Mohamed Ahmed Sarror

AlHaj Sarror
Birth name Mohammed Ahmed Sarror
Also known as Ameed Alfn AlSudany Alawal (Arabic: عميد الفن السوداني الأول ) Fiat Driver (Arabic: سائق الفيات )
Born 1901
Origin Wad Medani, Sudan
Died 1946
Genres Haqeeba
Occupations Chauffer-driver, Singer-songwriter
Instruments Singing, Tanbur, Oud
Years active 1923–1946

Mohammed Ahmed Sarror (1901–1946) is a Sudanese singer and songwriter.

Sarror was born in the village of Wad Almajzoub, north of Wad Medani. He performed singing during the Sudanese Haqeeba era, which is considered as the Sudanese golden musical era of all times. His songs characterized with love, passion, nature, patriotism, eloquence and many other themes that defined that era.

Sarror died in the city of Hargigo, Eritrea in an operation and was buried in Asmara in 1946.

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