Dow, or the acronym DOW, may refer to:



  • Herbert Henry Dow (1866–1930), founder of Dow Chemical Company
  • Charles Dow (1851–1902), founder of Dow Jones & Co
  • James R. Dow, professor of German language
  • Paula Dow (born 1955), 58th Attorney General of New Jersey
  • Neal S. Dow (1804–1897), noted prohibitionist
  • Tony Dow (born 1945), actor most famous as the older brother, Wally, in the Leave it to Beaver TV series
  • Harold Dow (1947–2010), from the 48 Hours Mystery TV series
  • Ryan Dow (born 1991), Scottish footballer for Dundee United
  • Dow Finsterwald (born 1929), American professional golfer




Indigneous peoples


  • Dow, a character in the Fusion comics series


  • Dow process, the electrolytic method of bromine extraction from brine


See also

  • Dhow, a traditional Arab sailing ship

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