LNER Class D13

The LNER Class D13 was a class of 4-4-0 steam tender locomotives designed by James Holden for the Great Eastern Railway. They had been rebuilt from GER Class T19 2-4-0 locomotives and were classified by the GER as T19 Rebuilt. Confusingly, the name "T19 Rebuilt" was also applied to some other T19s which had been rebuilt with larger boilers but had retained their 2-4-0 wheel arrangement. All the 2-4-0s had been withdrawn by 1920 so only the 4-4-0s passed to the London and North Eastern Railway. Two 4-4-0s were scrapped before the grouping but the remaining 58 passed to the LNER in 1923.


They were rebuilt from sixty T19 class 2-4-0s with boiler similar to that used on Humpty Dumpties. The bogies came from Massey Bromley 0-4-4Ts and Worsdell 4-4-0s. Most had been fitted with superheaters by 1926. The last survivor (8039) was withdrawn in 1944. [(RCTS 1981)]



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