Piers Butler, 18th Viscount Mountgarret

Piers James Richard Butler, 18th Viscount Mountgarret was born on 15 April 1961, the eldest son of Richard Henry Piers Butler, 17th Viscount Mountgarret and Gillian Buckley. He was educated at Eton College and St. Andrews University

He is understood to be the likely heir to the ancient Earldom of Ormonde (created 1328) as well as the 16th century Earldom of Ossory and title Chief Butler of Ireland (dormants since the death of the last Marquess of Ormonde), but has not proven his claim.

Marriages and children

* He married, firstly, with Laura Brown Gary Williams, daughter of Albert Dickens Williams, Jr, in 1995. He and Laura were divorced in 2000. They had two daughters:

# Hon. Alexa Stirling Hadley Butler (b.16 Feb 1997)
# Hon. Morgan Dickins Somerset Butler (b.14 May 1999)

* He married, secondly, with Fenella M. Fawcus (daughter of Mr and Mrs David Fawcus) on 30 December 2006. The marriage took place at St Leonard's Church, Keevil, Wiltshire.

ee also

* Earl of Ormonde (Irish)


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