Postal codes in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

This page is a summary of the postal codes of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Format of postal codes (PLZ)

The Swiss postal codes are assigned geographically, from west to east. They don't follow political divisions (cantons, districts), but they follow a "routing" allocation, following railways and post car routes. The postal code of big cities finish with 00, and it is not allocated if in the region there isn't a big center.

Switzerland is divided into nine postal districts, numbered from west to east. Each district is subdivided into postal areas.Each area contains a maximum of one hundred units.The postal codes are made up as follows::3436 Zollbrück:3 = district (Berne):34 = area (Burgdorf):343 = route (Burgdorf - Langnau):3436 = post office number (Zollbrück)

Today, the third digit has no real meaning anymore. In the past, mail was assigned to fixed railway or truck routes, but modern logistics do not need this practice anymore.

Postal codes of Liechtenstein are included in the same structure, using the range from 9480 to 9499.

As special cases:
*the Italian territory of Campione has the postal code 6911 for mail passing through Swiss post.
*also located in Italy, the Swiss post office in Domodossola has the code 3907.
*the German territory of Büsingen has the postal code 8238 for mail passing through Swiss post.

ummary of postal codes

*1xxx - Region Western Switzerland (South)
**10xx - Region Lausanne, Echallens (North-West)
**11xx - Region Morges, Rolle
**12xx - Canton of Geneva and Region Nyon
**13xx - Region between Lausanne and Yverdon, Jura side (Cossonay, Orbe, Vallorbe)
**14xx - Yverdon, Estavayer-le-Lac (VD/FR)
**15xx - Moudon, Lucens, Avenches (VD/FR)
**16xx - Romont, Bulle (VD/FR)
**17xx - Region Fribourg to Lake Murten (Münchenwiler)
**18xx - Eastern shore of Lake Geneva (Vevey, Montreux), Chablais (Aigle, Monthey, St. Maurice VD/VS)
**19xx - Lower Valais (Martigny, Sion) without Region Sierre

*2xxx - Region Western Switzerland (North)
**20xx - Region Neuchâtel
**21xx - Val de Travers NE, Boudry
**22xx - Upper Val de Ruz,
**23xx - La Chaux-de-Fonds, Franches-Montagnes, Val-de-Ruz
**24xx - Le Locle, La Sagne
**25xx - Region Biel/Bienne, Lake Biel, Grenchen, Courtelary
**26xx - Vallon de St. Imier
**27xx - Bernese Jura (Tavannes, Tramelan, Moutier, Franches Montagnes)
**28xx - Delémont
**29xx - Ajoie (Porrentruy)

*3xxx - Region Berne/Upper Valais
**30xx - City of Bern and agglomeration
**31xx - Southern agglomeration of Berne
**32xx - Seeland (Aarberg, Ins, Kerzers, Lyss)
**33xx - Region between Berne and Solothurn
**34xx - Region Burgdorf, Oberaargau (except Langenthal)
**35xx - Emmental
**36xx - Region Thun
**37xx - Region Spiez, Simmental
**38xx - Region Interlaken, Haslital
**39xx - Upper Valais with region Sierre, Crans Montana

*4xxx - Region Basel
**40xx - City of Basel
**41xx - Leimental, Birstal, Riehen, Bettingen, Pratteln
**42xx - Laufental, Schwarzbubenland
**43xx - Western Fricktal (Rheinfelden, Stein AG)
**44xx - Basel-Country
**45xx - Region Solothurn
**46xx - Region Olten
**47xx - Region Oensingen, Balsthal
**48xx - Region Zofingen
**49xx - Region Langenthal

*5xxx - Region Aarau
**50xx - City of Aarau and Region, eastern Fricktal (Frick, Laufenburg)
**51xx - Region Wildegg, Schinznach
**52xx - Region Brugg, Mettauertal
**53xx - Region Turgi to Koblenz
**54xx - Region Baden, Wettingen
**55xx - Region Mellingen
**56xx - Region Lenzburg, Wohlen, Bremgarten, Muri (Freiamt)
**57xx - Region Kulm, Beinwil, Kölliken, Safenwil

*6xxx - Region Central Switzerland (Innerschweiz), Tessin
**60xx - Region Lucerne, Obwalden
**61xx - Entlebuch, Willisau
**62xx - Region Sempach, Sursee, Hochdorf
**63xx - Canton of Zug, Nidwalden
**64xx - Canton of Schwyz (except Ausserschwyz), Canton of Uri
**65xx - Region Bellinzona, Misox, Val Calanca (GR)
**66xx - Locarno, Valle Maggia, Val Verzasca
**67xx - Leventina, Val Blenio
**68xx - Mendrisotto
**69xx - Region Lugano and Campione d'Italia (italian enclave)

*7xxx - Region Graubünden
**70xx - Chur, Schanfigg (Arosa), Domat/Ems, Flims
**71xx - Bündner Oberland
**72xx - Prättigau, Davos
**73xx - Bündner Herrschaft, Landquart, Sargans
**74xx - Hinterrhein, Albula
**75xx - Engadin, Val Müstair
**76xx - Bergell
**77xx - Poschiavo

*8xxx - Region Zürich
**80xx - City of Zurich
**81xx - Region Zürcher Unterland
**82xx - Region Schaffhausen, Kreuzlingen, Büsingen am Hochrhein (German enclave)
**83xx - Kloten, Zürcher Oberland, Hinwil, Hinterthurgau
**84xx - Region Winterthur, Tösstal
**85xx - Region Frauenfeld, Weinfelden, Amriswil, Romanshorn
**86xx - Region Dübendorf, Zürcher Oberland, See (SG)
**87xx - Region Right shore of Lake Zurich, Gaster/See (SG), Canton Glarus
**88xx - Region Linkes Zürichseeufer, Ausserschwyz (March, Höfe, Einsiedeln SZ), Glarner Unterland, Sarganserland/Lake Walen
**89xx - Region Limmattal, Albis, Knonauer Amt, Kelleramt (eastermost Aargau)

*9xxx - Region Eastern Switzerland (Ostschweiz)
**90xx - Region St. Gallen, Appenzell
**91xx - Region Herisau
**92xx - Region Gossau, Flawil, Uzwil, Bischofszell
**93xx - Region Arbon
**94xx - Region Rorschach, Rheintal, Liechtenstein
**95xx - Region Wil
**96xx - Toggenburg


*1211: Geneva (generic post code for all "P.O. Box" addresses in Geneva; the address is followed by a number indicated the exact post office in which the box is located, e.g. "1211 Geneva 7": 1 Mont-Blanc, 10 United Nations, 11 Rue du Stand, 12 Champel, 13 Les Charmilles, 14 State Hospital, 16 Grand-Pré, 17 Malagnou, 18 St-Jean, 19 Petit-Saconnex, 2 Cornavin/Swisscom, 20 CIC, 21 Les Pâquis, 22 International Labour Organization, 23 CERN, 24 Les Acacias, 26 La Praille/Military base, 27 World Health Organization, 28 Le Bouchet, 3 Rive, 4 Plainpalais, 5 Main Post Office, 6 Les Eaux-Vives, 7 Servette, 70 CS, 8 Jonction, 84 Voting system, 9 La Cluse)
*80xx: The city districts of Zurich were numbered before the Swiss postal codes were introduced; the number of the city district equals the last numbers of the postal code. The administration of the Canton of Zurich has the postal code 8090.
*3003 is the postal code of the Federal administration which is located in Berne.


*9485: Nendeln
*9486: Schaanwald
*9487: Gamprin-Bendern
*9488: Schellenberg
*9489: Vaduz
*9490: Vaduz
*9491: Ruggell
*9492: Eschen
*9493: Mauren
*9494: Schaan
*9495: Triesen
*9496: Balzers
*9497: Triesenberg
*9498: Planken
*9499: "omitted"

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