Form (botany)

Form (botany)

: "This article is about "form" in botany. For the use in zoology, see Form (zoology)."

In botanical nomenclature, a "form" ("forma") is a low-level taxonomic rank below that of variety; it is an infraspecific taxon. Its name consists of three parts: a genus name, a specific epithet, and an infraspecific epithet. The abbreviation "f." or the full "forma" should be put before the infraspecific epithet to indicate the rank.

For example, a cactus:
* "Acanthocalycium spiniflorum" f. "klimpelianum" or
* "Acanthocalycium spiniflorum" forma "klimpelianum" (Weidlich & Werderm.) Donald

A form usually designates a group with a noticeable but minor deviation. For instance, white-flowered forms of species that usually have coloured flowers can be named a "f. "alba". Some botanists believe that there is no need to name forms, since there are theoretically countless numbers of forms based on a single-gene difference.

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