels"). She has been shown in multiple spy outfits, all of which are purple. In the episode "Evil Coffee Shop Much?", she joins the three spies but is lazy, leading to her losing her memories of the whole experience. It is implied that she does poorly in school as seen in "Dental More Like Mental" and "Alex Gets Schooled". Her last name may or may not be Luxe.

The rivalry between Mandy and Clover is most pronounced, as they often compete for boys, popularity, and bragging rights. Mandy will go out of her way to annoy the girls and will even use dishonest means in order to do it. Mandy is also known to have a fan club called M.I.G. (Mandy Is Great), which Clover joined, not knowing it was a Mandy fan club. Clover was then forced to massage Mandy's feet by the other club members.

In seasons 1-4, Mandy is often accompanied by her friends and yes-women Caitlin and Dominique, all rivals to the girls. However, it wasn't until season four that there was actually any loyalty between the three. Before then, they have each been shown to leave the others at the drop of a dime. At the start of season five, Mandy and her crew are separated as they all graduate from high school. While Mandy was to attend a ski school in Aspen, she stayed in Malibu to attend college with her cousin Mindy. Mandy and Mindy are seen together for most of season five, save for the finale.

In finale of Totally Spies, Mandy breaks her nail and becomes good for Sam, Clover and Alex. She's always working. When she finds out Sam, Clover and Alex are spies, she goes back to her usual snobbish self.

Mandy is voiced by Jennifer Hale, similar to Sam.

Caitlin and Dominique

Caitlin has long, curly, black hair and dark skin. Though she doesn't say much, she has a snobby attitude and always backs Mandy up. Caitlin also has an older brother named Rick, who was a senior at Beverly Hills High School. As part of the "Spy Chic" fad, Caitlin's spy outfit is lime-colored. Caitlin is not seen after the episode "Evil Graduation", having graduated from "Bev High". She was voiced by Katie Leigh in season 1-2, similar to Alex. Caitlin's African-American .

Dominique has short, dark red hair, blue eyes and a snobby attitude. She is always there to support Mandy. Like Clover, she talks with a valley-girl accent. As part of the "Spy Chic" fad, Dominique's spy outfit is cyan. Dominique is also not seen after the episode "Evil Graduation", having graduated from "Bev High". She was voiced by Andrea Baker (similar to Clover) in seasons 1-2. She is Alex's counterpart.


David is a desirable guy in whom all three of the girls (as well as their nemesis Mandy) are romantically interested. He was introduced in the episode "It's How You Play The Game". He loves the arts: guitar playing, poetry, painting, etc. He also has a love of nature and history and hates rejection. In episodes David appears in, fans take note he seems not attracted to the girls, despite they remain having a "crush" on him. He mainly appeared in Season 2, and nearly disappeared from Season 3 onwards.

David works at the Groovy Smoothie Shack and he seems to be the jumping off point for many of Clover, Alex, and Sam's personal predicaments while they try to get him to notice them. This seems to befall Clover the most as she and Mandy compete for David's affections. David is blissfully oblivious to the girls' attempts to garner his attention and leaves the girls' stunned with his smile as he leaves to go help at a soup kitchen or fulfill another duty.

David is (possibly) voiced by Darryl Kurylo.

Arnold Jackson

Arnold is a classmate of the girls, and is apparently the leader of the school's geeks and nerds. Arnold is highly clever and smart but socially inept, and tends to be a bit unpleasant. In some episodes, he acts as a sycophant and minion of Mandy's, yet in other episodes he gets teased by her. He mostly acts as an (unintentional) obstacle to the girls and their goals.

In the episode "Super Nerd Much?", Arnold accidentally acquired a magic ring that allowed him to steal the "coolness" from other people. The power quickly got to his head, and he turned into a supervillain intent on draining the coolness from everyone else in Beverly Hills, causing them to turn into nerds themselves. After a fight, he was eventually defeated by the girls with some assistance from a villainous magician who also wanted the ring. Like Mandy, his memory appeared to be erased by WOOHP and he was back at school the next day as though nothing had happened (albeit with a few residual memories he wrote off as part of a dream). He has also managed to defeat Clover and Mandy in contests for Head Cheerleader.

In the episode "Arnold the Great", he wants to be a superhero and dresses up as a comic book character. He is secretly taken advantage of by Geraldine Husk.

In the opening episode of Season 5 "Evil Graduation Much", Arnold graduated from Beverly High as the class valedictorian. In his graduation speech, he told off the entire senior class for mistreating him over the years and left with the words "Goodbye, and good riddance!"

Robert Tinkler, Jess Harnell and Joshua Seth have all shared the voice of Arnold.


Blaine is introduced in Season 5 Episode 108 "Evil Granny", as the captain of the Mali-U beach volleyball team. His interests are similar to Clover's which led to them dating within 5 minutes of his introduction. As season 5 has a more continuous story, Blaine's relationship with Clover is the first in the series to last for more than one episode. The next two episodes (#109 and #110) deal entirely with this relationship. It is revealed that he is actually a freelance spy sent by Geraldine Husk to eliminate Clover. However, Geraldine later uses Blaine as a trap to capture Clover. At the conclusion of his initial story arc, Blaine joins WOOHP and is assigned to the Australia branch, and later joins Britney (much to Clover's disdain).

Blaine reappears in the final episode as one of the spies captured by "Agent X". After being freed, he assists the others in fighting the drones, but is quickly defeated, leaving Sam, Clover, and Alex, to finish the series' final battle. His relationship with Clover is still intact, despite Clover being unfaithful.

Virgil Olivers

Virgil Olivers is the spies' boss for their job in the coffee shop. The spies are his best service, and he likes Alex. He first appears in "Evil Professor" Then in "Zero To Hero" Alex goes on a date with Virgil, but when she decide that they should be "just friends", he doesn't want to give up and accidentally stumbles upon the girls in full Spy gear. This gives him a new idea to win Alex over.


First appearing in Season 5 Episode "Evil Professor", Mindy is Mandy's cousin. After graduating high school, Mandy was supposed to attend a ski school in Aspen, but transferred to Malibu University (henceforth "Mali-U") to stay with Mindy. She is just as stuck up as Mandy, to the point of the two being referred to as the "Terror Twins". However, while Mandy is generally loud and aggressive, Mindy is calm and collected. Mindy speaks with a thick Southern drawl and her appearance is visually similar to Mandy's, but Mindy has short blonde hair and a darker tone of skin.

Mindy's last appearance is in episode #128. She is absent without explanation from the series finale.


Gabby is Sam's mother. She wears her hair long like Sam's, though slightly curlier. Gabby's hair was originally mahogany, but it has since appeared the same color as Sam's. Gabby can be overprotective of Sam and only has her best safety in mind. Gabby's first appearance was in the season 2 episode "Mommies Dearest". She reappears in the season 4 season finale "Totally Busted". During her short duration as a spy, her outfit is jade-colored. At the end of that episode, she becomes an official spy.

Gabby is voiced by Jennifer Hale, just like Sam.


Stella is Clover's mother. She wears her hair like Clover's, but it was originally a lighter blond. Stella is a typical stern-but-lovable mother. Stella has made appearances in season two: "Mommies Dearest" (being controlled by evil Tim Scam to kill Clover) and "Zooney World", as well as the season 4 finale "Totally Busted!". During her short duration as a spy, her outfit is hot pink. At the end of that episode, she becomes an official spy.

Stella is voiced by Kath Soucie in season 2 but changes to Andrea Baker in season 4 to match Clover.


Carmen is Alex's mother. She wears her hair similar to Alex's, but it was originally dark brown with more layers and a darker skin/eyes tone. Her main goal and focus is for Alex to get a boyfriend. Carmen made an appearance in the season 2 episode "Mommies Dearest", the season 4 episode "Alex Gets Schooled", and the season 4 season finale "Totally Busted". During her short duration as a spy, her outfit is royal blue. At the end of that episode, she becomes an official spy.

Carmen is voiced by Katie Leigh in season 2 and Katie Griffin in season 4, exactly like Alex.


Phoebe is Mandy's mother who also has a snooty nasal-like voice a bit deeper than her daughter's. She has long black hair just like Mandy. She spoils Mandy, but at the same time gives her firm discipline (or at least she tries), especially when it comes to Mandy's (poor) grades. Phoebe debuted in "Forward to the Past" and later appeared in "Dental? More Like Mental", "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S Much?" in season three and "Alex Gets Schooled" in season four.

Quotes from "Alex Gets Schooled":

Mandy: (shrieks) "F's?! But that's impossible!"

Phoebe: "You are grounded for the rest of the year, young lady. And that means no dates."

Mandy: (shrieks) "You can't be serious! The boys of Bev Hills will be lost without me!"

Phoebe is voiced by Jennifer Hale, like Mandy and also Sam.

Mrs. Lewis

She's Jerry's mother. She's very annoyed with her son and believes Jerry is a hotel manager. She was a spy in her past. In the finale of "Totally Spies!" she becomes evil after a gen of evil falls into her cup of tea. She became a Mr. X and created a robot, but after the evil has disappeared she's returned to normal.


Martin Mystery Characters

A cross episode in Season 5 between Martin Mystery and Totally Spies was created. But only Martin and Mom were featured.

Martin Mystery

He only appeared in episode "Totally Mystery Much?" wherin an evil Yeti-fan extracts Yeti DNA and injects it into people.

Martin is only significant to the show in which Jerry mentioned that he knows Martin as a great agent in the "CENTER". Martin and Alex seem to get along, they even share the same things they like and dislike.


She is the current director of the "CENTER" and once a friend of Jerry during a secret organization meeting in Venice, Italy [] . She only appears in "Totally Mystery Much?" wherin she and Jerry talk about each other's organizations.


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