Colour Index International

Colour Index International is a reference database jointly maintained by the Society of Dyers and Colourists and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. It was first printed in 1925 but is now published exclusively on the web. The index serves as a common reference database of manufactured colour products and is used by manufacturers and consumers, such as artists and decorators.

Colorants (both dyes and pigments) are listed according to Colour Index Generic Names and Colour Index Constitution Numbers. These numbers are prefixed in Brazil and various other countries with C.I. or CI, for example, CI 15510. This abbreviation is sometimes thought to be CL, due to the font used to display the information. A detailed record of products available on the market is presented under each Colour Index reference. For each product name, Colour Index International lists the manufacturer, physical form, and principal uses, with comments supplied by the manufacturer to guide prospective customers.

For manufacturers and consumers, the availability of a standard classification system for pigments is helpful because it resolves conflicting historic, proprietary, and generic names that have been applied to colours.

Colour index numbers

The colour index numbers are grouped to ranges according to the chemical structure.

Structure Range Category
Nitroso 10000-10299
Nitro 10300-10999
Monoazo 11000-19999 Category:Azo dyes
Diazo 20000-29999 Category:Azo dyes
Stilbene 40000-40799
Diarylmethane 41000-41999 Category:Diarylmethane dyes
Triarylmethane 42000-44999 Category:Triarylmethane dyes
Xanthene 45000-45999
Acridine 46000-46999 Category:Acridine dyes
Quinoline 47000-47999 Category:Quinoline dyes
Methine 48000-48999
Thiazole 49000-49399 Category:Thiazole dyes
Indamine 49400-49699
Indophenol 49700-49999 Category:Indophenol dyes
Azine 50000-50999 Category:Azin dyes
Oxazine 51000-51999 Category:Oxazin dyes
Thiazine 52000-52999 Category:Thiazin dyes
Aminoketone 56000-56999
Anthraquinone 58000-72999 Category:Anthraquinone dyes
Indigoid 73000-73999
Phthalocyanine 74000-74999 Category:Phthalocyanines
Inorganic pigments 77000-77999 Category:Inorganic pigments

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