Gilberto Govi

Gilberto Govi (born Amerigo Armando Gilberto Govi, Genoa 22 October 1885; died 28 April 1966) was an Italian actor, founder of the Genoese Dialectal Theatre.

His greatest successes were "I manezzi pe majâ na figgia" (I maneggi per maritare una figlia, The handlings for make a daughter married), "Pignasecca e Pignaverde" (Dry-Pinecone and Green-Pinecone) and "Colpi di Timone" (Rudder Blows). Also famous in Italy, especially Genoa and Liguria, are "Quello buonanima", "Gildo Peragallo, ingegnere" (Gildo Peragallo, engineer), "I Gustavino e i Passalacqua" (The Gustavinos and the Passalacquas) and "Sotto a chi tocca" (Who's the next?).


"I MANEZZI PE MAIA NA FIGGIA" (Maneggi per Maritare una Figlia - Manhandlings to Get a Daughter Married)

One of the most famous the goviane plays, it's remarkably played by the cast with optimal comedic timing, especially and undoubtably by real life and on stage couple Gilberto Govi and Rina Govi, the two having great chemistry together. Probably the best of the plays which survived on video, it's one of the most memorable characters played by Govi, and seems to never age, although it turns around a society that has been way outdated.


"PIGNASECCA E PIGNAVERDE" (Pignasecca e Pignaverde -Dry-Pinecone and Green-Pinecone)

Seeing it as a play is much better then the movie made from it, which still stars Govi but has serious directing faults Che Tempi (What Times!), it makes for a good watching, as Govi takes on the legendary cheapness of Genoese people. Watching Govi and supporting player Luigi Dameri almost battling it out to see who is the cheapest out of the two is priceless. It also, however, holds a dramatic background of emigration that is not to be taken for granted.

----"CURPI DE TIMMOUN" (Colpi di Timone - Rudder Blows)

It's the least funny out of the surviving goviane plays, however, this is not to be held against it, because as never before, this play has more drama, a twisty plot and the character of Govi, that shows what study and precision the Genoese actor undertook to make his character memorably come to life. It even woks as a movie, in the omonimous film starring Govi himself.


QUELLO BUONANIMA (Quello Buonanima - That Blessed Soul)

Funny, somewhat dark comedy as it fiddles with the idea of the dead laughing at the living. Govi again is remarkable, in top shape, as one of his most memorable characters, and the support from Luigi Dameri is incredible once again. Not only is the comedy sublime, but there is also an unraveling plot that shows how well these plays were written.


GILDO PERAGALLO INZEGNE' (Gildo Peragallo Ingeniere - The Engineer Gildo Peragallo)

A perfect example of how well these plays were written as well as performed. In this case, again we see a great performance from Govi, and again, great suppost by Dameri, who seems to be the best supporting player to go with Govi. We also get a cameo from Rina Govi. But what strikes are the unvraveling twists that take place in an apparently simple plot, the complications and the way that these catch our attention. It's one of the longest plays that survived, but by the time it's over, it's overly satisfying.


SOUTTO A CHI TOUCCA (Sotto a Chi Tocca - Who's Next)

Beautiful characterisation. It's clear that as usual the star is Govi, who plays one of three brothers. But in the end, we realise that all three brothers have an amusing characteristic that really draws out attention. Govi plays the near blind superstitious but honest fella, Dameri plays the overly religious man who wants to become a monk and Renni plays the older brother who is all tough and charismatic. Again, it's very well written and entertaining from start to end,a dn again, has an amusing message, a morale that makes you think.


some of the best lines translated from geonese Italian to English

STEVA (Govi) - (Uncomfortably, doesn't know how to start the conversation that will end with him teling his nephew Cesarino that he won't be allowed to marry his daughter) "Good man, Cesarino..., who came to the, what beautiful...pants you got, what beautiful coloured pants"CESARINO - But "Barba" I've had these since last year.STEVA - hadn't noticed...well, good man Cesarino...who came to the countryside...with last year's pants..."

"barba" - Uncle in genoese dialect

"Taken from Manezzi pe maja na figgia"


GILDO PERAGALLO - "I have a sixth sense, I'm a phenomenon!"

"Taken from Gildo Peragallo Inzegne"

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