460s BC

Events and trends

* 468 BCSophocles, Greek playwright, defeats Aeschylus for the Athenian Prize.
* 468 BC — Antium captured by Roman forces.
* 468 BCZhou Zhen Ding Wang becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
* 466 BCDelian League defeats Persia at the Battle of Eurymedon.
* 466 BC — The Greek colony of Taras, in Magna Graecia, is defeated by "Iapyges", a native population of ancient Apulia; Tarentine monarchy falls, with the installation of a democracy and the expulsion of the Pythagoreans.
* 465 BC — King Xerxes I of the Persian Empire is murdered by Artabanus the Hyrcanian. He is succeeded by Artaxerxes I, possibly with Artabanus acting as Regent.
* 465 BC — Thasos revolts from the Delian League.
* 464 BC — An earthquake in ancient Sparta, Greece leads to a Helot uprising and strained relations with Athens, one of the factors that lead to the Peloponnesian War.
* 464 BC — Regent King Artabanus of Persia is killed by his charge Artaxerxes I.
* 464 BC — Third Messenian war.
* 462 BC — The revolt of Thasos against the Delian League comes to an end with their surrender.
* 461 BCAthenian politician Cimon is ostracized.
* 460 BCEgypt revolts against Persia, starting a six year war. An Athenian force sent to attack Cyprus is diverted to support this revolt.
* 460 BC — Cincinnatus becomes consul of the Roman Republic.


* c. 469 BCAspasia of Miletus, mistress of Pericles of Athens (d. c. 406 BC)
* 460 BCDemocritus of Abdera, Greek philosopher (d. 370 BC)
* 460 BC — Hippocrates of Cos, Greek physician (d. 377 BC)
* 460 BC — Thucydides, Greek historian (d. 395 BC)


* 469 BCZhou Yuan Wang/Ji Ren, King of the Zhou Dynasty of China
* 469 BC — Leotychides, king of Sparta (b. c. 545 BC)
* 469 BC — Simonides of Ceos, Greek lyric poet (b. c. 556 BC)
* 468 BCAristides, Athenian statesman (b. 530 BC)
* 465 BC Xerxes I, king of Persia (murdered)
* 464 BCArtabanus of Persia, Regent King for Artaxerxes I
* 461 BCEphialtes, leader of the radical democrats, assassinated
* 460 BCEpicharmus, Greek poet (b. 550 BC)
* 460 BC — Panini, Hindu Indian grammarian (b. 520 BC)

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