Hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen technologies are technologies that relate to the production and use of hydrogen. Hydrogen technologies are applicable for many uses.

Some hydrogen technologies are carbon neutral and could have a role in preventing climate change and a possible future hydrogen economy.

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Hydrogen production

*Artificial photosynthesis
*Biological hydrogen production (Algae)
*Electrolysis of water
*Fermentative hydrogen production
*High pressure electrolysis
*Partial oxidation
*Photoelectrochemical cell
*Steam reforming
*Sulfur-iodine cycle
*Water splitting

Fuel cells

*Alkaline fuel cell (AFC)
*Direct borohydride fuel cell (DBFC)
*Direct carbon fuel cell (DCFC)
*Direct-ethanol fuel cell (DEFC)
*Direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC)
*Electro-galvanic fuel cell (EGFC)
*Flow Battery (RFC)
*Formic acid fuel cell (FAFC)
*Metal Hydride fuel cell (MHFC)
*Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)
*Molten-carbonate fuel cell (MCFC)
*Phosphoric-acid fuel cell (PAFC)
*Photoelectrochemical cell (PEC)
*Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)
*Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell (PCFC)
*Reversible fuel cell (RFC)
*Solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC)

Hydrogen infrastructure

*Hydrogen pipeline transport
*Compressed hydrogen tube trailer
*Liquid hydrogen tank truck
*Hydrogen piping
*Hydrogen station
*Home Energy Station
*Hydrogen highway
*Zero Regio

*Hydrogen compressor
*Hydrogen leak testing
*Hydrogen microsensor
*Hydrogen purifier
*Hydrogen analyzer
*Hydrogen valve

Hydrogen storage

*Compressed hydrogen
*Liquid hydrogen
*Slush hydrogen
*Underground cavern hydrogen storage
*Hydrogen tank

Hydrogen vehicles

Historic hydrogen filled airships

*Hindenburg (airship)

Hydrogen powered cars

*Ford Fuel Cell Focus
*BMW Hydrogen 7
*Chrysler Natrium
*Fiat Panda Hydrogen
*Fuel Cell Bus Club
*General Motors Hy-wire
*General Motors Sequel
*Honda FCX
*Mercedes-Benz F-Cell
*Morgan LIFEcar
*Peugeot Quark
*Honda FCX Clarity

=Hydrogen powered planes=

*Tupolev Tu-155-hydrogen-powered version of Tu-154 [ [http://www.tupolev.ru/English/Show.asp?SectionID=82 Hydrogen Powered Tupolev Tu-155] Development of Cryogenic Fuel Aircraft, Tupelov]

Future aircraft using precooled jet engines include Skylon and the Reaction Engines A2.

Hydrogen powered rockets

The following rockets were partially or completely propelled by hydrogen fuel:

* Saturn V
* Space Shuttle
* Ariane 5

Related technologies

Hydrogen is not in and of itself an energy source, because it is not naturally occurring as a fuel. The potential environmental impact depends primarily on the methods used to generate the hydrogen fuel.


*Anaerobic digestion
*Dark fermentation


*Generation IV reactor
*Hydrogen bomb

Organic chemistry:



*Hydrogen odorant
*Atomic hydrogen welding
*Oxyhydrogen flame

*Standard hydrogen electrode
*Palladium-Hydrogen electrode
*Cathodic protection

*Hofmann voltameter
*Joule-Thomson effect
*Hydrogen ion
*Bussard ramjet
*Döbereiner's lamp

*Gas-absorption refrigerator
*Diaphragm compressor
*Thermal hydrogen compressor
*Electrochemical compression
*Electroosmotic pump

*Hydrogen damage
*Hydrogen embrittlement

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