Cambridge (disambiguation)

Cambridge (disambiguation)

Cambridge is the county town of Cambridgeshire. It also commonly refers to:
* The University of Cambridge
**Cambridge University Press
* Cambridge (UK Parliament constituency)
* Cambridge, Massachusetts, a city in the United States
* Cambridge, Ontario, a city in Canada

In England, Cambridge can also refer to:
* The Dukes of Cambridge
* Cambridge, Gloucestershire
* Cambridge Town, formerly a neighbourhood in Surrey Heath in the nineteenth century, taking its name from a hotel called the Cambridge Hotel; the name was changed to Camberley in 1877 to avoid confusion with the original Cambridge

Other places called Cambridge include:

In Australia:
* Cambridge, Tasmania
* Town of Cambridge, a Western Australian local government area in the inner western suburbs of Perth

In Canada:
* Cambridge, Ontario
* Cambridge (electoral district), a federal electoral district
* Cambridge_(provincial_electoral_district), a provincial electoral district
* Cambridge, Hants County, Nova Scotia
* Cambridge, Kings County, Nova Scotia
* Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

In New Zealand:
* Cambridge, New Zealand

In the United States:
*Cambridge, Idaho
*Cambridge, Illinois
*Cambridge City, Indiana
*Cambridge, Iowa
*Cambridge, Kansas
*Cambridge, Kentucky
*Cambridge, Maine
*Cambridge, Maryland
*Cambridge, Massachusetts
*Cambridge, Minnesota
*Cambridge, Nebraska
*Cambridge, New Hampshire, a township
*Cambridge (village), New York
*Cambridge (town), New York
*Cambridge, Ohio
*Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania
*Cambridge, Vermont
*Cambridge, Wisconsin
* Cambridge Township, Henry County, Illinois
* Cambridge Township, Michigan
* Cambridge Township, Minnesota
* Cambridge Township, Guernsey County, Ohio
* Cambridge Township, Pennsylvania

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