Red Eye Records

"Red Eye Records" is a Sydney-based Australian independent record label started in 1985 by graphic designer John Foy. Its debut release was a solo single from ex-Hoodoo Gurus drummer James Baker issued as The James Baker Experience. It also ran two other spin off labels Black Eye Records and Third Eye.

The label went on to release The Cruel Sea, John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong, The Bhagavad Guitars , The Beasts of Bourbon, The Crystal Set, Steve Kilbey, Deniz Tek, Robert Frost, Growl, The Clouds, Drop City, The Scientists and Kim Salmon and the Surrealists. In 1990 the label was distributed through Polydor who later acquired Red Eye closing it as an imprint moving some acts across to Universal.

The name Red Eye Records and logo are still used for its record stores in Sydney.

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