Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged

Infobox Album |
Name = Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged
Type = Album
Artist = Speaking Canaries

Released = 1995
Recorded = August 2-6, 1993
Genre = Indie rock
Length = 74:50
Label = Scat Records SCAT 39
Producer =
Last album = "The Joy of Wine"
This album = "Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged"
Next album = "The Opponents"

"Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged" is the second album from The(e) Speaking Canaries, a Pittsburgh-based indie rock band. "Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged" is the first Speaking Canaries album to be released on compact disc, and the first to see worldwide distribution; therefore, it has often been erroneously attributed as The(e) Speaking Canaries' debut album. ("The Joy of Wine", the band's actual debut, was a vinyl-only release on a small label and was limited to five hundred copies.) Nevertheless, "Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged" set a number of precedents for which the group would eventually become notorious: long songs, a long total running time, and multiple released versions of the same album.

"Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged" is probably best known for including not one but two Van Halen covers: "Girl Gone Bad" and "Little Secrets" -- a bold move for a band in an indie scene in which giving credit to spandex-clad arena rockers is generally frowned upon. (What's more, "Summer's Empty Resolution", a harmonics-drenched solo for acoustic guitar, is vaguely reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen's "Spanish Fly".)

Track listing

#"Houses and Houses of Perfectness" – 4:52
#"Summer's Empty Resolution" – 1:37
#"Terrestrial / Famous No Space" – 8:10
#"Guitar Strings for a Holocaust" – 3:53
#"Hall Of Force / Gone Bad / So Glad / Reprise" – 9:20
#""Little" Ice Queen" – 6:35
#"Super Hit" – 2:38
#"El Rancho" – 6:08
#"Any Three Days" – 12:57
#"Secrets" – 2:55
#"Our War On Cool Pt. 2" – 3:59
#"When Cats Fight / Let Loose of Me" – 4:55
#"De-Effect / Diminished" – 6:40


*The(e) Speaking Canaries:
**Damon Che - Guitar, vocals
**Karl Hendricks - Bass
**Noah Leger - drums
*Al Sutton - Recording engineer

"Low-fi version"

An alternate, lower-fidelity recording of "Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged" was released by Mind Cure Records in 1995, roughly concurrent with the release of the "hi-fi version" on Scat Records. The "low-fi version" is available only as a double LP in a limited edition of five hundred copies. Each copy has liner notes handwritten by Damon Che and exclusive, random 3x5" photographic prints glued inside the gatefold record sleeve.


"Hall Of Force / Gone Bad / So Glad / Reprise" is a in four parts:
*An original The(e) Speaking Canaries composition called "Hall Of Force", described in the liner notes as a song "about making big mistakes."
*A partial cover of the Van Halen song "Girl Gone Bad".
*A partial cover of the Skip James song "I'm So Glad" which was popularized by the band Cream in the 1960s and regularly performed by Van Halen as a coda to "Girl Gone Bad" in the early 1980s.
*A final reprise of "Hall Of Force".

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