Macrianus Major

Macrianus Major

Infobox Roman emperor
name =Macrianus
full name = Fulvius Macrianus
title = Usurper of the Roman Empire

caption =
reign =260
predecessor =Gallienus
successor =Macrianus Minor, Quietus
spouse 1 =? (of noble birth)
spouse 2 =
issue =Macrianus Minor, Quietus
dynasty =
father =
mother =
date of birth =
place of birth =
date of death =261
place of death =Thrace
place of burial =|

Fulvius Macrianus (died 261), also called Macrianus Major, was a Roman usurper. He was one of Valerian's generals and a man of vast wealth.

After Valerian's capture and execution by Sassanid Emperor Shapur I in 260, Valerian's son Gallienus became sole emperor. Since Gallienus was in the west, the eastern troops hailed Macrianus Major as their new emperor. Macrianus refused the throne because of his old age and physical condition.

With the support of Balista, Valerian's praefect, and with the influence that possession of the treasury of Valerian brought, Macrianus managed to have his two sons Macrianus Minor and Quietus elevated to the throne.

Quietus and Balista stayed in the East to secure their rule. Macrianus Major and Minor marched the eastern army from Asia to Europe, but were defeated in Thrace in 261 by Aureolus. Macrianus and his son were killed in battle. Quietus was later murdered by Odaenathus of Palmyra.

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