Psyche (band)

Background information
Origin Edmonton, Canada
Genres Synthpop, Dark Wave, Electronica
Years active 1982–present
Labels Artofact, Accession, Metropolis
Associated acts Vanishing Heat, Inside
Website Official Site
Darrin C. Huss
Stefan Rabura
Past members
Stephen Huss
Dwayne R. Goettel
David Kristian
Per-Anders Kurenbach
Remi Szyszka
Niels Hesse

Psyche are a Canadian dark synthpop band, now based in Germany. They are centered on singer Darrin Huss, who has been the only constant member, with various line-ups including his brother Stephen Huss, later followed by David Kristian, Per-Anders Kurenbach, and Remi Szyszka, all recording albums with Darrin under the name Psyche.

Their best known songs to date are "Brain Collapses", "Unveiling the Secret", "Eternal", "Misery", "Tears", "Sanctuary", "Gods and Monsters", "15 Minutes", and a remake of the famous Q Lazzarus song "Goodbye Horses" made popular by the movie The Silence of the Lambs; as well as their cover version of Soft Cell's "Sex Dwarf".




Psyche was formed by brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss in Edmonton, Alberta. The band's debut performance was on December 13, 1982 with Dwayne Goettel on additional keyboards.

By 1983 the band name had officially become Psyche named after the B-Side of Killing Joke's "Wardance" single as well as being chosen for the meaning of the word. The first demo of songs contained the titles "Screaming Fire", "Wrench", " A Threat", and "Torture". When Psyche performed, they practically challenged the audience with the concept of what "entertainment" should be. Darrin became renowned for performing nude (except for being covered in shaving cream) while talk singing and shouting over the noises and sequences of his brother and Dwayne's. The performance idea was inspired by pictures seen of Fad Gadget in British Music magazines.

Psyche released a few demo cassettes in their early years, but didn't put out an official album of material until "Insomnia Theatre" was released independently in 1985.


After releasing their own self produced album, Psyche secured an international deal with New Rose Records out of Paris, France. With the addition of "Mr. Eyeball Ooze", "Wrench" and "On the Edge" to an updated mix of their original debut, Psyche's "Insomnia Theatre" was unleashed. Rave reviews in English press such as NME and Melody Maker, plus overseas record sales persuaded Psyche that it might be worth their while to try their luck in Europe. After releasing the 4-Track "Contorting the Image" E.P. with their lofty new track "Why Should I?", and the now-collector-priced 12" "Thundershowers", Psyche arrived in Paris to record their follow up album "Unveiling the Secret" in 1986.

To premiere the new recordings, Psyche had the honor of performing for nearly 2,000 psychotic-electro fans as the support of the world's first known synth duo, Suicide. A roaring success at Paris' Elysee Montmartre catapulted Psyche to grandiose levels, coupled with their biggest dance hit ever, "Unveiling the Secret". After the release of the second album, Unveiling the Secret, along with titles such as "Prisoner to Desire", "Black Panther", and "The Saint Became a Lush", Psyche achieved the European breakthrough that gave them the ability to go on a formal tour. They performed throughout France, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, and eventually Germany.

Psyche finished work on their third album "Mystery Hotel" to the European audience between 1987 and 1988. After the release of "Mystery Hotel", Psyche started gaining radio play. Later, they released two singles, "Uncivilized" and "Eternal", and later earned video play on several programs in Germany and France with the 16mm film clip to "Eternal".


As Stephen was diagnosed with schizophrenia, there was a pause in musical activity between Darrin and his brother. Briefly residing in Montreal, Canada, Darrin began experimenting in other musical areas, creating such diverse entities as the more industrial Vanishing Heat with Kevin Komoda Rational Youth, and the acoustic blues version of Marianne Faithfull's "Guilt" released later on the album "Strange Romance". Darrin teamed up with David Kristian to form a new Psyche albums "The Influence" and "Secret Angel". This recording introduced a whole new depth to Psyche's sound with samples created by David and was performed entirely on the Casio FZ1. It also began a long term relationship with the German label SPV Records. Although there was no single released, "Misery" made a lasting impression that still holds today, and was recently covered by the band "Lights of Euphoria" on their debut album. "The Influence" paved the way for a whole new revival of "gothic" atmospheres in electronic music. Its dark tone would occasionally pop up throughout Psyche's future recordings. Despite these thoughtful moods, Psyche's next album would re-introduce the group as innovators in electronic dance.

While Darrin decided to live on in Germany, David left to Montreal. A visit home to Waterloo in 1991 reunited the Huss brothers and produced "Daydream Avenue". A cornucopia of styles from the lush pop of "Angel Lies Sleeping", and "If You Believe" to the experimental "Ghost" and "Skywalking". While Stephen stayed in Canada, Darrin returned to tour Europe with German keyboarder Johannes Haeusler in support of England's legendary poetic artist Anne Clark. The tour brought Psyche to an even larger audience where they presented fans with a mix of new songs and their well known dance hits.

After experimenting with various techno mixes on the Psyche single "Angel Lies Sleeping" (with renowned remixer Mousse T), Darrin then made a single under the project name "Our Heaven". The song "Heaven In Pain" was written with the hope of reaching the dance charts, and establishing Darrin as a solo singer in his own right. It was remixed by Elektric Music, a team founded by Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk. Despite all this concentration on the revived trend in electronic dance, a cross over into the pop charts could not be foreseen, and Darrin took a creative pause to find himself again together with his brother Stephen and future Psyche developments.


In 1993 SPV Records had re-released the first two Psyche albums together on a special CD and a "best of" under the name "69 Minutes of History" collecting Psyche's most played songs from 1987–1991. The collection's release was meant to remind the electro scene of Psyche's achievements, and the time was ripe for a step in a new direction.

With 1994s "Intimacy" Psyche returned to release a masterful mix of short dramatic pieces under the productive eye of U.S. Mixer Joseph Watt (of Razormaid). The album included "Heaven in Pain" as a bonus for those who'd missed the single. With fascinating atmospheres and mature thought-provoking lyrics, Psyche received great notice for their continuing innovations. "Love is a Winter" a piano piece written by Mark Hessburg, a friend of Darrin's from Kassel became a concert favorite. "Peepshow" and "Blind" depicted the darker zones of love and sensuality, and "Freaks" set a new standard in sinister electronics. In this time period Psyche was on the edge of the next decade in their career surrounded by new groups, and a new generation of electro fans. Together with the German group De/vision, Darrin and various stage keyboarders took his Psyche to a new audience.

Feeling that there was no real powerful dance numbers on "Intimacy", Darrin decided to cover Soft Cell's legendary classic "Sex Dwarf". Showing Psyche's darker dance side, the "Private Desires" release became an exclusive retrospective of Psyche's early beginnings and included "Brain Collapses" live as well as the 'insider tip' "Secret Angel", as well as a previously unreleased "Until the Shadows" from Darrin's brother. The album presented the rare collaborations of Darrin and his brother, along with the collaborations of David Kristian and stage keyboarder Johannes Haeusler.

After the "Castle Party" concert in Poland meant to promote Psyche's releases there, Psyche made a small tour once again through Germany and appeared in various venues. This marked the end of a decade for Darrin, and after several collaborations with other artists for various label compilations, it was uncertain what might follow. Darrin was looking for a new keyboarder/composer to work with for the future of Psyche, since he would continue his career in Germany while Stephen remained in Canada.


While searching for new members, Darrin was approached as a vocalist to form a new group out of the ashes of the disbanded The Eternal Afflict. This group came to be called Inside and released its debut "Room Full of Mirrors" at the end of 1995. As the titles "Vampire" and "The Whip" became hits in the German electro scene, Inside began to appear at several festivals. Their aggressive sound and dark atmospheres came out as a perfect segue from Psyche's last release and brought Darrin to the audience of the 90's generation. Although Inside also released a second album "Beware", the band dissolved after touring in early 1999.


Despite uncertainty as to the future of Psyche, when Darrin did finally begin the next album with Per-Anders Kurenbach he changed his style to emphasize a friendlier, more upbeat sound. Well over a decade since its debut, Psyche transformed into a German/Canadian partnership between keyboarder Per-Anders Kurenbach and founder/singer Darrin Huss. The single "You Ran Away" with its wistful harmony and classy rhythms was simply an example of pure pop ecstasy! Also included for the serious collector was Psyche's cover version of the Q Lazzarus song "Goodbye Horses" made famous by the movie The Silence of the Lambs. Together with the release of "Strange Romance" at the end of 1996, Psyche created an accessible sound to bring listeners up to date with the personal events described in Darrin's lyrics. With "Tears" and already "Goodbye Horses" a guaranteed dancefloor favorite, this album found an appreciative audience as the latest incarnation of Psyche presented the songs live with a new found energy, and a maturity of experience.

After playing for the first time in Oslo, Norway and a return to Sweden, Psyche released a live video featuring highlights from their "Strange Romance" Tour. 1998 saw the beginning of a new record label partnership, and in June of that year Psyche released their eighth official album on the StrangeWays label out of Hamburg, Germany. The album "Love Among the Ruined" added a few more experimental touches to the pop side of Psyche's style, and solidified their following with the hits "Murder in Your Love", "Land of Broken Promises", and other new soon to be classics.

Later that same year, Psyche's history repeated itself when Gero Herrde from Synthetic Symphony/SPV requested that Psyche re-release their first two albums allowing for the chance to remaster the material , add historical early recordings, and update the design for the legendary "Insomnia Theatre" and "Unveiling The Secret" albums.

The winter of 1999 also brought a return to Göteborg, Sweden and Oslo, Norway for Psyche. Where newcomers Icon of Coil made their debut as support. Ending off the year was a PLUSWELT festival concert with the groups Mesh, Beborn Beton and Second Decay in Krefeld, Germany.

Despite their long time in the music business, Psyche proved once again with some newer selections "Assassin" and "Misguided Angels" that they remain unique and inspiring to both new and old generations of synth-pop fans.


At the beginning of 2000, Psyche signed to Art of Fact Records in North America. The specially-compiled release of "Misguided Angels" contained material from 1983 through 2000 as a re-introduction of Psyche back on their original continent. It contained the last material from Per-Anders Kurenbach, and Darrin as well as some rare mixes. In the meantime, Psyche 2000 had become Darrin Huss (Vocals, Sampling) and Remi Szyszka (Synths and Sound Design). The line-up presented itself throughout the year with new versions of old favourites and the song "Sanctuary". Psyche performed together with Invisible Limits on four occasions under the theme of "Legends United", and several concerts later PSYCHE found themselves supporting SPARKS (even more legendary) on three of their German dates—all without any further European releases.

The "new" Psyche made its debut on Accession Records with their "Sanctuary" CD Single released in April 2001. Psyche experienced a return to Paris where a performance was made at La Locomotive, 13 years after the original Psyche duo of Darrin and his brother Stephen stood on the same stage. Another highlight for the new Psyche was a concert in Olten, Switzerland. Psyche was only once in Switzerland as guests of Anne Clark in 1991, and this led to further surprises for Psyche as the year went on.


To present the ninth official Psyche album, the band appeared in concert in Bochum's Matrix and performed nearly all the new songs as well as some older works. The next day, Psyche was on flight to Barcelona in order to perform for the first time in Spain at the renowned KGB. By the end of the year more debuts were to follow resulting in Psyche's first performances in the USA, as well as a return to Darrin's hometown Waterloo, and a great concert at Toronto's DARK RAVE. Finally "The Hiding Place" charted fourth in the year-end Top 100 of the German Alternative Charts, just under Depeche Mode and New Order's latest releases of that time. Since no further singles were being released, Psyche began working on remixes of some of their favorite tracks for "The Hiding Place" as well as new material.

Psyche found themselves with a fantastic remix album featuring 4 smashing new tunes and some great versions of "Renegades", "The Hiding Place", and "Goodbye Horses". By the time "Endangered Species" was unleashed in April 2002, Psyche was already booked to be halfway around the world again with two more "first times": The Hague, Netherlands, and in the UK at INFEST. They also returned to Montreal, Canada, and Copenhagen, Denmark for the first concert in 10 years.


In early 2003, Psyche played a concert for another debut in Finland. An amazing reception was had at Tampere's Ground Zero, and then it was off to a special performance for the Electronic Music Lover's Society in Lund, Sweden with members of bands such as S.P.O.C.K. and Covenant coming to check out the performance. The year continued with several appearances leading up to the single release of "The Quickening". It was a massive 74 minute affair including remixes from Negative Format, and Technoir, as well as Per-Anders Kurenbach returning with his version of "Anonymous Skin" as an added bonus. Psyche topped off their summer with another first, their appearance at Germany's illustrious Wave-Gothic Festival. "Babylon Deluxe" was released in September 2003 and found its way in the German Alternative Top ten once again as Psyche found themselves on stages in Athens, Greece, London, and 3 dates in Spain.

By the end of the year, Psyche had also returned to Norway where they met Spektralized and joined the Accession Records labelmates with Diary of Dreams and Lights of Euphoria for an eleven-date tour through Germany with a stop in the Netherlands. By the end of the year, "Babylon Deluxe" had spawned further favorites in "X-Rated", "Gods and Monsters", "Edge of 17" and "Final Destination" which all were performed to the delight of the audience at Top Act in Zapfendorf on New Year's Eve.


This year saw the release of "X-Rated" as a limited CD single and a 12" vinyl with new versions of this song about internet porn reaching quite an eclectic audience of electronic music. Psyche returned to several Canadian concert dates with Ayria. Also Psyche signed a new North American album deal with US label Metropolis and released a new best of spanning 1991–2003 under the name of "Legacy".


"The 11th Hour", Psyche's 11th album, contains the following titles: "Bloodcurse", "Yearning", "Defenseless", "15 Minutes", "September Moon", "Until", "The Belonging Kind", "Justice And Damnation", "11th Hour", "Buried Alive", "Theme 7", and "Assassin Reprise". The songs are a dark soundtrack documenting the rites of passage through the netherworld of the soul. Recorded mainly with Darrin's previous collaborator Per-Anders Kurenbach, but including a farewell track with Remi Szyszka, and a guest appearance by Christian Wirsig, "The 11th Hour" finds Psyche rejuvenating all the elements that made them unique in the first place and garnering new fans and a Nr.1 position in the German Alternative Charts (DAC). Released through Accession Records in Europe, Metropolis Records in North America, and now Irond Records in Russia bringing Psyche more international recognition than ever before!

At the beginning of 2005, Psyche performed as special guest on Diary of Dreams European tour from February 4 through to March 5, followed by Psyche performing their first ever Romo Night, and a return to Nuclear Nation in Sweden on the same weekend at the end of March.

Psyche made their second appearance at Germany's prestigious Wave Gothic Festival. This time at Haus Auensee, the line-up included Per-Anders Kurenbach, and Stefan Rabura on keyboards, and an all new setlist adding "Unveiling The Secret", "Tears" and "The Sundial" to the mix of tracks from "The 11th Hour". In June there was an exclusive summer performance at the Moon Festival in Fredrikstad, Norway followed by Psyche taking part of the new, high profile Amphi-Festival in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Also the first time as headlining act at a Flag Promotions event in London, England. On August 26, Psyche performed a special live set of songs from their 80's releases at Neon Welt in Zwischenfall, Bochum. After joining Ayria in Cardiff, UK at the Interzone Festival and again performing in Sweden, Psyche returned for the 20th Anniversary of their career as well as that of the club Zwischenfall in Bochum!

Before the end of the year, Psyche had been back to Poland, played as part of the Endless Danse Macabre Festivals in the Netherlands, and Belgium as well as played for the first time ever in Australia. Psyche continues to be one of the longest lasting and unique dark synthpop acts since their debut 20 years ago.


After nearing the 25 year mark of Psyche's existence, a DVD collection documenting Psyche's appearances in every incarnation from 1983–2005 was released. Containing 23 tracks in all, with at least 1 song from every album ever released.

"Imaginary Life" officially arrived on May 26, 2006. It contains music videos and performances covering the very beginning from "The Crawler" on an Edmonton TV station in 1983 through to "Unveiling The Secret", "Misery","Sanctuary", "Goodbye Horses", and beyond. Plus an audio commentary track and bonus features such as Darrin and Stephen Huss being interviewed backstage in Sweden after their debut concert in Gothenburg in 1988.


Psyche began their European tour promoting their "Unveiling The Secret 2.0" CD – a collection of remixes/remakes of their famous 80's hit. Also on the release are 3 eclectic electronic tracks ranging from old style synthpop to trance, and electrorock. Collaborations with Russia's DJ Ram, and Germany's Bastards of Love appeared on tis release, as well as the artists own respective albums.

Psyche returned to Poland to perform for their dedicated fans in Lodz, as well as a return to Fredrikstad and Oslo, Norway. April & May were filled with dates in Germany, and the band continues to perform a selection of old and new as they travel to other European countries. From August until October Psyche performed in 5 different cities in Australia, followed by Auckland, New Zealand, their original home country of Canada, a one off concert at The Knitting Factory in New York, and finally two festivals in South Africa.


In February this year, Psyche released a limited Fan edition 7" single with exclusive vinyl mixes of "Disorder" and "Eternal (Live)". Returning with truly new material for the first time since the "Unveiling The Secret 2.0" EP and starting out 2008 with a collectors item.

To celebrate 25 years of their musical existence Psyche interpreted Joy Division's "Disorder" in a brand new style as an example of what to expect on their forthcoming album. As an added bonus, "Eternal" appears on the B-Side in the latest new acoustic oriented live performance freshly recorded on December 21, 2007 at Zeche Bochum in Germany. Individually hand numbered & limited to 500 copies.

Psyche went on to play at the 25th Dark Dance Treffen in Lahr, Germany, followed by a mini tour of the UK, ending in London at Gotham 9. Other concerts included Vienna, Austria, Heerlen in The Netherlands with Absolute Body Control. Psyche supported Claudia Brücken and Paul Humphries Onetwo in Frankfurt and Hamburg, Germany, then headed off for Poland, and as far away as Mexico (for the first time ever), Croatia, and Tampere, Finland's Lumous Festival.

A Digital EP with mixes of "Disorder" and a newly recorded version of "Goodbye Horses" was released on iTunes. (See External Links)


Psyche returned to play in Mexico for the 10th anniversary of Dada X. The recording of their debut performance from the year before was officially printed and released as "Noche Oscura (Live In Mexico)". Available for sale only at live concerts, and through the German mailorder service, Indietective Records.

Throughout the year Psyche performed several times in Germany, as well as a festival in Belgium, a date in Lyon, France, and then a performance for the first time ever as a five piece band at the 18th Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. This line up was then continued for their own festival with GoJa moon Rockah, and Nora Grain in Hamburg, as well as an Open Air date in Meschede, Germany. On July 7, Metropolis Records released a new compilation entitled Until The Shadows. This CD album was compiled and designed by Darrin Huss personally to represent the club oriented side to Psyche while including a rare 80s track and the final mix of "Disorder".

On July 24 Psyche performed at the 15th Castle Party in Bolkow, Poland. This was the first time Psyche had been at this particular festival since 2000. The reaction of the audience was overwhelming, and showed how well received Psyche has been with their Polish audience since they first performed in this country in 1992.


Psyche began their 28th year of existence performing selected dates as opener for Nitzer Ebb on their European Tour. Once again Psyche returned to Poland, and performed at Progresja in Warsaw on Feb. 12. Other dates included Hamburg (without Nitzer Ebb), Bochum, Zurich, and Munich. These dates were followed by a return to The Crypt in Oslo, Norway, and a first time ever concert in Stockholm, Sweden. 2010 saw the release of "Re-membering Dwayne" on Artoffact Records. This was a CD containing the material that Stephen, and his brother Darrin Huss recorded with Dwayne Goettel in Edmonton, Alberta before the time when Dwayne later would move to Vancouver and join Skinny Puppy. Two songs that Darrin had written with Andreas Küchenmeister in the early 90s were included in tribute. "Fragility", and "Nightmare" were never before released.

This year, Psyche continued to perform several joint concerts together with No More. The two bands had first met, and performed together at a Christmas concert in No More's hometown of Kiel on December. 26, 2009. 2010 dates included both bands appearing in Copenhagen, Denmark, and various German cities throughout the year. In between these joint dates, Psyche appeared with others at the Steelfactory Festival in Rostock in September, and the EBMfest in Toronto, Canada in October where singer Darrin Huss performed in a skeleton costume, and was joined by resident musician Glenn Love on keyboards.

The year ended for Psyche, together with No More and several other artists at a New Year's Eve concert under the name "Silence Of The Lambs Tribute" in Fribourg, Switzerland.


Psyche began 2011 with a recording session together with No More in order to create new joint material for both bands future releases. Psyche then went on a 3 date support tour with D.A.F. in March. At these events Psyche performed early 80s material including songs such as "Krieg" for the first time in 28 years. A special white vinyl edition of their "Insomnia Theatre" Box was offered in advanced sale of the release for these concerts.

In April, Psyche continued their alliance with No More and toured together throughout Italy where they appeared in several cities for the first time ever. Adding to the first time appearances was a festival in Nottingham, UK and No More's first time in Stettin, Poland, where Psyche had performed once 7 years previous.

Further collaborations in the studio, as well as continued joint performances of the two bands were performed in July at Hennesee Festival in Meschede, and scheduled for further locations in September.

A third tour in Australia for the end of October and beginning of November has been scheduled and announced on the band's website.


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