Saint Nikodim I

Saint Nikodim I
Никодим I
His Holiness, the Metropolitan of Peć and Archbishop of Serbs
Archbishop of All Serbian and Maritime Lands
Church Serbian Orthodox Church
See Metropolitanate of Peć
Enthroned 1316
Reign ended 1324
Predecessor Sava III
Successor Danilo II
Personal details
Died 1325
Nationality Serb
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Christian
Feast day May 11/24
Canonized by Serbian Orthodox Church

Nikodim I of Peć (Serbian: Никодим I Пећки, English: Nicodemus of Peć) was the 10th Metropolitan of Peć and Archbishop of Serbs from 1316 to 1324, he died in the year 1325. He is a Serbian saint and the Orthodox Church celebrates his feast day on May 11/24.[1]


In 1314, heir apparent Stephen Uroš III was exiled to Constantinople after quarrels with his father King Stephen Uroš II Milutin. In 1317, Uroš III asked Nikodim to intervene between him and his father. In 1320, King Milutin allowed Uroš III to return upon the persuasion of Nikodim.[2] Stephen Constantine, Uroš' half-brother and heir to the throne, was crowned King upon the death of Milutin in 1321.[3] Civil war erupted when Constantine refused to submit to Uroš III, who then invaded Zeta, and in the ensuing battle, Constantine was killed.[3] After the victory, on January 6, 1322, Nikodim crowned Uroš King and Dušan Young King.[4]

He co-founded 14th century Serbian Orthodox Vratna monastery alongside Serbian king Stefan Milutin (1282–1321) of the House of Nemanjić.[5]

Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Sava III
Archbishop of Serbs
Succeeded by
Danilo II


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