Richard Karl von Tessmar

Generalmajor Richard Karl von Tessmar (1853 – 1928) was a German soldier.

He is notable primarily for his exploits during the First World War, during which he was commanded the German forces occupying Luxembourg. He led the forces that captured Luxembourg City on the 2 August 1914, before establishing his command in the city. [cite web | url = | title = The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg | accessdate = 2006-12-28 | last = Doody | first = Richard ] On 26 August, 121 Belgian civilians were executed in at Arlon train station on his order. [cite web | url = | title = L'Histoire de la Ville d'Arlon | publisher=Arlon is on | accessdate = 2006-12-28 ] His swift and heavy-handed suppression of a miners' strike in June 1917 led to the downfall of Victor Thorn's National Union Government. [Thewes (2003), p. 69]



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