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Bisexual erasure is the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in the historical record, academic materials, the news media, and other primary sources. When bisexual erasure is found in intellectually dishonest or erroneous works, it is a manifestation of biphobia.Fact|date=February 2008 In its most extreme form, bisexual erasure can include denying that bisexual people actually exist.cite journal |last=Hutchins |first=Loraine |authorlink=Loraine Hutchins |title=Sexual Prejudice: The erasure of bisexuals in academia and the media |journal=American Sexuality magazine |volume=3 |issue=4 |publisher=National Sexuality Resource Center |date=2005 |url= ]

In the gay community

Bisexual erasure may stem from a belief that bisexual people do not deserve equal status or inclusion within gay and lesbian communities.cite journal |last=Weiss |first=Jillian Todd |authorlink=Jillian Todd Weiss |title=GL vs. BT: The Archaeology of Biphobia and Transphobia Within the U.S. Gay and Lesbian Community |journal=Journal of Bisexuality |volume=3 |issue=3/4 |pages=25–55 |publisher=Haworth Press |date=2004 |url= ]

This can take the form of omitting the word "bisexual" in the name of an organization or event that serves the whole LGBT community. Homosexual people who engage in bisexual erasure may claim that bisexuals are actually closeted gay people who wish to appear heterosexual.cite journal |last=Yoshino |first=Kenji |authorlink=Kenji Yoshino |title=The Epistemic Contract of Bisexual Erasure |journal=Stanford Law Review |volume=52 |issue=2 |pages=353–461 |publisher=Stanford Law School |date=January 2000 |url= |doi=10.2307/1229482 ]

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Further reading

* Fraser, M., "Identity Without Selfhood: Simone de Beauvoir and Bisexuality", Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press 1999. p.124-140.

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