Historical regions of the Balkan Peninsula

Historical regions of the Balkan Peninsula

This is a list of major historical regions of the Balkan Peninsula. Note that these regions come from different time periods - from ancient to modern era - and may often overlap. National borders have been drawn across those regions multiple times over centuries so usually they cannot be assigned to any specific nation. The list below indicates which present-day states control the whole or a part of each of the listed regions.

A-Albania, Bg-Bulgaria, BH-Bosnia and Herzegovina, C-Croatia, RM-Republic of Macedonia, G-Greece, H-Hungary,
MN-Montenegro, R-Romania, S-Serbia, Sl-Slovenia, T-Turkey.

*Achaea (G);
*Aetolia (G);
*Attica (G);
*Bačka (S, H);
*Banat (R, S, H);
*Baranya (H, C);
*Boeotia (G);
*Bosnia (BH);
*Carniola (Sl);
*Central Croatia (C);
**Civil Croatia (C);
**Croatian Krajina (C);
**Croatian Littoral (C);
*Chalcidice (G);
*Crete (G);
*Dacia (R, S, H);
*Dalmatia (C, MN);
*Dardania (S, RM, A);
*Dobruja (R, Bg);
**Northern Dobruja (R);
**Southern Dobruja (Bg);
*Epirus (G, A);
**Chameria (G, A);
*Herzegovina (BH, C, MN, S);
*Illyria (A, BH, C, MN, RM, S);
*Kosovo (S);
**Metohija (S);
*Macedonia (G, Bg, RM, S);
*Military Frontier (Military "Krajina") (C, S, R);
**Banat Krajina (S, R);
**Croatian Krajina (C);
**Slavonian Krajina (C, S);
*Moesia (Bg, S);
*Montenegro (MN);
**Old Montenegro (MN);
**The Highlands (MN);
**Montenegrin Littoral (MN);
*Bay of Kotor (MN);
*Old Serbia (S, MN);
*Pannonia (C, H, S);
*Pelagonia (RM, S);
*Peloponnesos or Morea (G);
*Ragusa (C);
*Rumelia (Bg, T, G, RM);
**Eastern Rumelia (Bg);
*Sandžak (S, MN);
*Serbia (S, BH);
*Semberija (BH);
*Slavonia (C, S);
*Syrmia (S, C);
**Podlužje (S);
**Šokadija (C);
**Spačva (C);
*Šumadija (S);
*Thessaly (G);
*Thrace (T, G, Bg);
*Vojvodina (S);
*Wallachia (R);
**Muntenia (Greater Wallachia) (R);
**Oltenia (Lesser Wallachia) (R).


* Vlatava – in DC Comics, a Balkan nation once ruled by ancestors of Count Vertigo, destroyed by the Spectre

For more historical and present-day regions in the Balkan countries see

*Districts of Albania;
*Political divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
*Peripheries of Greece;
*Counties of Romania;
*Political divisions of Serbia;
*Geographical regions in Serbia.


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