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Rugby Pro D2

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Rugby Pro D2, also known as Pro D2 is the second level of domestic club rugby union in France, below the first division, Top 14. The competition was introduced in 2000. There is relegation and promotion between both the Top 14 and Fédérale 1, the third-level competition. The top club at the end of the season is automatically promoted to the Top 14; the 2nd through 5th place teams play each other for the second promotion place.

The bottom two are automatically relegated to Fédérale 1. The bottom two clubs of the Top 14 and the top two of Fédérale 1 then enter the Rugby Pro D2 for the next season. There are 30 rounds in the regular season, with each team playing each other team home and away. The two halves of the season are played in the same order, with the away team in the first half of the season at home in the second half. The semi-finals and final take place in May, with the second- and third-place teams hosting the semi-finals and the final taking place at a predetermined site. At present, 16 clubs compete in the competition.

All promotions are contingent on passing a postseason financial audit required for all clubs. Also, if a club above the bottom two places fails the audit, it may be relegated in the place of a club that would otherwise have been relegated.

Current teams

(2008-09 season)

SC Albi were scheduled to play in Top 14 in 2008-09, but were forcibly relegated to Rugby Pro D2 due to financial irregularities. Dax, which had finished the 2007-08 season second from bottom, received a reprieve from relegation. SC Albi tried to appeal the decision to the FFR, but were unsuccessful.


* 2001 Montauban
* 2002 Mont-de-Marsan
* 2003 Montpellier
* 2004 Auch
* 2005 Toulon
* 2006 Montauban
* 2007 Auch
* 2008 Toulon


* 2008-09 Rugby Pro D2 season
* 2007-08 Rugby Pro D2 season
* 2006-07 Rugby Pro D2 season
* 2005-06 Rugby Pro D2 season
* 2004-05 Rugby Pro D2 season
* 2003-04 Rugby Pro D2 season
* 2002-03 Rugby Pro D2 season
* 2001-02 Rugby Pro D2 season
* 2000-01 Rugby Pro D2 season

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* Ligue Nationale de Rugby
* Rugby union in France

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