List of Spider-Man enemies

List of Spider-Man enemies

Spider-Man has one of the best-known rogues galleries in comics, in part because he has been the featured character in more individual titles ("Amazing Spider-Man", "Spectacular Spider-Man", "Marvel Team-Up", "Web of Spider-Man", "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man", and others, many of which were published simultaneously for years) than any other comic book super-hero except for Superman and Batman, giving him a large number of published stories in which to fight a proportionately large number of villains.

Spider-Man's most infamous and dangerous enemies are generally considered to be The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Venom. Others include the Lizard, the Chameleon, the Hobgoblin, Kraven the Hunter, Carnage, the Scorpion, the Sandman, the Rhino, Mysterio, the Vulture, Electro, the Kingpin, Hydro-Man, the Shocker, Morlun, and The Ringmaster.

As with Spider-Man, the majority of these villains' powers originate with scientific accidents or the misuse of scientific technology, tend to have animal-themed costumes or powers, and are nearly all male. At times these villains have formed groups such as the Sinister Six to oppose Spider-Man.

Rogue's gallery

Spider-Man's most renowned rogues include (in alphabetical order):

Group villains

Made-For-TV villains

These villains don't appear in the comics. They were created for the various cartoon series. Among them villains are:

pider-Man (1967)

* Baron Von Rantenraven: He invaded New York with WWII Airplanes.
* Bolton: Bolton is a Martian warrior who can throw thunderbolts. He worked together with Boomer.
* Boomer: Boomer is a criminal who uses bombs. He worked together with Bolton.
* Charles Cameo: Charles Cameo is a former actor who uses disguises to commit crimes. He once impersonated the Prime Minister of Rutania.
* Clive: Clive is a movie producer who plans revenge on the movie critics and audiences by creating Blotto.
* Desperado: He is a cowboy on a robotic horse.
* Dr. Atlantean: Dr. Atlantean is a scientist from Atlantis who brought Manhattan underwater. He is a redrawn version of the Radiation Specialist.
* Dr. Cool: He is a diamond thief who was robbing diamonds while hiding out in a warehouse with a freezer in it.
* Dr. Magneto: Dr. Matto Magneto is a scientist armed with a gun that can magnetize and de-magnetize objects. He planned revenge upon the world for ridiculing his theories.
* Dr. Manta: He's actually a "Rocket Robin Hood" villain. He used giant, mechanical beetles to enslave an island's inhabitants.
* Dr. Noah Body: A brilliant scientist who has somehow found a way to make himself invisible. In his first appearance, he took revenge on J. Jonah Jameson for ridiculing his theories of invisibility. In the second appearance, he broke Electro, Green Goblin, and Vulture out of jail to take out Spider-Man.
* Dr. Dumpty: Dr. Humperdink Dumpty is a jewel thief who stole the jewels of actress Rachel Welles when he attacked a parade.
* Dr. Vespian: He is a scientist who developed a drinkable invisibility serum that he tested on himself and his dog.
* Dr. Von Schlick: He is an evil scientist who wears a rubber, non-stick costume with petroleum-based bubbles emitted from his fingers. Spider-Man had to use a special webbing to stop him.
* Dr. Zap: Dr. Zap is an electric-powered Chinese scientist who kidnapped Dr. Irving Caldwell in order to learn the secrets of Dr. Caldwell's levitation helmet.
* Fantastic Fakir: He is an Arabian Fakir whose flute can create illusions and control animals.
* Fiddler: Otto is a man who hates rock and roll for it replacing classical music. He used a deadly violin to seek revenge on Cyrus Flintridge.
* Fifth Avenue Phantom: He is quite possibly the most unremarkable villain from the '67 animated series. He appeared in "The Fifth Avenue Phantom" and "The Dark Terrors". He used a device that shrank valuables as well as android women who masqueraded as fashion mannequins. In his second appearance, he used a Shadow-Scope to create Shadow Monsters to commit crimes.
* Harley Clivendon: Harley Clivendon is an Australian who one time hypnotized J. Jonah Jameson with an idol.
* Human Fly Twins: Stan and Lee Patterson are former circus acts who reverted to crime.
* Infinata: He's actually a Rocket Robin Hood villain. Infinata is from the Fifth Dimension. He attempted to steal the Universal Library from a dying scientist who came from the destroyed planet Gorth.
* Kotep the Scarlet Sorcerer: Kotep was an ancient Egyptian sorcerer who was defeated by his opponent and placed in suspended animation until a professor at Peter Parker's school used an incantation to awaken him.
* Master Vine: He is a leader of a race of plant people in an alternate dimension.
* Microman: Professor Pretories is a diabolical scientist who has a light that can shrink him to a small size.
* Miss Trubble: Miss Trubble had a chest that enabled her to summon living statue versions of Greek Mythology characters and creatures.
* Mugs Riley: Mugs Riley is a criminal who escaped from jail and discovered an underground society of Molemen. He used them to commit crimes while disguised as a Moleman.
* Pardo: Pardo is a sorcerer who can turn into a black cat and rob people in a movie theatre.
* Parafino: He is the owner of Parafino's Wax Museum. He one time used wax mannequins of Blackbeard, Jesse James, and the Executioner of Paris to commit crimes.
* Plotter: Plotter is a criminal mastermind who hires Ox and Cowboy to steal a blueprint for a missile.
* Radiation Specialist: The Radiation Specialist took over Manhattan's new and only Nuclear Power Plant and uses a special ray in it to lift Manhattan into the clouds unless the city meets his demands: he is amply paid, granted amnesty from arrest, and permitted to build his own nuclear reactor. He had a radiation gun which gave Spider-Man a disadvantage.
* Scarf: Scarf is a masked villain who uses illusions.
* Skymaster: Skymaster is a criminal that resides in a blimp. He kidnapped the school's football star Roy Robinson so that he can force his father to reveal the invisibility serum's ingredients.
* Super Swami: He is an Oriental-illusionist.

pider-Man (1981 TV series)

* Gadgeteer: Gadgeteer whose real first name is Joshua is an evil janitor who takes on this identity to steal Dr. Norton's shrink ray.
* Nephilia: Dr. Bradley Shaw and his assistant Penny plotted to attain Spider-Man's blood into order to duplicate his powers use them for Bradley's own needs. Unfortunately, he ends up becoming Nephilia: a mutant with a man's torso and a spider body from the waist down.
* Professor Gizmo: Professor Gizmo is a master criminal who planned to use Spider-Man to attach an antenna to the large sunken treasure ship, the El Conquistador.
* Sidewinder: Sidewinder is a masked cowboy villain who rides a flying, robot horse. He leads a gang of cowboys who also ride flying, robot horses.
* Stuntman: Jack Riven was the World's Greatest Stuntman until an accident permanently fused him to a mechanical suit of armor a few years ago. He blames Spider-Man for that. Stuntman has two lackey named Larry and Moe who help make up the Triangle of Evil.

pider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981)

* Arachnoid: Zolton is a chemical scientist who creates a Spider-Serum that will give him Spider-Powers. He impersonates Spider-Man when committing crimes until he mutates into the Arachnoid: a mutant with the torso of a man and a spider's body from the waist down. This plot was somewhat based of Nephilia's.
* Buzz Mason: He is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who secretly controlled Lightwave into committing robberies of a device that will enable him to control a satellite called the GUARDSTAR.
* Cyberiad: Nathan Price was Firestar's lover until an accident caused by an attack by AIM caused him to end up as a cyborg called Cyberiad. He attacked the X-Men Mansion and captured its members one-by-one. His design is based on Fatal Five member Tharok.
* Gamesman: The Gamesman plotted to cause havoc in New York by using the arcade games to hypnotize the teenagers there. He unwittingly caused Francis Byte to become Videoman resulting in Gamesman to manipulate him.
* Lightwave: Aurora Dante is Iceman's half-sister who can manipulate and control light. She is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. until Buzz Mason controlled her into stealing a device that will allow Buzz to control the GUARDSTAR. Lightwave is based on Aurora and Darkstar.
* Videoman: Electro brought it out of an arcade game to steal components for his Ultra-Transformer, but was defeated by the Spider-Friends. Videoman was released again during a thunderstorm. A teenage video game prodigy named Francis Byte ends up becoming Videoman due to an explosion caused by the Gamesman's plot where Francis learns to become a good superhero. After the Gamesman's defeat, he is now training with the X-Men.

pider-Man (1994 TV series)

* Herbert Landon: main article|Herbert Landon
* Iceberg: He was a frozen crimelord that works for the Kingpin and that Hobbie Brown used to work for before becoming the Prowler.
* Mirium: In this series, she is a Vampire Queen and the mother of Blade.

pider-Man: The New Animated Series (2003)

* Dr. Zellner: He developed a drug that would make stupid people intelligent. He tested it on thug twins Jack and Mack and used them to commit crimes.
* The Gaines Twins: Roland and Roxanne Gaines are twins with mind powers who messed with Spider-Man's mind.
* Pterodax: Pterodax is a high-tech mercenary group led by Sergai.
* Shikata: Shikata is a martial arts expert and swordsman who uses a sword and incantation to stay young. She wanted to fight Spider-Man to the finish. After some info from Mary-Jane, Spider-Man destroyed the sword which ended Shikata's life.
* Talon: Cheyenne Tate is a high-tech thief who was a love interest for Harry Osborne. She is somewhat based on Black Cat.
* Turbo Jet: As Turbo Jet, Wyler acts like a modern-day Robin Hood with the stealing from the rich and giving to the poor while wearing a high-tech suit. He is said to be based on Rocket Racer.


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