Burr Truss

The Burr Arch Truss — or simply Burr Truss or Burr Arch — is a combination of an arch and a "multiple kingpost" truss design. It was invented in 1804 by Theodore Burrcite web
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] , patented on April 3, 1817cite web
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] , and used in bridges, usually covered bridges.cite web
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The design principle behind the Burr arch truss was that the arch should be capable of holding the entire load on the bridge while the truss was used to keep the bridge rigid. Even though the kingpost truss alone was capable of bearing a load, this was done because it is impossible to evenly balance a dynamic load crossing the bridge between the two parts.cite web
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] The opposite view is also held, based on computer models, that the truss performs the majority of the load bearing and the arch provides the stability . Regardless, the combination of the arch with the truss provides a more stable bridge capable of carrying greater weight than with the either the truss or arch alone.


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