Almon Glenn Braswell

Almon Glenn Braswell was an American business owner who founded Gero Vita International Inc. He is most noted for being one of the 140 people pardoned in the Bill Clinton pardons controversy of January, 2001.

Criminal career

False treatment for baldness

In 1983, Braswell was convicted of mail fraud and perjury in relation to false claims about a baldness treatment and sentenced to three years in federal prison. He was later pardoned by Clinton in January 2001, on Clinton's last day in office.

IRS and FTC investigations

In 2003, Braswell was arrested again and charged with owing the Internal Revenue Service $10.5 million in taxes. His company Gero Vita has also been taken to court by the Federal Trade Commission. His activities have been documented for many years by Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch. [cite web|url=|author=Stephen Barrett, MD|title=Be Wary of Gero Vita, A. Glenn Braswell, and Braswell's 'Journal' of Longevity|accessdate=2007-02-12|publisher=Quackwatch]


Braswell (at age 63) was found dead Saturday, October 26, 2006 in his condo by his employees. The cause of Braswell's death has been labeled "unclassified pending more tests," according to the Miami-Dade medical examiner's office.


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