Tequila Slammer

iba =
name = Tequila Slammer

caption =
type = shooter
flaming =
tequila = yes
served = straight
garnish =
drinkware = Rocks glass
ingredients = *One part tequila
*One part 7 Up or ginger ale
prep = Mix carefully to avoid releasing the dissolved CO2.
notes = If champagne is used instead of lemonade, the drink is known as a slammer Royale
footnotes =
categories = no
Invented at University of California, Davis,Fact|date=September 2008 the Tequila Slammer is a cocktail served in a rocks glass. It is made with equal parts tequila and a carbonated beverage, often 7 Up, ginger ale, lemonade, or Mountain Dew. Champagne can also be used, and this is called a "Slammer Royale" or "Golden Slammer". [http://www.cocktail.com/recipes/s/SlammerRoyale.htm]


The drink gets its name from the way it is commonly consumed; the usual procedure is to leave about a fifth of the glass empty to allow the drink to fizz, then to hold one's hand over the top of the glass and to slam it onto a hard surface to mix it. The slamming action releases gas bubbles from the mixed drink causing it to foam vigorously. It will then quickly escape the glass if not consumed immediately in one gulp, the result (and intention) of which is swift intoxication.

It can also be served with equal parts Tequila, White wine (or champagne) and lemonade, creating a more potent, flavoursome mix.

Cultural reference

"Tequila Slammer" is also a song by the guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel.

Some people use the term Tequila Slammer to mean licking salt off your hand, knocking back a shot of tequila and then sucking on a slice of lemon or lime. This is more normally known as a "tequila ritual," "lick, sip, suck" (in Australia, at least), "tequila cruda," or "Body Shot" (When taken off some part of the body of another person).

There is also an extreme form of masochistic drinking ritual known as the "tequila suicide". It involves arranging two slices of lemon, a shot of tequila, and a line of salt on a plate so it resembles a smiley face. The procedure is then to sniff the salt and squeeze the slices in each eye before drinking the shot in one gulp. This is also known as the "Royal Marine Style" commonly used on a passing out day.

Tequila Slammers have become recently popular as a late-night indicator of a bar's impending closure in Belgium.

In John Woo's movie Hard Boiled, Chow Yun Fat's character (whose nickname is Tequila) is seen preparing himself a slammer in the opening credits sequence.

Shown as a focal point in a cut scene early-on in the video game Stranglehold.

The tequila slammer is featured in an episode of the television show Futurama, in which Professor Farnsworth requests the drink several times.

The drink is consumed by Tim and Daisy in the second season of the British t.v. show Spaced.


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