QuietRock is a brand of internally damped drywall panel by Quiet Solution which is a division of Serious Materials, an American manufacturer of advanced building materials. It is designed to provide higher levels of sound attenuation between rooms than standard drywall. It was introduced in 2003.


QuietRock uses a damping technique called constrained-layer damping (CLD). This technology had been used for at least 20 years to reduce vibrations in mechanical objects from disk drive heads to bridges, but had not been widely applied to architectural acoustics prior to 2003. QuietRock panels use several constrained-layer systems to create a higher ability to damp vibrational (and therefore acoustic) energy. In essence, the panel does not "want" to vibrate due to stress and strain caused by the damping method. Acoustic energy ends up dissipating as small amounts of heat (which cannot be heard).

Sound attenuation is measured using tests known as ASTM E90 and ASTM E413 to achieve a single sound-transmission-class (STC) rating. Note that the STC method has changed significantly over the years, and STCs from publications prior to 1995 may not be accurate to today's standards. QuietRock is one of a class of soundproof drywall products that, according to independent lab tests [ [http://quietsolution.com/html/test_reports.html Quiet Solution | Product Test Reports ] ] and field reports, may add 15 to 20 STC points in comparison to standard drywall. STC does not consider the lowest frequencies below 125 Hz.

Unlike resilient channels (RC) and other older techniques, internally damped drywall cannot be shorted out by the builder or homeowner. Therefore, the use of "soundproof drywall" may be a more reliable method for sustained high STCs. [ [http://www.quietsolution.com/Multifamily_RC.pdf Microsoft Word - MultiFamily_#3_RC_062904.doc ] ]

Two companies have published third-party tests of mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), an older favorite of do-it-yourselfers for home studios. Despite a great following, these tests show that MLV scores 43 to 45 STC points in 24-inch-on-center (24OC) single-stud walls, [http://www.quietsolution.com/Mass_Loaded_Vinyl_scn.pdf] [http://www.greengluecompany.com/transmissionLossTests/OL05-0822_Report.pdf] whereas damped drywall such as QuietRock typically scores 50 to 55. [http://quietsolution.com/QR525_both_sides_wood_studs.pdf]

Some people can make their own CLD panels using various viscoelastic polymers available from several companies. [ [http://quietsolution.com/html/quietglue.html QuietGlue | Soundproofing Glue ] ] [ [http://www.greengluecompany.com Green Glue is your soundproofing and noise reduction material ] ] These glues can be spread at 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon per layer to improve the STC values of standard drywall and may be less expensive than engineered panels, especially with do-it-yourself (free) labor. For reference, according to multiple websites, QuietRock panels start at $39 retail (QuietRock 510) and viscoelastic polymers are available for about $65 per gallon. [ [http://www.greengluecompany.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16133&xid=f6df8429601bf0ebcdfbfb45bf20d4dc Green Glue Company, LLC :: Green Glue :: Green Glue ] ] [ [http://quietsolution.stores.yahoo.net/coququ.html QuietGlue, QuietSeal, QuietPutty ] ]

QuietRock panels are made from gypsum and polymers. Some models also have ceramic materials, and one model (530) uses thin metal to add a shear rating. Many are UL certified for fire rated assemblies. The company announced in 2008 it had shipped more than 1 million panels [ [http://www.businesswire.com/news/google/20080206005406/en Quiet Solution Ships 1,000,000th QuietRock Panel to Joie de Vivre Hotels ] ]

Quiet Solution was awarded a patent in early 2007 and subsequently sued Supress Products, started by a former employee, for patent infringement [ [http://www.prosalesmagazine.com/industry-news.asp?sectionID=420&articleID=454697 Maker of Soundproof Drywall Alleges Patent Infringement ] ] The suit was subsequently settled out of court.

Uses and availability

QuietRock and similar products are often used in projects that require soundproofing, such as hotels, hospitals, schools, condominium party walls and home theaters. There are several types of QuietRock, including a THX-certified version introduced in 2005 used to build walls rated to STC 80. [http://quietsolution.com/QR545_2X_both_sides_double_wd_stud_STC80.pdf]


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Acoustiblok, mass-loaded vinyl

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