Royal Cork Yacht Club

Royal Cork Yacht Club

The Royal Cork Yacht Club is the world's oldest [It has not been continuously named as it is today and had periods of dormancy.] yacht club and was founded in 1720.


The predecessor [ [ History ] ] of the present day "Royal Cork Yacht Club", was the "Water Club of the Cork Harbour" was established by William O'Brien, the 9th Lord Inchiquin, a great-grandson to the 1st Earl of Inchiquin, who was a courtier of King Charles II.

Names & Locations

On returning to England from exile, King Charles developed an interest in sailing on the Thames and subsequently his courtiers (including The Earl of Inchiquin) followed his example. Upon the Earl’s return to Cork, recreational sailing commenced. Some years later, the Earl of Inchiquin's great-grandson, 26 year old William O'Brien and five of his friends formalised their activities and in so doing established The Water Club of the Harbour of Cork in 1720.This body became inactive in 1765 and was re-established in 1802. In 1872 the Munster Model Yacht Club was founded as a Corinthian Yacht Club to provide for amateur racing rather than racing for wagers on yachts of wealthy owners with paid hands. It changed it's name and dropped the word "Model" and became known as the Cork Harbour Yacht Club. Later on that decade it dropped "Harbour" and became the Cork Yacht Club and in 1831, the club received a royal charter from King William IV, and became the Royal Cork Yacht Club. It became inactive and in 1966 the Royal Munster Yacht Club merged [ [ History ] ] with it to become as it is known today, the Royal Cork Yacht Club incorporating The Royal Munster Yacht Club

It was originally located on Haulbowline Island in Cork Harbour. In the early nineteenth century, it transferred to Cove, subsequently named Queenstown, now Cobh. It is currently located in Crosshaven, near Cork City.

Nineteenth Century

By the mid 19th century membership was keenly sought after due to the club's popularity and club records show that many candidates were disappointed at not getting membership.Fact|date=March 2007 One who was admitted was Prince Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria, later to be Emperor of Mexico. Prince Ferdinand was the founder of the Imperial Austrian Navy and a brother of Emperor Franz Joseph. The Prince of Wales who was later to become King Edward VII attended several RCYC regattas sailing his famous yacht "Britannia". ["Britannia's" burgee was presented to the Royal St George Yacht Club in Dunlaoghaire.]

In 1872 the Munster Model Yacht Club was founded and eventually received a royal charter to become the Royal Munster Yacht Club although without premises for many years it settled in the Clubhouse of the Cork Harbour Motor Yacht Club at Crosshaven in the 1930s. The Royal Munster merged with the dormant Royal Cork Yacht Club of Cobh which claims its descendancy from the original Cork Water Club of 1720. []


Cork Week (formerly called 'Ford Week' or 'Ford Cork Week' [ [ The name of Cork week] ] ) is hosted by the Royal Cork Yacht Club and is held every two years.It is Ireland's largest sailing regatta and attracts boats from across the world [ [ Cork Week 2008] ]

The Royal Cork Yacht club also hosts "October leagues" which are a highlight of the Irish Yachting calendar along with the April Leagues at the Kinsale Yacht Club

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