Infobox VG| title = Dynomite

genre = Puzzle game
modes = Endless Puzzle, Stomped, Fossil, Time Trial
platforms = Windows
developer = Raptisoft Games and PopCap Games
publisher = PopCap Games
designer = John Raptis
engine = PopCap Games Framework
version = 2.71
released = 1.0 (January 25, 2002)
genre = Arcade game
modes = Single player
ratings = ESRB: Everyone (E)
platforms = PC (Windows, Browser)
media =
requirements = OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista. Memory: 128 MB RAM. DirectX: 7.0. Processor: Pentium II, 350MHz or faster.
input = Keyboard, Mouse
:"For the explosive, see Dynamite."Dynomite is a PC game developed by both Raptisoft Games and PopCap Games. Its gameplay is largely similar to that of the Puzzle Bobble series, but it has several unique differences.


There are four game modes: Endless, Stomped, Fossil, and Time Trial.

Endless Puzzle

Rows of eggs of various colors descend from the top of the screen. You must use your slingshot to shoot your own supply of eggs up at them. When three or more eggs of the same color match, they will explode. If the mass of eggs descend to the bottom of the screen, the entire screen will be crushed by the foot of Mama Brontosaurus, and the game will end.

An interesting aspect to make the game increasingly difficult as you play a single game for a longer amount of time isthe inclusion of Whirley. Every minute or so during gameplay, a dinosaur will announce "Whirley's coming!", and soonafter, Whirley (a purple pterodactyl) will fly across the screen carrying an egg of a color not yet on your screen. If Whirley is allowed to fly across the screen untouched, the color of his egg will be added to the pallet of colors in the egg mass, and the rate of the eggs' descent will reset to the default slow speed. However, if you shoot and hit Whirley, the color will not be added, but the rate at which the eggs descend will increase.Some eggs in egg mass will occasionally vibrate for a short period of time. If they are made to explode while still vibrating, a player soon receives a special egg for the slingshot that offers some form of bonus when shot and eventually forced to explode: the play area either narrows or widens to increase/decrease the speed of the dropping egg mass, the player receives a one time bonus of (50, 100, 200) points, an automatic score multiplier (2x, 3x or 4x) for period of time or, also for period of time, the ability to see the full trajectory (including rebounds) of the egg to be shot.


A difficult puzzle arrangement appears on the screen. The goal is to clear the arrangement by shooting matching eggs of the corresponding colour next to it. However, every egg you shoot will increase Mama Bronto's anger meter. Every time the meter gets full, Mama Bronto pushes the puzzle down one notch with her foot, making the board more difficult to accomplish.


A piece of a dinosaur fossil is surrounded by eggs, and you must shoot matching eggs to break the piece free and add it to a collection of completed fossils. Like Endless Puzzle, if the eggs and fossil piece reach the bottom of the screen, Mama Bronto will crush the screen and the game is over.

Time Trial

A multi-layered arrangement of eggs (ranging from 60 rows and only basic colors in Easy mode to 15 layers and every color on Hard mode) must be cleared by shooting the correctly colored eggs at the ones on screen. This game is not timed like the others, it only keeps a record of how long you took to defeat any given difficulty.


There are two versions of this game: the Java applet-based web version, and the downloadable version (called Dynomite Deluxe). Dynomite Deluxe includes enhanced graphics, a musical soundtrack by Skaven, the ability to upload high scores, and full functionality for all game modes. Dynomite Deluxe is available to purchase either from PopCap's website, or through Steam.


This game was originally released by Raptisoft Games as "Eggsucker". The title was changed when it was published by PopCap Games.

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* [http://www.popcap.com/games/dynomite Dynomite Official website]

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