3 Melpa language

Melpa language

Spoken in Papua New Guinea
Region Mount Hagen District, Western Highlands Province
Native speakers 130,000  (1991)
Language family
Trans–New Guinea
Writing system Latin
Language codes
ISO 639-3 med

Melpa (also written Medlpa) is a Papuan language spoken by about 130,000 people predominantly in Mount Hagen and the surrounding district of Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

Melpa has a voiceless velar lateral fricative, written double-barred L, l. It is notable for its binary counting system.

Decimal Medlpa Interpretation
1 tenda "one"
2 ragl "two"
3 ragltika "twone"
4 tembokak "four"
5 pömp tsi gudl "one past four"
6 pömp ragl gudl "two past four"
7 pömp ragltika gudl "twone past four"
8 engak "eight"
9 pömp tsi pip "one past eight"
10 pömp ragl pip "two past eight"

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