Table Stakes

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Title= Table Stakes
Season = 1
Episode = 15
Guests= Shawn Christian (Patrick Haynes), Elizabeth Lackey (Amanda Haynes)
Airdate = February 22, 2001
Production =
Writer = Carol Mendelsohn
Elizabeth Devine
Anthony E. Zuiker
Director = Lou Antonio
Season list = CSI season 1 episode list
Episode list =
Prev = To Halve and to Hold
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Table Stakes is the fifteenth episode of the American crime drama which is set in Las Vegas, Nevada. It originally aired as Episode 15 of on February 22, 2001.


Patrick and Amanda Haynes hold a charity fundraising party at the home of Portia Richmond, a retired Las Vegas showgirl; the CSIs are called in when Lacey Duvall is found dead, floating in the backyard pool. Catherine processes the pool and finds a bright red fingernail and a cufflink with the initials “CM”. In autopsy, Doc Robbins notes that Lacey was strangled.

Brass questions the Hayneses and learns that although Portia is on vacation, the couple was hosting the party on her behalf. During the interview, Amanda sips water through a straw, and Grissom asks for it; Amanda willingly hands it over. Grissom and Catherine then search Portia’s bedroom and find no evidence that she packed anything for a trip. However, they do find a human tooth in the fireplace, and DNA confirms that it belonged to Portia.

Greg tests the DNA from Lacey’s rape kit and matches it to an old rape case in Texas, where the suspect's name was Chad Matthews. Sara discovers that Patrick’s Social Security number is fake, and she and Nick realize that Patrick and Chad are the same person. They quickly learn that Chad had several other aliases that he used to scam rich widows for cash and commit sexual assault around the country. However, they cannot understand why he would kill Lacey.

Grissom returns to the morgue and sees that the one of the finger marks on Lacey’s neck is less vivid than the others, implying that the strangler had a broken fingernail. Greg processes the fingernail collected at the house for DNA, and learns that the owner of the fingernail is related to Chad; he matches the DNA to the DNA from Amanda’s straw.

During questioning, Chad/Patrick admits to having a relationship with Lacey. Grissom then confronts him with the evidence that Amanda is his sister, and informs him that Amanda killed Lacey because Patrick told Lacey the truth about their identities. Grissom also tells Chad that the piranhas in Portia’s gardenside pool show evidence of having eaten a person; Chad confesses to killing Portia and feeding her to the fish.

Warrick is sent downtown, where Walter Mitty lies dead in an elevator with a quarter wedged in the bullet wound in his head. Warrick concludes that this was a mob hit and wearily dusts the elevator for prints in the name of protocol, aware that he will turn up thousands of fingerprints that are unrelated to his case.

Warrick searches Walter’s wallet and finds casino markers, which he then returns to the casino. As he stands in the center of the casino floor, he finally realizes that he has a gambling problem.

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