List of Welsh people

List of Welsh people

List of Welsh people is a list of notable Welsh people alphabetically within categories.

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Artists and designers

*Laura Ashley (1925–1986), designer
*Jeff Banks (born 1943), fashion designer
*Richard Deacon (born 1949), sculptor
*David Emanuel (born 1952), fashion designer
*John Gibson (1790–1866), Neoclassical sculptor
*Nina Hamnett (1890–1956), painter and writer
*James Dickson Innes (1887–1914), painter
*Augustus John (1878–1961), painter
*Gwen John (1876–1939), painter
*William Goscombe John (1860–1952), sculptor
*Owen Jones (1809-1874), architect and designer
*Thomas Jones (1742–1803), landscape painter
*Julien MacDonald (born 1971), fashion designer
*Cedric Morris (1889–1982), painter
*John Nash (1752–1835), architect
*Peter Prendergast (1946–2007), landscape painter
*Ceri Richards (1903–1971), painter
*Andrew Vicari (born 1938), painter
*Christopher Williams (1873–1934), painter
*Kyffin Williams (1918–2006), landscape painter
*Owen Williams (calligrapher) (born 1973) artist and critic
*Clough Williams-Ellis (1883–1978), architect
*Richard Wilson (c. 1713–1782), landscape painter

Business people





*Marc Evans (born 1963), film director
* Sir Anthony Hopkins. Actor. Born 1937, Port Talbot.
*Peter Greenaway (born 1942), film director
*Craig Handley (born 1977), film director
*Richard Marquand (1938–1987), film director, Director of Star Wars Episode VI- Return of the Jedi.
*Andrew Jones (born 1983), film director
*Sara Sugarman film director
*Terry Jones. Comedian, screenwriter and actor, film director, children's author, popular historian, political commentator and TV documentary host. Born 1942, Colwyn Bay.
*Ray Milland
*Endaf Emlyn
*Paul Turner
*Christopher Monger
*Karl Francis
*Andrew Grieve
*Kevin Allen
*Julian Richards



Journalists and broadcasters


Military men and women

*Wilfred Bailey, 3rd Baron Glanusk of Crickhowell in Powys, served in World War II
*John Brayley, Baron Brayley (1917–1977), Welsh life peer who served as a British Army officer
*Henry Bruce, 2nd Baron Aberdare fought in World War I
*Clarence Bruce, 3rd Baron Aberdare, awarded GBE also fought in World War I
*Morys Bruce, 4th Baron Aberdare awarded KBE after serving in World War II, later active politician and Privy Councilor.
*Edward Thomas Chapman Victoria Cross recipient in World War II
*Malcolm Douglas-Pennant, 6th Baron Penrhyn (1908–2003), awarded MBE after the invasion of Sicily in World War II
*Dafydd Gam, Welsh warrior at the Battle of Agincourt.
*Morrice James, Baron St Brides (1916–1989), Lieutenant Colonel Royal Marines in World War II, and diplomat
*Robert Jones (VC) a Rorke's Drift VC
*T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), soldier
*Hubert William Lewis (VC), winner of the Victoria Cross
*John Wallace Linton (VC) VC (Royal Navy Commander)
*Thomas Monaghan (VC) Victoria Cross recipient during the Indian Mutiny
*Godfrey Morgan, 1st Viscount Tredegar, Battle of Balaclava and philanthropist
*George Paget, 7th Marquess of Anglesey gained the rank of Major in the service of the Royal Horse Guards (Blues)
*Simon Weston (born 1961), soldier and broadcaster
*John Williams (VC), born John Fielding, a Rorke's Drift VC
*Roger Williams (c. 1537 – 1595) (soldier)
*Sir Thomas Picton (1758-1815) (general) died at Waterloo, born in Pembrokeshire




*Gruffudd ap Cynan
*Gruffudd ap Llywelyn
*Hywel Dda
*King Edward II of England
*King Henry V of England
*King Henry VII of England
*Llywelyn ap Gruffudd
*Llywelyn Fawr
*Maelgwn Gwynedd
*Owain Glyndŵr
*Owain Gwynedd




See Welsh Peers




*Aneirin (6th century), poet
*Brynach, {1873-1923), poet and writer
*Cynddelw Brydydd Mawr (fl.1155-1200), medieval poet
*Dafydd ap Gwilym, (fl. 1320-1370), medieval poet
*Geraint Bowen, (born 1915), poet
*David Charles, (1762-1834), hymn-writer
*Gillian Clarke, poet
*W. H. Davies, (1877-1940), poet and writer
*Ann Griffiths, (1776-1805), hymn-writer
*Hedd Wyn (1887-1917), poet killed in the Second Battle of Ypres
*George Herbert, (1593-1633), poet
*Iolo Goch, medieval poet
*Isaac Daniel Hooson, (1880-1948), poet
*Evan James, (1809-1878), poet and co-author of the Welsh national anthem
*D. Gwenallt Jones, (1899-1968), poet
*Gwyneth Lewis, National Poet of Wales
*Saunders Lewis, (1893-1985), poet, playwright and politician
*Lewis Morris, (1701-1765), poet and antiquarian
*Twm Morys (1961- ), poet and musician
*Goronwy Owen, (1723-69), poet
*Taliesin (6th centry), poet
*Dylan Thomas (1914-1953), poet and playwright
*Edward Thomas, (1878-1917), poet
*R. S. Thomas, (1913-2000), poet
*John Tripp (1927-1986), poet
*Henry Vaughan, (1621-1695), poet
*Harri Webb, {1920-1994), poet, republican and Welsh nationalist
*Waldo Williams, (1904-1971), poet
*William Williams Pantycelyn, (1717-1791), hymn-writer

Politicians and activists

*Aneurin Bevan (1897-1960), Labour Party politician, founder of the National Health Service
*Julian Cayo-Evans (1937–1995), leader of the Free Wales Army
*Dic Penderyn (1808–1831), leading figure in the Merthyr Rising
*Dafydd Elis-Thomas (1946- ), Plaid Cymru politician
*T. E. Ellis (1859–1899), Liberal Party politician
*Gwynfor Evans (1912-2005), first Plaid Cymru MP
*John Frost (1784–1877), Chartist
*Julia Gillard (1961-), Deputy Prime Minister of Australia
*Button Gwinnett (1735-1777), signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence
*Michael Heseltine (1933-), Conservative Party politician
*Geoffrey Howe (1926-), Conservative politician
*Geraint Howells (1925-2004), Liberal Democrat politician
*Billy Hughes (1862-1952), Welsh speaking Prime Minister of Australia
*Roy Jenkins (1977-1980), Labour politican and author
*Neil Kinnock (1942-), Labour politician
*Francis Lewis (1713-1803), signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence
*David Lloyd George (1863-1945), Liberal Prime Minister
*Rhodri Morgan (1939-), Labour First Minister for Wales
*Lewis Morris (1671-1746), chief justice of New York, Governor of New Jersey and grandfather of Lewis Morris (1726-1798), signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence
*George Thomas (1909-1997), Labour politician
*Dafydd Wigley (born 1943), Plaid Cymru politician

Religious leaders

*Saint David, (died 601?), religious leader
*Christmas Evans (1766–1838), Baptist preacher
*Geoffrey of Monmouth, Medieval bishop and historian
*Howell Harris, (1714–1773), leader in the Welsh Methodist revival
*William Morgan, (1545–1604) translator of the Bible into Welsh
*Vavasor Powell (1617–1670), non-conformist leader
*Evan Roberts (1878–1950), preacher in the Welsh Methodist revival
*Daniel Rowland, (1713–1790), leader in the Welsh Methodist revival
*William Salesbury, (c.1520–1584?) translator of the New Testament into Welsh
*Rowan Williams, (born 1950), Archbishop of Canterbury (appointed 2003, served as Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Monmouth in the disestablished Church in Wales prior to appointment)

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ports people


Trade union leaders

*Clive Jenkins (1926–1999)
*James Henry Thomas (1874–1949)
*Moss Evans (1925–2002)


For Welsh writers, see::"See
*List of Welsh writers
*List of Welsh language authors
*List of Welsh language poets (6th century to c.1600)

Other notables

*Prince Madog, traditionally said to have discovered America in 1170
*Helen Adams (born 1978), runner-up in Big Brother 2001.
*Michael Bogdanov (born 1938), theatre director
*Rees Davies (1938–2005), historian
*Russell T Davies, television producer and writer ("Queer as Folk" (UK TV series), Doctor Who)
*Robert Edwards (died 1762), Buccaneer, Manhattan landowner
*Timothy John Evans (1924–1950), due to a miscarriage of justice hanged for murdering his wife and daughter, subsequently pardoned
*George Jeffreys (1648–1689), hanging judge
*Ernest Jones (1879–1958), psychoanalyst
*Grenfell Jones (1934–2007), cartoonist
*Isabel Ice (born 1982), pornographic actress
*Eifion Lewis (born 1983), philanthropist
*Walter Map (c. 1137 – 1209), medieval raconteur
*Howard Marks International drug smuggler and author
*Angus McBean (1904–1990), photographer
*Henry Morgan (c. 1635 – 1688), privateer
*Ivor Novello (1895-1951), composer, singer and actor
*Robert Owen (1771–1858), social reformer
*Dr William Price, eccentric physician
*Rachel Rice (born 1984), winner of Big Brother 2008.
*Bartholomew Roberts (1682–1722) pirate (Black Bart or Barti Ddu)
*William Salesbury (c. 1520 – c. 1600), lexicographer, phonetician and comparative linguist
*Imogen Thomas (born 1982), Former Miss Wales and Big Brother 2006 Contestant
*Glyn Wise (born 1988), runner-up on Big Brother 2006.
*Laura Williams a nanny and contestant in Big Brother 2007.
*Thomas Wynne (surgeon) - Quaker and friend of William Penn

People born outside Wales regarded as Welsh

*Frank Brangwyn (1867–1956), painter. Born in Bruges, Belgium
*Joe Calzaghe boxer. Born 1972, Hammersmith, London, England. Current IBF and WBO (20 Defences) Super-Middleweight World Title holder.
*Alexander Cordell. Novelist. Born 1914, Ceylon. Died 1997, Llangollen.
*John Dee writer. Born 1527, London, England into a Welsh family.
*Marion Eames (1921 - 2007), writer born in Birkenhead, England. Died in Dolgellau
*Robert Earnshaw. International footballer. Born 1981, Zambia.
*David Lloyd George. Politician, statesman and Prime Minister(1863–1945). Born Manchester, England.
*James Henry Govier A.R.C.A. (1910-1974) Painter, etcher and engraver of The Swansea School.
*Richard Hughes (1900–1976), novelist, was born in Weybridge, Surrey, England.
*David Jones (1895–1974), artist and poet. Born in Brockley, Kent, England
*Jonah Jones (1919-2004), sculptor, letter-carver and calligrapher
*Geraint Jones (born 1976), cricketer, born in Papua New Guinea
*Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru politician. Assembly Member for Llanelli. Born 1960, Colchester, England.
*Vinnie Jones Footballer and actor. Born 1965, Watford, England.
*Jackie Lewis Formula one driver
*Saunders Lewis (1893–1985), playwright and literary critic, born in Wallasey, England.
*Richard Llewellyn. (1907–1983), novelist. Born Hendon, London, England.
*Rupert Moon international rugby player. Born 1968, Walsall, England.
*Jan Morris writer. Born 1926, Clevedon, England.
*David Park golfer
*Dafydd Wigley, politician and former president of Plaid Cymru. Born 1943, Derby, England.
*Ivor Williams (1908–1982), artist
*Sian Williams, television presenter, born in London, England.

People of other nationalities born in Wales

*Ian Hislop. English writer, editor and broadcaster. Born 1960, Mumbles to a Scottish father and Channel Islands mother.
*Christian Bale. English actor. Born 1974, Haverfordwest to English parents.

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*100 Welsh Heroes
*List of Welsh Americans
*List of people by nationality

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