Apollo asteroid

Apollo asteroid

The Apollo asteroids are a group of near-Earth asteroids named after 1862 Apollo, the first asteroid of this group to be discovered by Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth. They are Earth-crosser asteroids that have orbital semi-major axes greater than that of the Earth (> 1 AU) and a perihelion distance (q) < 1.017 AU. Some can get very close to the Earth, making them a potential threat to our planet (the closer their semi-major axis is to Earth's, the less eccentricity is needed for the orbits to cross).

The largest known Apollo asteroid is 1866 Sisyphus, with a diameter of about 10 km.

Well-known Apollo asteroids include:

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* [http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/iau/lists/Apollos.html List of Apollo minor planets]

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