Patron saints of ailments, illness and dangers

A list of patron saints of ailments, illness and dangers:


*Abd-al-Masih - sterile women (in Syria)
*Saint Abel - patron of the blind and the lame
*Abhai - poisonous reptiles
*Agapitus of Palestrina -invoked against colic [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Agapitus ] ]
*Agatha - breast cancer [ [ Saint Agatha ] ]
*Agathius - headache
*Agricola of Avignon - bubonic plague, misfortunes
*Agrippina of Mineo -invoked against evil spirits, leprosy, thunderstorms, bacterial diseases, and bacterial infections
*Albinus of Angers -against pirate attack
*Amabilis of Riom - invoked against fire, snakes, and snake bites [ [ St. Amabilis - Catholic Online ] ] ; also invoked against demonic possession, mental illness, poison, wild beasts [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Amabilis ] ]
*Andrew Avellino - sudden death
*Andrew Corsini - riot, civil disorder
*Anthony - skin disease, Saint Anthony's fire []
*Anthony of Padua - Missing people and lost things
*Apollinare - epilepsy, gout
*Apollonia - toothache
*Arthelais - kidnapping, illness
*Aspren - invoked against headache []
*Augustine of Hippo - sore eyes
*Adrian of Nicomedia - plague, epilepsy


*Balbina - scrofula []
*Berlinda of Meerbeke- invoked against cattle diseases [ [ Saint Patrick's Church: Saints of February 3 ] ]
*Bernardino of Siena - chest problems, lung problems, gambling addictions
*Blaise - ailments of the throat


*Castulus -invoked against erysipelas, lightning, horse theft, wildfires, and drowning. [ [ Castulus (Kastulus) - Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon ] ]
*Christina the Astonishing -against insanity, mental disorders
*Coloman - plague, sick horses, against hanging
*Cornelius - invoked against epilepsy, cramps, afflictions associated with the nerves and ears. [ [ Cornelius - Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon ] ]
*Crescentinus - headache
*Cyriacus - eye disease


*Defendens - invoked against wolves and fires [ [ San Defendente di Tebe ] ]
*Deicolus - childhood illnesses
*Deodatus of Nevers - against thunderstorm, evil spirits, and plague [ [ Saints of June 19 ] ]
*Domninus of Fidenza - rabies [ [ San Donnino di Fidenza ] ]
*Dymphna - sleepwalking, epilepsy, insanity, mental illness


*Emygdius of Ascoli - invoked against earthquakes []
*Engelmund of Vebsen -invoked against toothache [ [ Saints of June 21 ] ]
*Epipodius - victims of betrayal and of torture [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Epipodius ] ]
*Eurosia - invoked against storms, hailstorms, lightning [ [ antropologia/santa orosia ] ]
*Expeditus - invoked against procrastination [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Expeditus ] ]


*Fiacre - Venereal disease sufferers, hemorrhoids
*Florian -invoked against fire, floods and drowning [ [ S. D. Paramedics: The Patron Saint of the Fire Service: Saint Florian ] ]
*Four Holy Marshals - epidemics, diseases
*Fourteen Holy Helpers - epidemics, bubonic plague or the Black Death


*Gangulphus - eye and skin conditions; knee pains; invoked against adultery and marital difficulties
*Gerard of Lunel -invoked against epilepsy [ [ Patron Saints for Chronic and Incurable Illness ] ] and headaches [ [ Patron Saints Index: Blessed Gerard of Lunel ] ]
*Gereon -headaches, migraine
*Gertrude of Nivelles -invoked against fever, rats, and mice, particularly field-mice.
*Godelina -throat trouble [ [ Godeleva (Godelina) von Gistel - Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon ] ]
*Gotthard of Hildesheim -invoked against fever, dropsy, childhood sicknesses, hailstones, the pain of childbirth, and gout. [ [ San Gottardo di Hildesheim ] ]
*Gratus of Aosta -against lightning; fear of insects [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Gratus of Aosta ] ]
*Guy of Anderlecht - invoked against epilepsy, against rabies, against infantile convulsions [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Guy of Anderlecht ] ]


*Hemma of Gurk -invoked during childbirth and against diseases of the eye
*Hermes - mental illnesses
*Harvey -eye problems, eye disease
*Hippolytus of Rome - sick horses
*Hyacinth - those in danger of drowning


*James the Great - rheumatism
*John of Bridlington - women in difficult labor
*Jude Thaddaeus - lost causes, desperate situations
*Julia of Corsica - pathologies of the hands and the feet
*Juliana of Nicomedia - childbirth, sickness


*Kentigern -against bullies


*Leodegar - blindness, eye disease, eye problems, sore eyes
*Liborius of Le Mans - against gallstones, colic [ [ Saints of July 23 ] ]
*Lucy of Syracuse - haemorrhage, eye complaints


*Macrina - poverty
*Mammes -protector of sufferers from broken bones and hernias
*Marciana of Mauretania -invoked to cure wounds []
*Marculf - scrofula, diseases of the skin
*Maturinus - invoked against mental illness and infertility [ [ Saint Mathurin ] ]
*Saint Maurus - rheumatism, gout, epilepsy
*Saint Medard - toothache


*Natalia of Nicomedia - plague, epilepsy
*Nonnosus -diseases of the kidneys, invoked against physical defects, back pains, and school-related students' crises [Alban Butler, David Hugh Farmer, Paul Burns, "Butler's Lives of the Saints" (Liturgical Press, 1995), 10.]


*Saint Olaf - difficult marriage
*Saint Ovidius - auditory conditions and diseases [ [ Sant' Audito (Ovidio) di Braga ] ]


*Patroclus of Troyes- demons, fever []
*Peregrine of Auxerre- against snake bites [ [ La cathédrale Saint-Etienne d’Auxerre - 2. Saint Pèlerin ] ]
*Saint Peregrine Laziosi - cancer, AIDS
*Saint Paulina - Diabetics
*Pancras - cramp, headache, bearing false witness, perjury
*Pharaildis - childhood diseases; difficult marriages; victims of abusecite web | last = Jones | first = Terry | title =Pharaildis | work = Patron Saints Index | url= | accessdate = 2007-02-17]
*Saint Pio of Pietrelcina - Stress relief and New year blues
*Polycarp - earache, dysentery [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Polycarp of Smyrna ] ]
*Potamiana - protectoress of rape victims [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Potamiaena ] ]


*Saint Quentin - coughs, sneezes, and dropsy. []
*Quirinus of Neuss -invoked against the bubonic plague, smallpox, and gout [ [ San Quirino ] ]
*Quiteria - against rabies [ [ ACI Prensa - Santos ] ]


*Rasso - invoked against stomach pains, especially in children [ [ Rasso (Ratho) von Andechs - Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon ] ]
*Regina -against poverty, impoverishment, shepherdesses, torture victims [ [ Archdiocese of Regina - Ask a Sister ] ]
*Reinildis -to cure open wounds, against eye diseasescite web | title =Stocks, Relics and... 'Tarte al Djote' | publisher =Office de Promotion du Tourisme de Wallonie et de Bruxelles | date =June 2006 | url = | accessdate =2007-02-21] cite web | title =Sainte Renelde et comp. | publisher =Nominis | url = | accessdate =2007-02-21]
*Roch - Invoked against cholera, epidemics, knee problems, plague, skin diseases [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Roch ] ]
*Rita of Cascia - lost causes or impossible cases, marital problems, abuse [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Rita of Cascia ] ]

*Sebaldus -against cold and cold weather [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Sebaldus ] ]
*Scholastica - convulsive children; invoked against storms and rain [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Scholastica ] ]
*Servatius - invoked against foot troubles, lameness, rheumatism, rats, and mice [ [ Saint Patrick's Church: Saints of May 13 ] ]
*Silvia - invoked by pregnant women for safe delivery of children [ [ Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Silvia ] ]
*Simon of Trent - torture and kidnap victims (no longer venerated) [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Simon of Trent ] ]
*Sithney -invoked against rabies [ [ ] ] )
*Suitbert of Kaiserwerdt - angina
*Symphorian - syphilis, eye troubles []


*Teresa of Avila - headaches
*Trophimus of Arles- against drought [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Trophimus of Arles ] ]


*Ubald - migraine, neuralgia, sick children, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder
*Urban of Langres -invoked against blight, frost, storms, alcoholism, and faintness [ [ Saint Patrick's Church: Saints of April 2 ] ]
*Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne - invoked against stiff neck [ [ Prayers to St. Ursicinus of Saint Ursanne ] ]
*Ursus of Aosta -faintness, kidney disease, and rheumatism [ [ Saint Patrick's Church: Saints of February 1 ] ]


*Victor of Marseilles - invoked against lightning [ [ Saints of July 21 ] ]
*Vitalis of Assisi - diseases and sicknesses affecting the genitals [ [ San Vitale di Assisi ] ]
*Vitus - chorea/Saint Vitus' Dance, epilepsy, seizures


*Walter of Pontoise -invoked against stress [Annette Sandoval, "The Directory of Saints: A Concise Guide to Patron Saints" (Signet, 1997), 226.]
*Wilgefortis -people seeking relief from tribulations, in particular by women who wished to be liberated from abusive husbands. [Ilse E. Friesen (2001). "The Female Crucifix: Images of St. Wilgefortis Since the Middle Ages", p47-8. ISBN 0-88920-365-2]
*William Firmatus - against headachecite web | last =Rabenstein | first =Katherine | title =William Firmatus, Hermit (AC) | work =Saints O' the Day for April 24 | date =April 1999 | url = | accessdate =2007-04-24]
*Willibrord - convulsions, epilepsy, epileptics
*Winnoc - fever, whooping cough [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Winnoc ] ]
*Wulfram of Sens is called upon for protection against the dangers of the sea.

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