Severomuysky Tunnel

Severomuysky Tunnel ( _ru. Северомуйский туннель) is a railroad tunnel on the Baikal Amur Mainline (BAM), in northwestern Buryatia, Russia. It is named after the Severomuysky Range it cuts through.

The tunnel is convert|15343|m|ft|0|lk=on long, the longest in Russia (excluding metro lines, see List of tunnels by length for comparisons). Construction started in 1977. The tunnel was put into operation on December 5, 2003 [ [ РОФ Фонд Святого Всехвального апостола Андрея Первозванного :: Комитет по международной премии :: Лауреаты ] ] (signed off on November 30 [ [ Baikal-Amur Mainline completed] (an October 29, 2003 "Pravda Online" article en icon)] [ [ 10/30/2003 News] ru icon] ), with yet another announcement of the completion of the BAM project.

Previously, the corresponding route was convert|54|km|mi|0|lk=on long. It passed through avalanche zones and had steep slopes, which meant an extra locomotive was needed to pull each train.

The final connection ("golden spike") was put in on March 30, 2001, and the first train passed through in December 2001.


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