List of Rutgers University people

This is an enumeration of notable people affiliated with Rutgers University, including graduates of the undergraduate and graduate and professional programs, former students who did not graduate or receive their degree, presidents of the university, current and former professors, as well as members of the board of trustees and board of governors, and coaches affiliated with the university's athletic program. Also included are characters in works of fiction (books, films, television shows, et cetera.) who have been mentioned or were depicted as having an affiliation with Rutgers, either as a student, alumnus, or member of the faculty.

Some noted alumni and faculty may be also listed in the main Rutgers University article or in some of the affiliated articles. Individuals are sorted by category and alphabetised within each category.

Presidents of Rutgers University

The following nineteen individuals have served as President of Rutgers University from the creation of the office in 1785 to the present. [ [ Leadership on the Banks: Rutgers' Presidents, 1766-2004] , biographical essays by Thomas J. Frusciano, University Archivist, published by Rutgers University Libraries. Originally published in "The Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries", LIII, No. 1 (June 1991).] Those enumerated below with their names emboldened graduated from Rutgers.

Government, Law, or Public Policy

* Phillip Alampi, A.B. 1934, M.A. 1945 — New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture
*Curt Anderson, Member, Maryland House of Delegates (1983 - ), chair, Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland (1989-1991)
* Stewart H. Appleby 1913, represented ushr|New Jersey|3 from 1925-1927. [ [ Stewart Hoffman Appleby] , "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress". Accessed August 30, 2007.]
* Rebecca Barth, A.B. 1925, J.D.; Co-author of the Children's Labor Laws and legal advisor to Golda Meir.
* Joseph P. Bradley, A.B. 1836 — Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court (1870–1891).
* Sam Brown, M.A. 1966; organiser of the Vietnam Moratorium and former state treasurer of Colorado
* Wayne R. Bryant, J.D. ("Camden") 1972 — New Jersey Senator, Deputy Majority Leader (2004 - present)
* Clifford P. Case, A.B. 1925 — U.S. House of Representatives (1945–1953), United States Senate (1955–1979) [ Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-present] (Online edition of the Biographical Directory). Published by the United States Congress (no further authorship information available), accessed 05 January 2007.] .
* James Dale, Litigant in noted 2000 United States Supreme Court case Boy Scouts of America v. Dale
* Simeon DeWitt, A.B. 1776 — Surveyor-General for the Continental Army, 1776-1783, and the State of New York, 1784-1834.
* Michael DuHaime, B.A., 1995; Campaign Manager, Rudy Giuliani for President, 2008; Political Director, Republican National Committee, 2005-2006; Regional Political Director, Bush-Cheney '04, 2003-2004.
* James J. Florio, J.D. 1967 — former Governor of New Jersey (1990–1994)
* Louis Freeh, Class of 1971 — Director of the FBI (1993–2001)
* Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, A.B. 1836 — United States Senate (1866–1869, 1871–1877) and Secretary of State (1881–1885) .
* E. Scott Garrett J.D. 1984 ("Newark") — U.S. House of Representatives (2003–present)
* Yasser Latif Hamdani, B.A., 2002, Pakistani constitutional scholar, writer and historian.
* Garret A. Hobart, A.B. 1863 — Industrialist, Vice President of the United States, (1897–1899)
* James J. Howard, M.Ed. 1958; represented New Jersey's 3rd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 1965–1988. [ [ James John Howard] , "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress". Accessed August 30, 2007.]
* Richard J. Hughes, J.D. 1931 — New Jersey Governor, Chief State Supreme Court Justice
* William Hughes, Class of 1955 — Congressman, Ambassador to Panama
* Jack H. Jacobs, Class of 1966, M.A. 1972 — Medal of Honor recipient, military analyst for MSNBC. [ [ INTERVIEW WITH JACK H. JACOBS] , Rutgers University, November 20, 2000. Accessed July 11, 2008. "JJ: ... Anyway, we moved to New Jersey in the mid-'50s, and my parents still live in the same house in Woodbridge. I went to Woodbridge High School, and then, from there, I went to Rutgers."]
* Robert E. Kelley, Highly decorated and youngest Lieutenant General in USAF history; Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy, 1981-83
* Herbert Klein, Member, United States House of Representatives
* Joseph Lazarow, Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey from 1976-1982 [Urgo, Jacqueline L. [ "Joseph Lazarow, 84, dies; helped bring casinos to A.C."] , "The Philadelphia Inquirer", January 5, 2008. Accessed January 5, 2008.]
* Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri — South African Minister of Communications (1999 - )
* Bob Menendez, J.D. ("Newark") — U.S. House of Representatives (1992-2005), United States Senator (2006-present)
* Anne Milgram, Attorney General of New Jersey and First Assistant Attorney General of New Jersey
* David A. Morse, A.B. 1929 — Director-General of ILO who accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1969 on behalf of the ILO
* William A. Newell, A.B. 1836 — Physician, Governor of New Jersey, (1857-1860)
* Hazel O'Leary J.D. — U.S. Secretary of Energy (1993–1997)
* Edward J. Patten, J.D. 1927 ("Newark") — U.S. House of Representatives (1963-1980),
* Clark V. Poling, A.B. 1933 — One of the Four Chaplains killed on the USAT "Dorchester.
* Robert H. Pruyn, A.B. 1833, A.M. 1836, second United States Ambassador to Japan
* Matthew John Rinaldo B.S. 1953 — represented New Jersey in the United States House of Representatives for twenty years, in the 12th congressional district (1973–1983) and in the 7th congressional district (1983–1993). [ [ Matthew John Rinaldo] , "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress". Accessed September 5, 2007.]
* Eduardo Robreno, J.D. ("Camden") 1978 — Federal Judge for the United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
* Peter W. Rodino, Jr., J.D. 1937 — Congressman
* David Samson, B.A. 1961 — New Jersey Attorney General from 2002 to 2003. [ [ David Samson] , New Jersey Attorney General capsule bio. Accessed December 17, 2007.]
* James Schureman, A.B. 1775 — Continental Congress, Senator.
* Gregory M. Sleet, J.D. ("Camden") 1976 — Federal Judge for the United States District Court, District of Delaware
* Robert Torricelli, Class of 1974 — United States Senator, Congressman
* Foster M. Voorhees, A.B. 1876 — Governor of New Jersey, (1898, 1899-1902)
* Jacob R. Wortendyke, 1839, represented ushr|New Jersey|5 in the United States House of Representatives from 1857 to 1859. [ [ Jacob Reynier Wortendyke] , "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress". Accessed September 24, 2007.]


* Rick Bayan, Class of 1971 — humorist and essayist.
* Janine Benyus — natural sciences writer
* James Blish, Class of 1942 — Science fiction and fantasy author.Author of A Case of Conscience &mdash Winner of 1959 Hugo Award for Best Novel and 2004 Retrospective Hugo Award for Best Novella
* William B. Brahms B.A. 1989, M.L.S. 2003 &mdash Reference Book writer
* Lester Brown, Class of 1955 — environmental analyst and author
* Jonathan Carroll, Class of 1971 — Award-winning Author
* Karyna DaRosa, Class of 2007 — Romance Author
* Junot Diaz, Class of 1991 — author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao — Winner of 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and 2007 National Book Critics Circle Award
* Janet Evanovich, Class of 1965 — Best-selling Author
* Richard Florida, Class of ? — author and Public Intellectual
* Alfred Joyce Kilmer, Class of 1908 ("did not graduate") — poet, died in France during World War I — Author of "Trees"
* Daniel Nester, Class of 1991 ("Camden") — poet and essayist. Author of God Save My Queen and God Save My Queen II.
* Nina Raginsky, Class of 1962 — photographer.
* Robert Pinsky, Class of 1962 — Poet Laureate of the United States, Pulitzer Prize Nominee.
* Holly Roberts, Class of 1997 — MBA - author and physician
* Rudy Rucker, Masters and PHD in mathematics — author of science Fiction as well as non-fiction books on mathematics, computer programming, and the future of technology.
* Michael Shaara, Class of 1951 — author of [The Killer Angels ] — Winner of 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
* Judith Viorst,— Children's Litrature author including Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


* Stephen D. Ford, Class of 1979— Chief of Staff, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Rahway.
* Clifton R. Lacy, Class of 1975 — New Jersey Commissioner of Health and Senior Services
* David A. Laskow, Class of 1977 — Chief of the Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Service at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
* Albert Schatz, graduate assistant to Selman Waksman, co-discovered Streptomycin.
* William Trager, Class of 1930 — developed new treatments for Malaria
* Selman Waksman, Class of 1915 — discovered 22 antibiotics, best known for streptomycin. Nobel laureate. Waksman Institute of Microbiology and Waksman Hall are named in his honor.
* H. Boyd Woodruff, Class of 1939/Graduate School 1942 — discovered antibiotic actinomycin.


The Very Reverend Eugene Augustus Hoffman, A. B. 1847, Dean and "Our Most Munificent Benefactor" of the The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church (New York City)

cience and Technology

* Simeon DeWitt, A.B. 1776 — Geographer for George Washington and Continental Army during the American Revolution
* Peter C. Schultz, Class of 1964 — co-inventor of fiber optics
* Stanley N. Cohen, Class of 1956 — geneticist, pioneer in gene splicing
* Robert Cooke, First researcher to identify antihistamines
* Louis Gluck, Class of 1930 — engineer, considered the father of neonatology, the science of caring for newborn infants
* Nathan M. Newmark, Class of 1948 — inventor of the Newmark-beta method of numerical integration used to solve differential equations; winner of the National Medal of Science
* Charles Molnar, Inventor of personal computer -- LINC (acknowledged as the 1st personal computer by IEEE
* Philip S. Schein, Class of 1961 — cancer researcher, founder of U.S. Bioscience
* Matthew Golombek, Class of 1976 — project scientist in charge of NASA's Pathfinder mission to Mars
* Mir Imran, Class of 1976 — BS Electrical Engineering (1976), MS Bio Engineering (1978) - 2005 Rutgers University Distinguished Engineer Award
* Terry Hart, Class of 1978 — Astronaut, president of LORAL Skynet
* John Scudder, Physician and Research Pioneer in the field of Blood Storage and Replacement
* Joseph Siry, NASA Chief Scientist
* Franklin B. VanHouten, fossilized remains of the smallest mammal to ever live (Batodonoides vanhouteni) [] were found in a limestone formation that he had earlier named and studied. []

Notable Faculty

Members or former members of the faculty whose names are emboldened were graduated from Rutgers.

Nobel laureates


* Avery Brooks — Associate Professor of fine arts
* Allan Espiritu — Professor of fine arts
* Leon Golub (deceased) — Professor of fine arts
* Allan Kaprow (deceased) — Professor of fine arts
* Roy Lichtenstein (deceased) — Professor of fine arts
* George Segal — Professor of fine arts; Fluxus artist
* Edin Velez — Professor of media arts
* Robert Watts — Professor of fine arts


* Miguel Algarín — Professor of English
* John Ciardi — Professor of English, poet, translator of The Divine Comedy by Dante among other notable literary works.
* William C. Dowling — Professor of English.
* Ralph Ellison (deceased) — Author of "Invisible Man"
* Francis Fergusson — Professor of English, literary critic
* H. Bruce Franklin, John Cotton Dana Professor of English and American Studies, expert on Herman Melville, science fiction, and prison literature.
* Paul Fussell — Professor of English, author, literary critic, social commentator.

Law School

* ("former") Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Professor at the School of Law in Newark, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States


* Haim Brezis — Professor of mathematics
* Israel Gelfand — Professor of mathematics
* Daniel Gorenstein — (deceased) Professor of Mathematics
* Andras Hajnal — Professor of mathematics
* Henryk Iwaniec — Professor of mathematics
* Jeffry Kahn — Professor of mathematics
* Leonid Khachiyan(deceased) — Professor of mathematics
* Michael Saks — Professor of mathematics, winner of the Gödel Prize (2004)
* Saharon Shelah — Professor of mathematics
* Doron Zeilberger — Professor of mathematics, winner of the Steele Prize for Seminal Contributions to Research (1998)
* Kenneth Wolfson (deceased) — Professor of Mathematics


* Jerry Fodor — Professor of philosophy and cognitive science
* Alvin Goldman — Professor of philosophy
* Peter D. Klein — Professor of philosophy
* Ernest Lepore — Professor of philosophy
* Alan Prince — Professor of linguistics and cognitive science, founder of Optimality Theory (OT)
* Zenon Pylyshyn — Professor of philosophy and cognitive science
* Stephen Stich — Professor of philosophy

cience and engineering

* C. Olin Ball (deceased) — Professor of food engineering, chair of the Department of Food Science
* Richard Bartha — Professor of Microbiology and Biochemistry, discoverer of "oil eating bacteria."
* Nicholas J. Belkin — Professor of information science
* Endre Boros — Professor of operations research
* Art Brown — Professor and former New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture
* Stephen S. Chang (deceased) — Professor of food science and Nicholas Appert Award winner
* Albert Huntington Chester, mining engineer, professor of chemistry, mineralogy, and metallurgy, explorer, and namesake of Chester Peak.
* Vašek Chvátal — Former professor of computer science
* Bernard Coleman — Professor of mechanics and materials science
* George Hammell Cook
* Michael R. Douglas — Director of New High Energy Theory Center and Sackler Prize winner
* Helen Fisher — Research professor of anthropology
* Robin Fox — Professor of anthropology
* Apostolos Gerasoulis — Professor of computer science.
* Lila Gleitman — Professor of cognitive science, psychology and linguistics
* Chi-Tang Ho — Professor of food science and Stephen S. Chang Award for Lipid or Flavor Science winner
* Paul B. Kantor — Professor of information science
* Marcus Karel — Professor of food engineering and Nicholas Appert Award winner
* Jozef L. Kokini — Professor of food engineering and [ Marcel Loncin Research Prize] winner
* Alan Leslie — Professor of cognitive science and psychology
* Kenneth G. Miller Sr — Professor and Chairman of geological sciences
* Lawrence Rabiner — Professor of electrical and computer engineering
* Myron Solberg (deceased) — Professor of food science, founding director of [ CAFT] and Nicholas Appert Award winner
* Mario Szegedy — Professor of computer science
* Endre Szemerédi — Professor of computer science
* Lionel Tiger — Professor of anthropology
* Jay Tischfield — Professor of genetics
* Robert Trivers — Professor of anthropology and biological sciences and winner of the Crafoord Prize in Biosciences (2007)
* Selman Waksman (deceased) — Professor of microbiology and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1952)
* Wise Young — Professor of cell biology and neuroscience

ocial Sciences

* Stephen Bronner — Professor of political science, comparative literature and German studies
* Claire Calandra — Professor of business, former COO of Tycom
* Michael Curtis — Professor of political science
* Mason W. Gross (deceased) — Professor of Classics, President of Rutgers University (1959-1971)
* Robin T. Yenk — Psychotherapist, owns private practice


* David S. Foglesong — Professor of history
* Lloyd Gardner — Mary and Charles Beard Professor of History and distinguished diplomatic historian
* Temma Kaplan — Professor of history and women's studies
* David Levering Lewis ("former") — Professor of History, twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography (1994 and 2001)
* Tomás Eloy Martínez — Professor of Latin American studies; Argentinian journalist and writer
* Matt K. Matsuda — Professor of History
* James Masschaele flagicon|CAN — Professor of Medieval History, author of Peasants, Merchants, and Markets: Inland Trade in Medieval England, c.1150-c.1350
* Said Sheikh Samatar — Professor of History
*George F Clark Jr., - Professor of Human Ecology, Rutgers Lifer, Rutgers Class of 1971

Athletic coaches

* Dick Anderson (American football coach) Football Coach (1984-1989), also an assistant coach at Layfaytte,University of Pennsylvania and Penn State
* George Case Baseball Coach (1950-1960) including 1950 Colege World Series berth. Former Major League Baseball player with the Washington Sentors and Clevland Indians and a four-time All-Star and six-time American League leader in stolen bases.
* Fred Hill (basketball coach)
* George Sanford (coach) Football Coach (1913-1923)
* Greg Schiano
* Terry Shea Footbll Coach (1996-2000), later a coach with Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bear, Miami Dolphips, and St. Louis Rams.
* C. Vivian Stringer
* Dick Vitale Assistant Baskeball Coach (1970-1972), later coach of the Detroit Piston and a Sports Commentator

Members of the Board of Trustees and Board of Governors

Fictional characters

* Todd Anderson, "The Cookout"
* Richard Cooper, "I Think I Love My Wife" [A Bachelor of Arts diploma from Rutgers College can be seen hanging on the wall in the character's office.]
* Harriet Hayes, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"
* Neil Klugman, protagonist/narrtor of Philip Roth novel Goodbye Columbus, winner of the 1960 National Book Award
* Liz Lemler, "30 Rock"
* Mr. Magoo, 1950s cartoon character
* Lucy McClane, "Live Free or Die Hard"
* Jackie Aprile Jr., "The Sopranos"
* Oscar Wao, "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao"

Notes and references

*Cap and Skull

Books and printed materials

Online resources

* [ Rutgers Business School Distinguished Alumni]
* [ Scarlet Knights History Hall of Fame]

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