Monsters in Mahou Sentai Magiranger

In Mahou Sentai Magiranger, Branken and Meemy call upon a large assortment of creatures to fight the Magirangers.

Hades Beasts

The nihongo|Underground Hades Beasts|冥獣|Meijū are the first wave of monsters that fight the Magirangers, send by Branken to kill humans in hopes that one of their victims is Lunagel, whose death would open the gate. The first three were naturally giant, but the rest were human-sized when first depicted. When these human-sized Hades Beasts are killed, Wolzard used a spell that resurrects the monsters and makes them grow. They emerged onto the surface through a Madou Circle.


nihongo|Troll|トロル|Tororu|1: A Hades Beast the size of a two-story building, playing a part in the Ozu Siblings learning the truth of their family as their mother froze the beast with her powers and shattered him. Another Troll appears later on (this one wearing different clothing than the first) and was killed by the Magirangers with the Five Fantastic Kick. However, the monster later revived with the MagiKing power Wolzard gave it prior to the fight, using the power to become the nihongo|Stone Troll|ストーントロル|Sutōn Tororu|9, with powers similar to MagiKing itself. It was just about to finish the Majin off with its own Magical Climax when Kai arrived on Barikion and distracted the monster. He was finally killed by FireKaiser and the powers of MagiKing were returned to the Magirangers. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Troll was listed as "Troll the strong arm" and the Stone Troll was listed as "Stone Troll, strong as stone".


nihongo|Blob|ブロブ|Burobu|2: A giant Hades Beast with a need to feed constantly who devours Kai, Makito, and Urara, only to sneeze them out thanks to Houka before the Blob was killed by the MagiMajin. In Stage 17, Branken was infuriated with the Nightmare sisters at failing to kill the Lunagel and attempted to feed them to a Hades Beast that looked like a purple colored version of Blob until Wolzard intervened. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Blob was listed as "Blob the Glutton".


nihongo|Worm|ワーム|Wāmu|3: A huge, eight-headed worm-like creature (similar to Orochi) that could travel underground and attack on command by a High Zobil to eat humans. But once its tamer is killed, the Worm surfaces to run amok until it was killed by MagiPhoenix and MagiDragon. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Worm was listed as "Worm the soil eater".


nihongo|Cockatrice|コカトリス|Kokatorisu|4: A Hades Beast that turned people into a statues which it eats at its leisure. Its wings resembled a pair of dragon heads. After it turned Urara into a statue, Kai used his sister's mirror to inspire himself in the next battle to turn the monster's attack against it. After forming a giant mirror out of the ground to reflect Cockatrice's petrification attack back at itself, Kai used his Red Fire attack and shattered the petrified Cockatrice into many stone pieces. Wolzard used his dark magic to resurrect the monster and enlarge it. This Hades Beast was the first to be killed by MagiKing. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Cockatrice was known as "Cockatrice the feet scratcher".


nihongo|Mimic|ミミック|Mimikku|5: Nai & Mea's pet Hades Beast, a insect Hades Beast that is able to take on a taxi-like form. Its loyalty to the Nightmare Sisters was used against it when Houka took on the disguise of Vancuria and lured the monster into a trap she and the others set up, resulting with it being killed by MagiKing. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Mimic was listed as "Mimic, the forbidden box that must never be opened" before sighing sadly, remembering their pet.


nihongo|Fungus|ファンガス |Fangasu|7: A mushroom-based monster who can shoot spore gases from its body at its victims. Those affected will suffer effects starting with a slowdown of their movement leading to a lingering death, whereupon they crumble into a pile of dust. Killed by the MagiMajin. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Fungus was listed as "Fungus, who laughs within the fog".


nihongo|Manticore|マンティコア|Mantikoa|8: A Hades Beast who can make people dance against their will so that he could eat them once they were exhausted. He had a fascination with Urara and Houka, targeting their brothers. He was defeated by the girls when they perform their "Magical Sisters Dance" attack, later killed by MagiDragon. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Manticore was listed as "Manticore the eater of Dancers".


nihongo|Specter|スペクター|Supekutā|10: A Hades Beast sealed in a jar, it usually enter a person to turn him into a ravenous monster before eating the host from the inside out. But while High Zobil intended to have it possess a human it captured, the Magirangers' interference resulted the Specter possessing Petit Eriko, a cactus given to Makito by Eriko, a woman he was in love with. In spite of a different host, Specter uses Petit Eriko to eat humans before MagiKing managed to extract the Specter out of Petit Eriko and destroy it. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Specter was listed as "Specter the possessor".


nihongo|Leech|リーチ|Rīchi|11: A special Hades Beast used by Nai & Mea when they posed as the rock band "Bloody Nightmare Sunday", sucking the blood out of people through its tendrils to turn them into vampires, while Nai & Mea hypnotized them. Nai & Mea's plan was to have Leech's vampirized victims stay and watch the sunrise, killing them all. Though defeated by the Magirangers, Leech was able to make itself grow giant. Once it was killed by MagiKing, all its victims returned to normal. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Leech was listed as "Servant of the dark night, Leech", whereupon they suggested that they throw themselves another concert.

The Three Solitary Confinement Hades Beasts

The nihongo|Three Solitary Confinement Hades Beasts|蟲毒房三冥獣|Kodokubō Sanmeijū were stronger types of Hades Beasts, held within the Infershia Underground Hades dungeons where they were the sole survivors of a battle to the death against their fellow prisoners. As a result of being special cases like Vancuria, the three Hades Beasts can travel to the surface on their own whim and enlarge themselves without Wolzard's magic. Branken unleashed them to look for the "Key" to unsealing the Hades Gate so he could emerge on the surface and become the new ruler of the Infershia.

*nihongo|Ogre|オーガ|Ōga|13: The third strongest Solitary Confinement Hades Beast, he wielded a long club as his weapon as he overwhelmed the siblings with his strength and speed, though he was killed by MagiKing with only his club remaining. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Ogre was listed as "With peerless superhuman strength, the horned helmet Ogre".

*:The second strongest Solitary Confinement Hades Beast to go after the "Key", a hyena-like beast with spikes on its back and metal boxing gloves. Wolzard acknowledged the monster as a warrior, for its "Snake Punch" where it extended its arms to strike enemies from a great distance, and its finishing move is the "Megaton Punch" where Ghoul assaults his opponent with immense strength. While strong, its weak point was its stomach as MagiYellow realized before he and Ghoul injured each other and withdraw to continue the fight at a later time. Branken sought to strengthen Ghoul by striking its stomach ten-thousand times with Ogre's club, in order to give it Ogre's power and ferocity as well as ensure his stomach is no longer a weak point. Ghoul died at the hands of Kai using the new MagiPunch gloves, using them to fatally K'O Ghoul with a super flaming punch. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Ghoul was listed as "Ghoul with the Giant arms".

*:A skullfaced monster with a spiked staff, the strongest of the Three Solitary Confinement Hades Beasts. He used his "Red Skull Curse" attack to make people he encounters vanish in thin air within a matter of time while he siphons ther life-force. He was unable to be tracked normally like other Infershians except with the Tell-Me Thermin. He could reassemble himself by using his red skull when he is blown apart. Though he was killed by MagiKing's Magical Storm, Skeleton managed to find the "Key", Rin/Lunagel, with Vancuria's aid. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Skeleton was listed as "Red Skulled Skeleton".


nihongo|Demon Gate Guard Gargoyle|ガーゴイル |"Masekigoei Gāgoiru"|17-18: A giant Hades Beast perched on the Hades Gate and flew down from it and helped Branken in the unsealing of the Hades Gate, as well as protect it. Killed by MagiDragon. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Gargoyle was listed as "Gargoyle, the tough watcher of the gates".


nihongo|Spider|スパイダー |Supaidā|23-24: Belbireji's helper, it eats the souls the Incubus obtained for it to perform its "Soul Bomb" attack and so that the souls would be used to make a large bomb that Belbireji would then launch and explode into fireworks that would then destroy the city. Spider could also shoot poisonous needles from its mouth and could produce webbing to create webs and streams of webbing to swing around on. Spider was killed by a recovered Tsubasa when Belbireji shoved the monster in front of himself to avoid getting hit by Tsubasa. In the "Tokusei Magiranger Special", Kai accidentally turned himself into a Spider with the Golden GripPhone, only to be reversed by the Silver MagiPhone after he realized the error of his lies. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Spider was listed as "Spider the Soul-Eater."

Hades Beastmen

The nihongo|Hades Beastmen|冥獣人 "Meijūjin" were originally humans in life who sold their souls to N Ma, and were more powerful and intelligent than ordinary Hades Beasts. They had been sealed away by Blagel but were set free by Meemy, bond to serve him as commanded by the Dark Contract to sacrifice many humans so that N Ma could be revived. While most were enlarged by Meemy, Peewee and Bullrates were enlarged by Vancuria using the WolzaPhones.

Garim the Gremlin

nihongo|Gremlin Garim|グレムリンガリム|Guremurin Garimu"|20 is the first of the Hades Beastmen to be revived by Memmy. Being of the Gremlin Beastmen who love making mischief, Garmin befriended Nai and Nea in the past and occasionally spoke French. Garimin is sent to the surface with a madou item, the Calamity Loving Pen to cause chaos while aiding in N Ma's resurrection by using the extracted fear from his victims as ink for his pen that he used to make a giant Madou Circle (similar to Wolzard's Madou Symbols) to sacrifice every human within it. He used a large red mallet, Hell Hammer and had a scissor-like gauntlet. He could also remove his hand to play pranks and his arms functioned like a pair of stretchy accordions, could expel blue electricity from his mouth and could disappear and reappear from the ground at will. He was killed by Hikaru. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Garim was listed as "The Mischievous Artist, Gremlin Garim".

Beldan the Behemoth

nihongo|Behemoth Beldan|ベヒモスベルダン|Behimosu Berudan|21 was sent to cause earthquakes. He wielded a hammer and spike, and intended to use them to trigger an earthquake by striking a precise spot. He was the first to be killed by Travelion. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Beldan was listed as "The Instinctual crusher, Behemoth Beldan".

Kirikage the Ninja

nihongo|Ninja Kirikage|ニンジャキリカゲ|Meijūjin Ninja Kirikage|22 was a master of the art of invisibility and Ninpou. He wielded two katanas and used ninja Zobils and a giant fire-breathing frog "Ninpou giant comrade". He kidnapped Houka and brought her to his palace, where he used a device to keep the Rangers from using their magic, until Houka destroyed the device. Could make himself grow giant (by saying "Ninpou! Big Body!"). He was killed by Travelion. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Kirikage was listed as "Hidden from the people, hidden from the world, the shadow Hades Beastman Shadow Ninja Kirikage".

Belbireji the Incubus

nihongo|Incubus Belbireji|インキュバスベルビレジ|Inkyubasu Berubireji|23-24 was a brutal, mean lady-killer. He seems to have once had a romantic relationship with Vancuria which ended very badly. Belbireji had his own pet Hades Beast, Spider, who was also his helper. He could suck the souls out of his victims and transfer them into Spider's body so it could use them as energy for a soul bomb attack. He also seemed to have the ability to vex victims by separating their souls from their bodies and kissing them, as he demonstrated on Urara and Houka, causing them to think Kai and Makito were the Incubus and Spider. He met his end at MagiKing's hands. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Belbireji was listed as "The Maestro of Corruption, Incubus Belbireji" and then exclaimed that he was scum.

Gaston the Thief

nihongo|Thief Gaston|シーフガストン |Meijūjin Shīfu Gasuton|25 stole Kai's courage and the ticket Hikaru uses to summon Travelion. He was then ordered to use some of the other items he had stolen to make the "Important Item Dynamite" which was supposed to blow up the surface world by causing the cherished items of the humans to explode once it was detonated. Kai soon rejoined his siblings as he regained his courage to form MagiKing, while Hikaru regained control of Travelion from Nai & Mea, killing Gaston with it. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Gaston was listed as "The Sturm und Drang great robber, Thief Gaston".

Peewee the Harpy

nihongo|Harpy Peewee|ピーウィーハーピー |Hāpī Pīwī"|26 was a blue-bird like Hades "Beastwoman" summoned by the Nightmare Sisters to use her voice to cause hunger pains in people to manifest as deadly worms ("harpy bugs"). She was known as the "Monster Bird of Terror". Peewee refers to herself in the 3rd person. She was defeated by Urara and Smoky's "Smoky Blue Shining Attack" and killed by MagiKing and Travelion. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Peewee was listed as "The Terrifying demon bird, Harpy Peewee".

The Hades Beastman Four Hellish Kings

The nihongo|Hades Beastman Four Hellish Kings|冥獣人四底王|Meijūjin Shijigokuou|27-31, 33 were the most evil and powerful of the Hades Beastmen, they were the ones who defeated Blagel 15 years ago although they themselves were sealed away with the other Hades Beastmen. Meemy was forced to release the four when his lord's patience was wearing thin. Wolzard "welcomed" them, though seemingly unaware of his true first meeting with them. Their debut served in the MagiRangers obtaining the "Legend" power.

*nihongo|Samurai Shichijuurou|サムライシチジューロー|Samurai Shichijūrō|27: Though the weakest of the four, Shichijuurou's blade has the ability to turn the best of friends and family members into hated enemies and constantly drinks sake from his gourd claiming it was the source of his powers. His sword seems to have dials that allow him to amplify the strength of his slashes. He used his power on the Ozu siblings, severing their familial bonds, but Makito's passion for his younger brothers and sisters eventually broke the curse. Shichijuurou's body was destroyed by MagiTaurus, but the spirit of his sword (his "true form," he claims) possessed Makito until Hikaru destroyed it. When he was defeated, Bulrates' collected his powers and spirit in his BullStick and later transferred them to Zee. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Shichijuurou was listed as "The cursed, blood blade, Samurai Shichijuurou".

*nihongo|Siren Neries|セイレーンネリエス|Seirēn Neriesu"|27-28: The only female member, a mistress of song-based attacks who can manipulate silk cloth as a weapon, a rival/friend of Vancuria's. When she fought Blagel in the Hades Gate, he injured her throat and thus she was unable to use her singing attacks anymore. The 3rd most powerful of the four, she used the deceased singer Rei to gather the souls for her to consume in order for her to heal her throat. But when Rei refused to help anymore, Neriesu consumed her as punishment for her betrayal, as well as to fully heal her throat. Tsubasa managed to free Rei from Neries in a similar fashion the Ozu siblings did to extract Specter from Petit Eriko before the "Beastwoman" was killed by Hikaru, Urara, Houka, Makito, and Kai's "Wonderful Shining Attack". After that, Bulrates collected Neries' powers with his BullStick and later transferred it to Zee. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Neries was listed as "The singing genocidal princess, Siren Neries".

*: The leader and most powerful, Zee wears a hockey mask and carries a hockey stick-staff. It is said that the only one stronger than he is the Heavenly Saint Blagel himself. During the great battle between Magitopia's and Infershia's forces fifteen years ago, it was Zee who had given Blagel the wound that N Ma would use to seep his darkness in to cause him to become Wolzard. He and Bullrates created his Evil Ice, the "The Devil's Glacier", which would grow big enough to suck out souls of humans and secrete a fluid that would freeze everything it touched, eventually freezing the entire world. Zee was temporarily powered up by the souls of Shichijuurou and Neries from Bulrates' staff, thus enabling him to use their skills such as transforming his hockey stick into Shichijuurou's katana and summoning Neries' ensnares, although Zee was so confident of his own power he felt it unnecessary. He was a master of ice attacks such as the "Devil Shoot" where he would use his hockey stick to bat large chunks of ice at the Magiranger and the "Devil Blizzard" where he would send a blast of freezing air at them. He was killed by the Legend MagiRangers when they blasted Zee into the Evil Ice, which caused both Zee and the Evil Ice to shatter. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Zee was listed as "The strongest among the Hades Beastmen, Zee the Yeti".

* is the 2nd most powerful of the four, possessing a bubble blower-like staff ("BullStick") that absorbed the spirits of Shichijurou and Neries. Bullrates was apparently over 300 years old. Bullrates could also create bubbles and boulders with the staff. Also it was revealed that when Shichijuurou offered him some of his sake, he refused, saying he didn't trust people who drank sake. He caused Houka to keep losing her memory of the previous year after every thirty minutes after she saw Bullrates and Zee creating their Evil Ice. Bullrates also endowed Zee with the powers of the other Kings. Bullrates' staff was broken by a powered up the MagiKing slash, but Meemy restored it, as well as imbuing Bullrates with power and youth. Even though he was empowered, he was easily defeated and killed by Legend Magirangers. Meemy managed to transport Bullrates's soul to a Marudeyouna world that held Hades Machine Golem as part of a forbidden ritual. Meemy revealed that the ritual needed an ancient soul that was at least 300 years old to resurrect the Golem from its rest and thus used Bullrates' soul to do just that. Unfortunately for Bullrates, it was destroyed later by MagiLegend. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Bullrates was listed as "The sage of hell, Bullrates of the Kobold".

Agent X

Originally called nihongo|Demon Apollos|デーモン|Dēmon Aboloth, he left Infershia to become an Alienizer and renamed himself nihongo|Agent X|エージェントX|Ējento Ekkusu, returning to Earth in the events of "Magiranger vs. Dekaranger". He wielded two swords and could shoot lightning from his eyes. He learned the merchant teachings of Agent Abrella and aspired to follow in his footsteps as his apprentice and successor, using Abrella's connections to commit horrible yet unexplainable crimes, one of which involved the death of a Chanbenarian family. His catchphrase seems to be "I make no mistakes" as he keeps saying that line. He was working with the Alienizer Babon to fulfill his conquest. Agent X held Urara and Jasmine hostage in the Kedomono Realm, until he got the Flower of Heaven in order to power up Abretrex II so that it could extract all the love from the world so it could become a hellish wasteland filled with only misery, hatred, and slaughter. When the Rangers came to rescue Urara and Jasmine at the Mountain of Screams in the Marudeyouna Worlds, Agent X defeated the Rangers and stole the Flower of Heaven. Agent X and Babon then powered up Abretrex II, and were about to destroy all love on the planet with it, when the Rangers destroyed it with a combined mecha attack. Legend MagiRed and the DekaRed Battlizer beat him with the "Double Red Fire Finish". Agent X and Babon were soon killed when the Flower of Heaven endowed the Rangers with the magical power of its "Blizzard of Light" needed to destroy the duo with the "Fantastic Strike Out".


Petit Eriko

Petit Eriko (10) was a cactus given to Makito by Eriko. The Hades Beast Specter possessed it and became a giant cactus monster. Fortunately Magiking was able to exorcise Specter from Petit Eriko and destroy it, restoring the cactus to normal.

Machine Golem

Bullrates's soul was sacrificed to revive the Hades Machine Golem (冥機ゴーレム "Meiki Gōremu") (31) in the Infershia Marudeyouna world, as, according to Meemy, a soul over 300 years old was required for the ritual. This creature is a rare "Machine Hades Beast", Vancuria called it the ideal of Infershia. Travelion attempted to keep the Golem from entering the real world, but failed. It was the first to be killed by MagiLegend while in the surface realm. Its death also proved that the Magirangers were worthy of keeping their Legend powers without having to turn into Heavenly Saints.


The Forbidden Hades Fungal Beast Mold (冥菌獣モールド "Meikinjū Mōrudo") (32) was a softball-sized green orb created by Meemy using forbbiden magic. It released deadly green mold spores that would infect a host and would kill them when it opens its single eye by absorbing its blood. According to Hikaru, Mold was a murderous fungus that grew in the depths of Infershia and when there was nothing left for it to feed on it would then feed on its fellow mold. The only way to save a victim from being devoured by Mold was to kill it before it opened its eye. Meemy first demonstrated its power on the High Zobil, causing them to fall from their perches and being encrusted with the life-draining mold. Vancuria carried Mold around. Makito became one its many victims. However, it was due to the Legend MagiRangers that everyone was freed of Mold's infection as it was killed. However, Meemy summoned a powered up red High Mold ("High Mōrudo") that infected MagiLegend (and the Legend Magirangers inside), but thanks to Wolzard it was destroyed. It was later revealed that it was because of Wolzard coming into contact with the High Mold, it acted as a catalyst for Wolzard/Blagel to regain his memories.


The nihongo|Gestalt Hades Beastman Chimera|キマイラ|Gestalt Meijūjin Kimaira|33-34 is a product of a forbidden spell Memi cast using the energy stolen from Travelion as booster to perform a spell that creates life, fusing the spirits of the fallen Hades Beasts and Beastmen that were sealed away by Blagel within Infershia's "Lost Graveyard of Hatred" into one entity. Meemy stated that the monster had a thousand abilities and a thousand eyes and referred to it as the most powerful Hades Beastman, possessing their undying malice and thus had an obsession with fighting and killing. Chimera had three talking faces, and they are its main face (which also had a small vampire bat-like face on top of it, a chameleon/mermaid-like face, and a bull face. Chimera also has Troll's left arm with claws on its fingers, Peewee's feathers, Cockatorice's feet, a lobster-like face on its neck, a lion-like face on its chest and an eastern dragon head for a right arm. After defeating Hikaru and Lunagel in the Marudeyona World that Memmy created the beast in, the Chimera helped Wolzard capture the rangers and later the revelation of Wolzard's true identity. Meemy sicked the Chimera after the Rangers escaped to the surface realm, with the monster killed by SaintKaiser.

Lesser Demons

Mahou Sentai Magiranger had a host of several (sometimes unnamed) monsters and creatures that were mainly used as a means by the primary villains or the Hades Beasts and Beastmen. These include the following:

Blob (16): In "Stage 16", Branken call in a bizarre purple inhumanoid Blob to feed the Nightmare sisters to it as punishment for not capturing Lunagel until Wolzard appeared and drove the Hades Beast away.

Centipedes (19, 26, 33): The centipedes were conjured through the use of magic by Meemy as more of an attack rather than to summon a creature. They were used against the Magirangers in "Stage 25" and in "Stage 33" they wrapped around the Ozu siblings' wrists and ankles and materialized into chains. Also when Meemy was first revived, when Nai and Mea displeased him when they said he was to serve them, he turned them into centipedes with their own faces, but willingly turned them back when they agreed to cooperate with him. Nai also turned Mea into a centipede when the Nightmare sisters first received the Wolza Phones from Meemy.

Giant Companion (22): A giant, fire-breathing frog conjured by Kirikage's Ninpou to attack Urara and Tsubasa. Although the creature frightened Urara a bit, it was easily defeated by her and Tsubasa once they transformed.

Hades Snakes (39-40): The Hades Snakes were summoned during Hades Goddess Gorgon's Divine Punishment. She conjured the snakes to appear all over the world and to burrow into the ground and to bite any living creature on the surface world. After that, Gorgon would activate the magic of her mirror-shield to cause all who have been bitten to be turned to stone. One of the victims was Smoky. Fortunately, when Hikaru sucked up Gorgon's shield with Travelion's Destruction Fire, all of the snakes were destroyed.

Hades Frogs (43-44): These are the Hades God Toad's "children". During his Divine Punishment, Toad summoned a huge cloud containing Hades Frog eggs, which would then hatch and cover the earth in these frogs (similar to the Biblical Plague of Frogs). Hikaru and Smoky attempted to suck up all of the Hades Frog eggs using Travelion's Destruction Fire, but since there were so many, Travelion lost a great deal of energy and did not have the power to fight against Toad himself. Just as the Hades Frog eggs hatched and the frogs began to fall from the sky, Myuki used her magic to freeze and shatter all of the descending Hades Frogs.

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