The American Society for Cell Biology

The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and develop the field of cell biology. Founded in 1960, the society currently has grown to serve more than 11,000 members.


Publications include:

*"Molecular Biology of the Cell": a monthly publication of scholarly research reports.

*CBE- Life Sciences Education: An online quarterly journal addressing issues on how students are introduced to the study of life sciences.

*"ASCB Newsletter": The ASCB's monthly newsletter updating members on current events pertaining to the society.

Annual Meeting

Every year in December, the ASCB holds its Annual Meeting, the purpose of which is to bring scientists in the field closer together in order to share knowledge. This also serves as a time where the society presents awards and holds conferences, lectures and .

Upcoming Annual Meetings include:

*47th Annual Meeting - December 1-5, 2007, Washington, D.C.. Washington Convention Center.

*48th Annual Meeting - December 13-17, 2008, San Francisco, California. Moscone Center.

*49th Annual Meeting - December 5-9, 2009, San Diego, California. San Diego Convention Center.


*E.B. Wilson Medal

*Keith R. Porter Lecture

*WICB Junior and Senior Awards

*E.E. Just Lecture

*MAC Poster Award

*MBC Paper of the Year

*Young UK Cell Biologist

*ASCB/Bruce Alberts Award

*Early Career Life Scientist Award

*Merton Bernfield Memorial Award

*Norton B. Gilula Award

*ASCB Public Service Award


*Education Committee:The ASCB Education Committee deals with biology education. Activities at the ASCB Annual Meeting include presentation of the Bruce Alberts Award for Excellence in Science Education, the Education Initiative Forum, a workshop on undergraduate teaching, a poster session on science education and a K-12 Outreach Lunch. Outreach activities include distribution of the educational brochure Exploring the Cell, production of the VHS tape CELLebration, and presentation of a cell biology symposium and booth at the National Association of Biology Teachers meeting. Additionally, the Education Committee serves as a resource to and sponsor of the Postdoctoral Subcommittee and explores cell biology careers.

*Finance And Audit Committee:The ASCB Finance And Audit Committee, chaired by the ASCB Treasurer, is responsible for evaluating the financial status of the Society, reviewing expenditures and recommending the annual budgets, reserve funds, and investments. The Committee consists of three or more members of the Society and two ex officio members - the President and President-elect.

*International Affairs Committee:The major objectives of the ASCB International Affairs Committee are to broaden the base of the Society's international efforts by working with cell biology societies of other nations and coordinating international activities; supervise initiatives to facilitate exchange between U.S. and foreign scientists; and to increase foreign membership in the ASCB.

*Local Arrangements Committee:The ASCB Local Arrangements Committee organizes selected social activities and education events for local students at the ASCB Annual Meeting.

*Minorities Affairs Committee:The ASCB Minorities Affairs Committee (MAC) seeks to significantly support underrepresented minority scientists in all stages of their education and career.

*Program Committee:The ASCB Program Committee develops the scientific program for the ASCB Annual Meeting, which is generally held in late Fall/ early Winter.

*Public Information Committee:The ASCB Public Information Committee promotes education of the lay public in cell biology, directly and through the media.

*Public Policy Committee:The ASCB Public Policy Committee regularly educates the United States Congress and the Administration about the importance of basic biomedical funding and biomedical policy.

*Women In Cell Biology Committee:The major objective of the Women in Cell Biology Committee (WICB) is to provide opportunities and information useful to women in developing their careers in cell biology. The WICB Committee also provides career development advice of value to all basic biomedical scientists.

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* European Life Scientist Organisation (ELSO)

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