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Kristian Eivind Espedal (born August 7, 1975), better known by his stage name Gaahl, is a Norwegian black metal vocalist, known mostly for being the frontman of his version of Norwegian band Gorgoroth.


Gaahl was born in the village of Espedal in Fjaler, Norway in 1975. He spent his youth living in a small village, which his family has owned for centuries.cite news | first=Peter | last=Beste | coauthors= | title=True Norwegian Black Metal | date=2007-04-27 | publisher=YouTube | url = | work | pages = | accessdate = 2008-02-10 | language = ] Gaahl, along with his family, still reside in the village, though they are fifteen minutes apart from each other. He has a reputation as an enigmatic character.

Gaahl has been involved with black metal since 1992, and has been in bands such as Gaahlskagg (with Gorgoroth live guitarist Skagg) [ [ Encyclopaedia Metallum - Gaahlskagg ] ] , Trelldom [ [ Encyclopaedia Metallum - Trelldom ] ] , and Sigfader (with Skagg and Kvitrafn) [ [ Encyclopaedia Metallum - Sigfader ] ] . Gaahl joined Gorgoroth in 1998, and was first heard on their Nuclear Blast album "Destroyer"; however, he only sang on the title track.

Gaahl was sentenced to one year in prison for assault in 2001, and was forced to pay the victim 158,000 NOK (26,963 US$).cite news | first=Chris | last=Campion | coauthors= | title=In the face of death | date=2005-02-20 | publisher=Guardian Unlimited | url =,,5127659-110428,00.html | work =The Observer | pages = | accessdate = 2008-02-10 | language = ] In 2006, Gaahl spent another 9 months (of a 14 month sentence) in prison for brutally assaulting a man and alleged torture in 2002. The victim received a total of 190,000 NOK (32,424 US$). Gaahl was released in December 2006. [ [ Metal Hammer - News Article ] ]

He was briefly interviewed for the 2005 documentary "". He gives commentary on the events in Norway in the early 90s as well as some of his views on Satanism and Christianity. [ [ YouTube - Metal: A Headbanger's Journey- Gaahl Interview ] ]

In April 2007 Gaahl appeared in a five-part series entitled "True Norwegian Black Metal". The series was produced by famous photographer Peter Beste. The series debuted on "", the broadcast network of Vice Magazine. Gaahl offered Beste an interview and tour of his estate.

In July 2008, Gaahl revealed in an online interview that he was involved in the creation of "Wynjo", an upcoming fashion collection for women, together with Norwegian modeling agent Dan De Vero and designer Sonja Wu. In the interview, De Vero told the journalist that "Kristian and I developed a close relationship, and he often told me he had strong feelings for me." [cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |author= |coauthors= |title= GORGOROTH Frontman Had 'Close Relationship' With Norwegian Modeling Agent DAN DEVERO |url= |format= |work= |publisher= |location= |id= |pages= |page= |date= July 24, 2008 |accessdate=2008-07-28 |language= |quote= |archiveurl= |archivedate= ] [cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |author= Hansen, Birthe Steen |coauthors= |title= - Jeg var gal etter Dan |url= |format= |work= |publisher= "Nettavisen" |location= |id= |pages= |page= |date= "undated" |accessdate=2008-07-28 |language= Norwegian |quote= |archiveurl= |archivedate= ]

Gorgoroth dispute


Gaahl is popularly known as a Satanist, although he in fact regards Satan as culturally and spiritually irrelevant, and only uses Satanism to promote his staunch anti-Christianity on the basis that 'we live in a Christian world and we have to speak their language', also using it for its confrontational value to counter Christian imposition. In actuality, he is a practitioner of old Norse Shamanism, and is opposed to imposition of one's own religious beliefs on others. He can often be seen wearing a Mjolnir pendant. [ [ Imhotep ] ] [ [ Gorgoroth interview @ ] ] He is also a vegetarian and is "very fussy about food" according to his mother. [cite news | first=Jonathan | last=Tisdall | coauthors= | title=Black metal vocalist faces prison | date=2004-04-28 | publisher=Aftenposten | url = | work = | pages = | accessdate = 2008-02-10 | language = ]


With Gorgoroth

*"Destroyer" (1998)
*"Incipit Satan" (2000)
*"Originators of the Northern Darkness - A Tribute to Mayhem" (Tribute album to Mayhem) (Song: "Life Eternal") (2001)
*"Twilight of the Idols" (2003)
*"Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" (2006)
* "True Norwegian Black Metal - Live in Grieghallen" (2008)

With Trelldom

*"Disappearing of the Burning Moon" (demo) (1994)
*"Til Evighet" (1995)
*"Til et Annet…" (1998)
*"Til Minne..." (2007)

With Sigfader

*"Sigfaders hevner" (demo) (1999)


Gaahlskagg is a Norwegian Industrial metal/black metal band from Sunnfjord, Norway, founded in 1998 by Gaahl and Skagg. Gaahl and Skagg were also members of the band Sigfader at the time, and they established this band to create more extreme and mocking music.

They first released the Split CD: "Erotic Funeral Party I" together with Stormfront in 1999. Then in 2000 they released their first full-length: "Erotic Funeral", which was recorded in Grieghallen studios during 1999.

Currently Gaahlskagg are working on their second full-length album: "Av Norrønt Blod" which is to be released in the near future. For this release Høst (of Taake) will do some guest vocals.

In near future Gaahlskagg will re-release their debut "Erotic Funeral" as a set of three 7" lp's containing the album split into "Erotic Funeral party I - III" and will contain lyrics. [ [ Official Gaahlskagg MySpace profile] ]


Current members

*Gaahl - Vocals (1998-present)
*Skagg - Guitars (1998-present)

Former members

*Tormentor - Session bass
*Thurzur - Session drums
*Mutt - Session drums


*1999 - "Split with Stormfront"
*2000 - "Erotic Funeral"
*TBA - "Av Norrønt Blod" [ [ Official Gaahlskagg MySpace profile] ]


External links

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