Rictor Norton

Dr. Rictor Norton (born 1945) is an American scholar of literary and cultural history, particularly gay history. He is based in London, England.


Rictor Norton was born in New York on June 25, 1945. He gained a BA from Florida Southern College in 1967, and a PhD from Florida State University in 1972. His doctoral dissertation was on homosexual themes in English Renaissance literature. He worked as an instructor at Florida State University from 1970-72, where he taught a course on gay and lesbian literature in 1971, one of the earliest gay courses in the United States. He was an active member of the Gay Liberation Front from 1971-72, and was involved in campaigning for the repeal of Florida's sodomy statute.

In 1973, he moved to London, UK, where he has lived since, working as a journalist, publisher, researcher and freelance scholar. He worked as a research editor for the fortnightly London new journal, ["Gay News] "] , from 1974 to 1978. He wrote articles on gay history and literature for publications such as "Gay Sunshine" and "The Advocate" throughout the 1970s, and for Gay Times later. In December 2005 he formed a civil partnership with his partner of nearly thirty years.


Norton's first book grew out of his PhD thesis on homosexuality in English Renaissance Literature. It was published as "The Homosexual Literary Tradition" (1972).

Norton has published academic articles in "Renascence", "American Imago", "Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature", the "London Journal", etc. He has also contributed to "Sex Doctors and Sex Crimes", a contributor of entries to "Who's Who in Gay & Lesbian History" (Routledge, 2001) and a contributor to the "Oxford Dictionary of National Biography".

His recent work includes "Mother Clap's Molly House" (1992; 2nd edition 2006), a history of the Molly House in England, and "The Myth of the Modern Homosexual", a critique of social constructionism and the Foucauldian model of sexuality. His work "My Dear Boy" (1998) edits sixty sets of love letters from men to other men throughout history, from Ancient Rome to Twentieth-century America.


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