Galactik Football

Galactik Football
Genre Action
Format Animated television series
Created by Collectif Auteurs
Voices of Anne Byrne
Malcolm Douglas
Michael FitzGerald
Roger Gregg
Lara Lenehan
Dermot Magennis
Doireann NíChorragáin
Caitríona NíMhurchú
Gavin O'Connor
Marinette Pichon
Mario Rosenstock
Anthony Royer
Jonathan Ryan
Susan Slott
Country of origin France France
Language(s) English, French, Dutch, Romanian
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 78 (List of episodes)
Running time 26 mins approx
Original channel France2 (France)
Jetix/Disney XD and Nicktoons (Europe)
KidsCentral (Singapore)
Kazam! (ABC) (Australia)
Picture format 4:3 (Season 1-2)
16:9 (Season 3+)
Original run June 3, 2006 – present
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Galactik Football is a French animated television series, co-produced by Alphanim, France 2, Jetix Europe and Welkin-Animation. It started airing its 3rd 26-episode season in territories around Europe in June 2010.

In the universe of Galactik Football, the inhabited worlds of the Zaelion Galaxy compete in Galactik Football, a sport analogous to soccer, but played seven to a side. The game is further complicated by the addition of Flux, which enhances a player's attributes such as speed, strength and agility, or grants special powers such as teleportation. The story follows the fate of an inexperienced Galactik Football team, the "Snow Kids", as they aim to compete in the Galactik Football Cup.[1]



Season 1

The story begins during a football match between the home team of planet Akillian and the Shadows. Akillians have a direct free kick, to be taken by their captain, Aarch. As he takes the free kick an explosion is heard and an avalanche sweeps over the stadium, marking the beginning of the Akillian Ice Age and the loss of The Breath, Akillian's own Flux.

The plot then jumps forward 15 years. Aarch and his friend Clamp, a robotic technician, arrive back on Akillian for the first time since the game. Aarch aims to create a new Akillian Galactik Football team capable of winning the Cup, and selects a group of talented teenagers for his team: D'Jok, Sinedd, Micro-Ice, Mei, Thran, Ahito, Rocket and Tia. However, Rocket's father and Aarch's brother do not want him on the team, and agree only to let him play on the condition that the newly named Snow Kids will win a match against the incumbent Akillian team, the Red Tigers, who are coached by Aarch's estranged old friend and team-mate Artegor Nexus. During her try-out Tia reveals that she still has the power of the long-lost Breath.

The Snow Kids beat the Red Tigers, becoming the new Akillian team. However, an embittered Artegor lures Sinedd away from the Snow Kids and recruits him to the Shadows, whom he has agreed to coach.

The Snow Kids progress through the competition and one-by-one they develop the Breath of Akillian, despite some intra-team tensions caused by Tia and Rocket's burgeoning relationship and Micro-Ice's unrequited crush on Mei. Unknown to any of them however, is that all seven of the players have been affected by the Meta-Flux, a synthetic undetectable Flux, inadvertently created by Clamp and pirate Sonny Blackbones, that was the true origin of the Akillian Ice Age. This Flux is now coveted by the ruthless General Bleylock, who happily endangers the Snow Kids to get his hands on it.

It is only with the help of Clamp and his old partner, the pirate Sonny Blackbones, that the Snow Kids are able to escape General Bleylock's machinations and win the Galactik Football Cup.

Season 2

Following their win of the last GFC the "Snow Kids" prepare to defend their title. However, disaster strikes, first when their goalkeeper Ahito is struck down with a mysterious sickness and then when Rocket, their captain, is banned from playing after he illegally uses the Breath in order to save Tia's life. Because of this ban, D'Jok becomes the new captain...

As the Snow Kids add two players, Yuki and Mark, Ahito recovers on Akillian and Sinedd introduces Rocket to a secret one-on-one sport called Netherball. Rocket soon becomes champion of the Netherball Sphere but the violent attitude of the game takes a psychological toll. Meanwhile, Bleylock has returned and is using the Sphere to siphon off the players' Flux, which he wants to use to manufacture weapons.

Bleylock unleashes the first of these weapons on the Shadows' Archipelago, destroying the Shadow team's Flux, and engineers it to look like the Pirates are to blame. Meanwhile, the loss of the Smog causes Artegor to fall sick; as he is nursed back to health he and Aarch repair their friendship.

Ahito's return to the team revives the Snow Kids' flagging spirits but even after his ban is lifted, Rocket refuses to leave the Sphere to return to his team. Only when Tia challenges and defeats him does he then agree to quit Netherball, and return to the Snow Kids.

The Snow Kids play against the Xenons in the final, and though the match is disrupted by Bleylock's attempts to take revenge, they manage to retain their title, via a penalty shoot-out. Bleylock is betrayed by his assistant Harris, who sabotages his ship, causing his payload to detonate while still aboard and killing him. The shock wave generated by the 2 Flux devices exploding puts Genesis Stadium into ruin.

Season 3

1 year after their 2nd GF Cup victory in succession, the mysterious Lord Phoenix invites everyone in the galaxy to a special mixed- flux tournament on the planet Paradisia. After a bad friendly match against the Shadows, D'Jok and Mei have an argument causing Mei to dump D'Jok and join the Shadows. Yuki leaves the Snow Kids temporarily to join the Elektras and D'Jok also leaves the team after being recruited by Team Paradisia. A Wamba named Lun-Zia joins the Snow Kids for the mixed- flux tournament.

New episodes have started appearing on Disney XD UK leading to the end of Season 3. Currently at 2:45am.

No new episodes have been aired since September 25, 2010 because of unclear reasons, but it is believed that the company that supplies the actors for the voices for each character have refused to collaborate for any more episodes. A fourth season should go ahead as planned, but it is likely that season 3 will not be re-filmed.but season 3 can be seen on Youtube.

Season 4

There's no information about Season 4.


  • D'Jok is the one of main protagonists of the show and is a striker of the Snow Kids. He was looking for his destiny and he always says he found it in football. His belief in success and his skills led him to be the second person to master the Breath after Tia. Despite D'Jok's skills he has the habit of letting his position and abilities go to his head. During the series he wears a bracelet which belonged to his late mother. He is a son of Sonny Blackbones, the Pirates leader, and the best friend and big brother figure of Micro-Ice. In the middle of the first season he falls in love with Mei causing a feud with Micro-Ice which was mainly caused by Mei because Micro-Ice was also in love with her. In the 2nd season D'Jok becomes much more of a team player, and though he is still prone to "bigheadedness" he makes a good replacement captain during Rocket's suspension. In season 3 Mei dumps D'Jok and Sinedd becomes her new boyfriend, thus D'Jok loses the plot completely. D'Jok gets an offer from Lord Phoenix to join the paradisia team and joins after a practice match.
  • Rocket is second of the three main protagonists of the show. In season 1, his father and mother are not together and the distaste of rocket's dad in liking in football who changed his mind later. He is the snow Kids' first captain with an amazing 100% accuracy in passing and the nephew of the coach, Aarch. He is also a midfielder, captain of the team, and the fourth on the team to re-awaken the Breath after Thran. Rocket is especially strong in tactics, and uses most of his spare time to view old videos of the Snow Kids playing against other teams. In the Snow Kids' first real match against the Wambas, in the first season, Rocket tries to persuade Aarch with what he think is the Wambas' weakness. This is one of the main reasons for him becoming the first captain of the team. In the second season he is suspended because of using the Breath to save Tia's life and is persuaded by Sinedd to play Netherball, which he is forced to quit when he is defeated by Tia. Rocket re-joined the Snow Kids, as shown in Season 2, Episode 20 where he was welcomed by his team. As up to the third season he has a relationship with Tia. He is similar to Aarch in the first season due to the way he plays on the football field.
  • Tia is the first of the Snow Kids to manifest the Breath of Akillianand is the third main protagonist saying she had always had a talent for football but has never had a chance to shine. She plays as a midfielder and has a close relationship with Rocket and Mei considering her like a sister (best friend). Tia is shy, but gradually finds her place in the team. She is the Obia Moon Ambassadors' daughter and in the beginning she is forbidden from playing football, but her parents let her play when they realised, that they shouldn't stop a young girl's dream, and how good it made them look on TV! In season 2, D'Jok was going to play against Rocket in an attempt to defeat him in Netherball, which would bring him back to the Snow Kids, but Tia went instead, defeated Rocket in Netherball, and forced him to quit. In the third season, her relationship with Rocket is in danger because of Lun-Zia, a Wamba girl who joins their team in the mixed flux tournament. As it becomes apparent that Lun-Zia likes Rocket, Tia becomes jealous and possessive but it is later revealed that lun-zia has other love interests.After Aarch leaves and places rocket as coach Tia becomes captain of the team. She is similar to Norata, the brother of Aarch, in the first season on the football field.
  • Micro-Ice is the other striker and the best friend and little brother figure of D'Jok, with a big crush on the Snow Kids' goalkeeper, Yuki and previously, Mei and Zoeleene. Micro-Ice's creativity in the field is his greatest ability as a footballer. Micro-Ice is the main "clown" of the team, which often leads to Mark and D'Jok teasing him, but he likes helping his teammates. Micro-Ice is really Micro - he is the shortest of all, his head only reaches the other's shoulders. Despite his tendency to be naive, he is very talented. In the 3rd season, he adopted the nickname "Mice".In the third season, Micro-ice is practicing how to confess his feelings to Yuki after she leaves the team for the Electras, but runs into Zoeleene in the meantime, whom he takes to a party at the beach later on.
  • Thran is the Snow Kids' defender and the older brother of Ahito. He is very intelligent and knows much a lot machines. He shows us that he is older than Ahito by nicknaming Ahito 'little brother'.In the third season his role as big brother becomes more apparent as he is often seen carrying Ahito on his back or supporting him otherwise when he falls asleep again.
  • Mei played as the over-ambitious defender of the Snow Kids and close friend of Tia. Although she is gifted as a defender she badly wanted to be striker for most of the 1st season. She intentionally broke the friendship between Micro-Ice and D'Jok, but felt guilty and upset after Micro-Ice left the team. She finally accepted her position as the defender of the team. Her mother is always forcing her to make contracts and ads to make a career, so Micro-Ice agreed to teach her how to say no to her mother. In the 2nd season Mei often talks to Corso (a pirate, along with Sonny Blackbones) in secret, so Sonny can learn of how D'Jok (her boyfriend) is doing. Although she was very selfish in the first season, Mei is still very sweet and always helps when she is needed. In season 3 she joins The Shadows and dumps D'Jok for Sinedd, but later in the series, she tries to convince D'Jok to re-join the Snow Kids. Looking at a tabloid picture of D'jock kissing another girl from his team, Mei looks sad, suggesting that she isn't as happy with the breakup as she would let on. She once kissed D'Jok in season one after they won the tournament. In season 3, Mei and Sinedd kissed on the lips two times, once in episode 3 and once in episode 4.But she still loves D'jok.
  • Ahito is the Snow Kids' goalkeeper. He rarely misses the ball and despite his rather odd sleeping patterns, he is always alert during games. He is the younger brother to Thran. In the second season, he falls ill, but returns to full health during a match against the Wambas. In the semi-final match with the Lightnings, he falls ill again. In the very final episode of the 2nd season, the final against the Xenons, he is taken off and Yuki (his cousin) replaces him. However, while saving a penalty she is injured and Ahito returns to save Luur's shot. In the third season, Ahito's health is back to normal. In the years between the first and third tournament, he and Tran have been busy with their own TV show, and as the rest of the snowkids, have fallen out of shape. Due to his popularity, we see him being stalked by a teenage girl in the third season, much to the amusement of his teammates.
  • Yuki is Thran and Ahito's cousin. At Thran's suggestion, she is recruited by the Snow Kids to take Ahito's place after he falls ill. She initially lacks confidence in her abilities and finds it difficult to get along with D'Jok, who takes an immediate dislike to her. She also replaced Tia in midfield when she left with the Pirates to go to the Technoid prison to save her parents. She develops an on-again off-again relationship with Micro-Ice. In the 3rd season she joins the Elektras for the Mixed-flux tournament on Planet Paradisia.
  • Mark joins the team to replace Rocket when he is suspended for using the Breath illegally. He is an old friend of D'Jok and Micro-Ice from before the formation of the team. He picks on Micro-Ice for jokes, yet is still very good friends with him. He is very skilful when on the ball, and also has very good passing and shooting abilities. He makes his first appearance against the Wambas and scores a last minute goal to win the game for the Snow Kids. During this goal he manifests the Breath. In the third season Mark is one of the few to maintain his good shape as he became a magnetboard champion before the start of the tournament.
  • Sinedd was one of the original players recruited by Aarch to join the Snow Kids, but left to join The Shadows soon after the team was formed. Sinedd never knew his parents, who were both war casualties. He is seen to be selfish and aggressive both on and off the field and he and D'Jok have a long-standing antagonistic relationship. In season 3 he falls in love with Mei and convinces her to join The Shadows. In season 3, Mei and Sinedd kissed on the lips two times, once in episode 3 and once in episode 4.
  • Aarch is a former Akillian player and the current coach of the Akillian team, the Snow Kids. The captain of the last great Akillian team, he left the planet following the start of the Ice Age on Akillian. He played for The Shadows until concerns about the effects of The Shadows' flux on his health forced him to quit. 15 years later he returned with the intention of forming a new Akillian team and recruited the players that would go on to form the Snow Kids. He is brother to Norata and uncle of Rocket.
  • Dame Simbai is the medic on Aarch's technical staff, and she is responsible for looking after the Snow Kids' health. After Aarch left the Shadows he was very sick because the Smog had affected him badly, and she nursed him back to health on the Wamba's planet. She does the same for Artegor on Genesis after the Smog disappears for a while, due to Bleylock's Flux capsule hitting the Shadows' planet in the second season.
  • Clamp (previously Professor Yarrit Lobnor) is a close friend of Aarch's and the technical adviser to the team. He is determined to help Aarch form a championship team and return the Breath to Akillian.
  • Sonny Blackbones is the leader of The Pirates, a rogue group whose aim is to fight the galactic corporation Technoid. He initially investigates the Snow Kids because of what he believes are Clamp's ties to Technoid, but soon becomes involved with the team for much more personal reasons. He is D'Jok's father.
  • Corso is one of Sonny's Pirates. He is second in charge behind Sonny.
  • Bennit is one of Sonny's Pirates.
  • Artieis one of Sonny's Pirates and a good friend of Micro-Ice.
  • General Bleylock is a ruthless executive of Technoid. Bleylock's interests in the Snow Kids lie in their ties to the Metaflux. He is happy to return the galaxy to “the bad old days” when flux was used for war instead of sports, if it means he can take control of the galaxy. In the 2nd season his ship is blown up by his "assistant" Harris. He was the main antagonist of the first two seasons.
  • Artegor Nexus is the former striker of the old Akillian team and The Shadows. He was the best friend of Aarch, now he is his worst enemy. He is the coach of the Shadows and was previously the coach of the Red Tigers. Artegor takes Sinedd away from the Snow Kids and trains him as his protégée. Artegor eventually became sick with the smog in the 2nd season and was treated by Aarch and the gang. After a time as the Assistant Coach for the Snow Kids in season 2, he takes that responsibility full time in season 3.
  • Harris deceived Bleylock at the end of the 2nd season by sealing his 2 missile launchers shut when he tried to blow up Genesis Stadium with the flux devices. He stole the third flux device from a Technoid vault, and he will use it in the 3rd season, where he is one of the main antagonists.
  • Lord Phoenix organised the mixed-flux tournament on the planet Paradisia, and has a secret knowledge of the Pirates...
  • Chris Shardlow known to be the worst player in the multiverse. Little else is known about this character.
  • Vega is the one who helps Harris in season 3, and is Lord Phoenix's secretary.
  • Lun-Zia is a Wamba who joins the Snow Kids for the tournament on Paradisia. She falles madly in love with Rocket but Tia soon puts her in her place and she finds a new love interest
  • Warren is the All-Star striker for the Lightnings.Dubbed "Mr. Galactik Football", he is one of the most popular players in Galactik Football. But when it comes to class, he's definitely #1. Many Snowkids idolize Warren. D'Joke and Warren have became good friends.
  • Luur is the All-Star striker for the Xenons. He is arguably one of the best players in Galactik Football. In the Cup Finals in season 2, Luur saves D'Jokes life.


Other information

Galactik Football has its own virtual world and MMO game on the web called Club Galactik. Development of the game was announced in early 2009 by the show's producer Alphanim and MMO game publisher Virtual Fairground, But Club Galactik closed down because of its Publisher Virtual Fairground.

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