126 (number)

126 (number)

126 is the natural number following 125 and preceding 127.

Number|number = 126
range = 120
cardinal = one hundred [and] twenty-six
ordinal = th
ordinal text = one hundred [and] twenty-sixth
numeral = 126
factorization = 2 cdot 3^2 cdot 7
prime =
divisor = 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 14, 18, 21, 42, 63, 126
roman = CXXVI
unicode =
greek prefix =
latin prefix =
bin = 1111110
oct =
duo =
hex = 7E
misc =

In mathematics

One hundred [and] twenty-six is a pentagonal pyramidal number, and a decagonal number as well as a pentatope number. It is an abundant number.

125 and 126 form a Ruth-Aaron pair under the second definition in which repeated prime factors are counted as often as they occur.

In base 10, it is a Harshad number as well as a Friedman number, since 126 = 6 × 21.

In the military

* AM-126 was an Auk-class minesweeper acquired by the U.S. Navy for the dangerous task of removing mines
* USNS Mission San Juan (T-AO-126) was a Mission Buenaventura Class fleet oilers during World War II
* USS Admiral Hugh Rodman (AP-126) was an Admiral W. S. Benson class transport
* USS Badger (DD-126) was a United States Navy Wickes class destroyer during World War I
* USS Cambridge (CA-126) was a United States Navy Oregon City-class heavy cruiser
* USS Porcupine (IX-126), was a United States Navy Armadillo-class tanker
* USS St. Mary's (APA-126) was a United States Navy Haskell-class attack transport
* USS Token (AM-126) was a United States Navy Auk-class minesweeper for removing mines from minefields

In TV and radio

* The TV series My Little Margie ran on CBS and NBC from 1952 to 1955 for 126 episodes
* In kryptonite is referred to as element 126 on the periodic table
* Channel 126 on Sirius Satellite Radio is Sports Play-by-Play 3
* Channel 126 on XM Radio is CNN en Español

In transportation

* The Fiat 126 automobile
* The Ferrari 126C was Ferrari's first attempt at a turbo-engined Formula 1 car
* London Buses route 126 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London
* RATB bus route 126 in Bucharest, Romania
* 126th Street Bus Depot of the New York City Transit Authority
* Willets Point-Shea Stadium IRT Flushing Line New York City Subway train station at Roosevelt Avenue between 114th and 126th Streets
* Interstate 126 (I-126) is a spur route of Interstate 26, near Columbia, South Carolina
* K-126 is a state highway in southeastern Kansas
* Pier 126 Heliport near Florence, Oregon
* M-126 state trunkline route in Michigan
* STS-126 is a planned Space Shuttle Endeavour mission to deliver equipment and supplies to the International Space Station

In other fields

126 is also:
* The year AD 126 or 126 BC
* 126 AH is a year in the Islamic calendar that corresponds to 743 – 744 CE
* 126 Velleda is a Main belt asteroid
* The atomic number of unbihexium, an element that has not yet been discovered.
* 126 is the seventh magic number in nuclear physics (2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, 126)
*It is the highest possible free to play combat level in the mmorpg runescape
* Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks #126 in world population
* Sonnet 126 by William Shakespeare
* 126 film photographic film "cartridge" format
** 126 film (roll format), another type of photographic film produced from 1906 to 1949.
* Salam Abdullah Said’s detainee number in detention in Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, in Cuba
* In MMORPG Asheron's Call, 126 was also previously the highest level before the arrival of the Throne of Destiny expansion
* Beethoven's Bagatelles, Opus 126 were composed in the years 1823-1824
* OMB Circular A-126 for standards and policies for United States aircraft
* The 126th Kentucky Derby was won by Fusaichi Pegasus on May 6, 2000
* The 126th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was won by Ch. Surrey Spice Girl, a Miniature Poodle on February 12, 2002

See also

* List of highways numbered 126
* United Nations Security Council Resolution 126
* The 126th General Assembly of Ohio, 2005-2006

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