Helenius Acron

Helenius Acron (or Acro) was a Roman commentator and grammarian, probably of the 5th century, but whose precise date is not known.

He is known to have written on Terence ("Adelphi" and "Eunuchus" at least) and Horace. These commentaries on Horace are now lost but are referred to by the grammarian Charisius.Citation
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] There is some evidence for a commentary on Persius.

"Scholia" attributed to Acron appear in manuscripts of Horace; there are three recensions known, the earliest dating to the 5th century. The fragments which remain of the work on Horace, though much muti­lated, are valuable, as containing the remarks of the older commentators, Quintus Terentius Scaurus and others. The attribution to Acron, however, is not found before the 15th century, and is doubtful.

Fragments of Acron's writing may also appear in Pomponius Porphyrion.


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