Clash (band)

Clash (band)
Origin Bangkok, Thailand
Genres Thai rock
Alternative rock
Nu metal (on Brainstorm albums)
Emo (on Emotion albums)
Years active 2001–2011
Labels UP G Record & DUCKBAR
Preeti Barameeanant (Bank)
Thanapon Rokesomput (Ponn)
Thapana Na Bangchang (Hack)
Sukrit Sripaoraya (Soom)
Anan Dapphetthikon (Yak)

Clash is a rock band from Thailand, It was founded in 2001 by Preeti Barameeanant (lead vocals), Thanapon Rokesomput (guitar), Thapana Na Bangchang (guitar), Sukrit Sripaoraya (bass), and Anan Dapphetthikon (drum). The band signed to UP G record in 2001 and up until now they have released 5 albums, 2 greatest hits albums, and 2 special acoustic albums.



The band first united as "Lucifer" in order to participate in the second and third Hot Wave Music Awards Contest. After winning the contest they signed a deal and joined UP G record (under the GMM Grammy records banner) in 2001, and changed their band name to "Clash" and released their first album "ONE". Their first single "Guad(Hug)" was a hit and lead the young band to success.

In February 2003 Clash went back to the studio and released their second album "Soundshake". The album had two hit singles "Ter Ja Yoo Gup Chun Dtalot Bai" and "Kor Chet Nam Dta". 2003 also Bank record a solo song "Nueng mitr chid klai" for the International hit Thai movie "Beautiful Boxer". Towards the end of 2003 Clash joined 6 other Grammy bands for 2 special rock albums under the banner "Little Rock Project", the albums also saw a spin off concert in November 2003 and success of the single "Aow pai luey!",which Clash recorded with the band Kala.

Then in 2004 they released their third album "Brainstorm" which fans praised and gave the album good reviews. 2004 also say Bank star in the Thai movie "Pun X Dek Sood Kua" along with long time friend and fellow singer Num, from the band Kala, the Movie featured the hit song Pleng ruk pun X, which saw release on the movies OST. At the end of 2004 GMM Grammy chose to end the year by releasing a special album to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The album featured Clash and 3 other bands (Kala, AB Normal and Potato) sing some of the greatest hits from Grammy's 20 years, the Album was titled "Pack-4". Artists such as Loso, Silly Fools and Asanee Wasan were covered by the young bands. Clash covered songs made famous by Joe & Kong, Y-Not-7 and Maew Jirasak Panpoom.

January 2005 saw Clash join the other Pack-4 bands for the hit spin-off concert "Pack 4 Freedom Romantic Rock". In the October 2005, they released their fourth album "Emotion" which includes the hit single "Lakorn Luk Tae" and is accompany with three other singles like "Sop Tee Ogk Chun", "Pleng Peua Seau", and "Fai Ruk".

March 2006 saw them release a second acoustic album and on March 11 they finally held their very own first concert. July saw them release their 2nd Greatest hits Album. The hit song "Naang Fa Kon Derm" was the official theme song of Andrew Gregson's first directed lakorn call " Sa Doot Ruk" starring Andrew Gregson and Buachompoo Ford. In October 2006 they release a new single call "Kaang Ka". On November 25, 2006, they release their 5th album call Crashing and their first single Kaang Ka is already topping music charts in Thailand.

Recently, Bank revealed that his mom was seriously ill and was suffering from a chromosome condition, which was affecting her white blood cells to the point where she could not walk. This condition may develop eventually into leukemia. Due to his motjer's illness, Bank attempted to make money in order to pay for the treatment of his dearly loved mother. So far, Bank has paid millions for her treatment; to the point where he has to take his mother to the hospital for blood transfusions everyday. "I feel 100x times more pain than my mother. When I am with her and see her beautiful smile, it gives me the inspiration and the strength to keep fighting for her. Nowadays, every penny I make is for the usage of my mother’s treatment. I don’t know to what amount it's going to cost, but whatever it is, I will try and make it so that my mother will be better again.” said Bank when he was interviewed on the Thai TV Talk Show "Bangkok Rama". Bank's mother died approximately a year ago. The song, "Wung Won" is dedicated to her.

As of July 2010, Clash has declared that they will be disbanding the group, to pursue their own personal interests and that the disbandment was not due to any internal conflicts. Their last song, titled "Pleng Sut Tai" or "The Last Song", includes their fans singing during the chorus. A farewell concert, "Clash Rebirth The Final Concert", is set for the band on April 30.

Current members are (nickname in parenthesis)

  • Preeti Barameeanant (Bank): vocals
  • Thanapon Rokesomput (Ponn): guitar
  • Thapana Na Bangchang (Hack): guitar
  • Sukrit Sripaoraya (Soom): bass
  • Anan Dapphetthikon (Yak): drum


Studio albums

  • Album One (2001)
  • Soundshake (2003)
  • Brainstorm (2004)
  • Emotion (2005)
  • Flying (Rately Change Album name to Crashing) (2006)
  • Rock of Ages (2008)
  • Nine Miss U 2 (2010)

Acoustic albums

  • Soundcream (2003: Special Acoustic Album)
  • Smooth Clash (2006: Special Acoustic Album)
  • Fan (2007: Special Album)

Side project albums

  • Little Rock Project Part 1 and 2 (2003 Special GMM Grammy Album)
  • Pun X Dek Sood Kua: OST (2004)
  • Pack-4 Part 1 and 2 (2004 Special GMM Grammy Anniversary Album)

Compilation albums

  • Crazy Clash (2004: Greatest hits from 2001–2004)
  • Very Clash (2006: Very best Album)

Live concerts

  • Funsize Friday: Rock Size S Concert (2003 Live Concert VCD)
  • Pack 4 Freedom Romantic Rock (2005 Live Concert Album and VCD)
  • First Clash (2006 Concert VCD)
  • Clash Army Rock Concert (2007 Concert VCD & DVD)
  • Clash Army Rock Concert 2 (2009)
  • Clash USA Tour (2009)
  • Clash Rebirth The Final Concert (2011)


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