List of Mexican American writers

List of Mexican American writers

The following is a list of Mexican-American writers.




  • Adina Emilia De Zavala
  • Lorenzo de Zavala
  • Abelardo Delgado, author of Letters to Louise (1982)[1]
  • Mike Durán, author of Don't Split on My Corner (1991)[1]
  • Sergio Elizondo, author of story collection Rosa, la flauta (1980) and the novels Muerte en una estrella (1987) and Suruma (1991)[1]
  • Alex Espinoza, author of Still Water Saints
  • Conrado Espinoza, author of El Sol de Texas (Under the Texas Sun) (1926)
  • Roberta Fernández
  • Gregory Thomas Garcia
  • Lionel G. Garcia, author of Leaving Home (1985), A Shroud in the Family (1987), Hardscrub (1989), Brush Country (2004), The Day They Took My Uncle and Other Stories, and other books[1]
  • Julian S. Garcia, was Associate Editor of ViAztlan in l985, an international journal of Chicano arts during its heyday when Chicano literature was at its zenith. He graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University (1975) with a bachelor's degree in sociology and bilingual education, and continued at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he matriculated in 1979 with a Master's degree in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies. Further studies took Julian to Southwest Texas State University, where he added English literature to his field. As short story writer and essayist, Julian S. Garcia won the l979 Caracol Fiction Award for "Las Manos." In 1984, the article "Writing through Suffering" appeared in ViAztlan, Vol.2, No. 7 to critical acclaim. The following year, in l985, saw the publication of his essay, "The New Age of Chicano Music" in ViAztlan, Vol. 3, No.2.

"Don Cheno's Icehouse" subsequently appeared in ViAztlan in March 1985 while the poet/Editor Alurista accepted his story "The Harvest" which appeared in Southwest Tales: A contemporary collection in l986. In l986, the University of Arizona published his story, "El Viaje" in its biannual journal, Saguaro. In the fall 2006, his critically acclaimed, "La Fantastica Curandera" appeared in Puentes, published by Texas A & M University-Corpus under the aegis of Editor Jesus Rosales. His current project includes, With Open Eyes: the tale of two spiritual brothers and Tejas Love: A Chicano romance novel. He has finished a collection of stories pending publication entitled, Pepito, Lucy, and El Perico, a children's collection. He is a retired school teacher who researches, writes and analyzes political and philosophical issues.


  • Gary Keller (author), author of collection Tales of El Huitlacoche (1984)[1]
  • Luis A. López - Author & Poet
  • Tony Magaña,writer and political blogger for Contempo Magazine
  • Patricia Preciado Martín, author of collection Days of Plenty, Days of Want (1988)[1]
  • Al Martínez, Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist; author of Ashes in the Rain: Selected Essays (1990)[1]
  • Eliud Martínez, author of Voice Haunted Journey (1991)[1]
  • Max Martínez, author of Schooland (1988) and the collections The Adventures of the Chicano Kid and Other Stories (1982) and A Red Bikini Dream (1989)[1]
  • Hugo Martínez-Serros, author of the collection The Last Laugh and Other Stories (1988)[1]
  • Ruben Martinez
  • Bill Melendez
  • Maria Cristina Mena
  • Miguel Méndez
  • Jim Mendiola
  • Pat Mora
  • Cherríe Moraga
  • Alejandro Morales, author of Old Faces and New Wine (1981), Death of an Anglo (1988), Reto en el Paraiso (1983), The Brick People (1988), and The Rag Doll Plagues (1991)[1]
  • Alejandro Murguía


  • Julian Nava
  • J. L. Navarro, author of the collection Blue Day on Main Street (1973)[1]
  • Josefina Niggli
  • Daniel Olivas
  • Berta Ornelas, author of Come Down from the Mound (1975)[1]
  • Felipe de Ortego y Gasca
  • Sheila Ortiz Taylor, author of Spring Forward/Fall Back (1985)[1]
  • Miguel Antonio Otero
  • Américo Paredes
  • Joe Perez
  • Luiz Perez
  • Cecile Piñeda
  • Mary Helen Ponce, author of The Wedding (1989) and the collection Taking Control (1987)[1]
  • Estela Portillo Trambley (1936–1998), author of Trini (1986), the play The Day of the Swallows (1971) and the collection Rain of Scorpions and Other Writings (1975) for which she became the first woman to receive the Quinto Sol Literary Prize.[1] She also held the President Chair in Creative Writing at UC Davis.[2]
  • Katherine Quintana Ranck, author of Portrait of Doña Elena (1983)[1]
  • John Rechy
  • Alberto Ríos
  • Isabella Ríos, author of Victuum (1976)[1]
  • Tomás Rivera
  • Alfredo Rodríguez, author Estas tierras (1983; Palabra Nueva prize winner)[1]
  • Joe Rodríguez, author of Oddsplayer (1988)[1]
  • Luis J. Rodriguez
  • Richard Rodriguez
  • Orlando Romero (author), author of Nambé-Year One (1976)[1]
  • María Amparo Ruiz de Burton


  • Benjamin Alire Saenz
  • Floyd Salas
  • Rubén Salazar
  • Alberto Salinas, Jr., co-author of "Curandero Conversations" (2009),
  • René Saldaña Jr., author of The Jumping Tree (2002), Finding Our Way (2004), and The Whole Sky Full of Stars (2008)
  • Raúl R. Salinas author of Un Trip Through the Mind Jail y Otras Excursions.
  • Alex Sánchez
  • Dr. Ricardo Sánchez, author of Canto y Grito Mi Liberacion (1973, 1995), Hechizospells (1976), and Amerikan Journeys::Jornadas Americanas (1994), among other titles.
  • Saúl Sánchez, author of the collection Hay Plesha Lichans to di Flac (i.e., "I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag") (1977)[1]
  • Hope Sandoval
  • Danzy Senna
  • Beverly Silva, author of The Cat and Other Stories (1986)[1]
  • ire'ne lara silva, author of furia (2010)
  • Roberto Solis
  • Gary Soto
  • Mario Suárez
  • Joseph V. Torres-Metzgar, author of Below the Summit (1976)[1]
  • Sergio Troncoso
  • Sabine Ulibarrí
  • Jorge Ulica (a.k.a. Julio G. Arce), satirist, published his Crónicas diabólicas from 1916-1926[1]
  • Martin Guevara Urbina
  • Luís Alberto Urrea
  • Gina Valdés, author of There Are No Madmen Here (1981)[1]
  • Luis Valdez
  • Richard Vásquez, author of Chicano (1970) and other novels[1]
  • Félix Varela
  • Alfredo Véa, Jr.
  • Daniel Venegas, author of The Adventures of Don Chipote, Or, When Parrots Breast Feed (1928)
  • Alma Luz Villanueva
  • José Antonio Villarreal
  • Victor Villaseñor
  • Leonor Villegas de Magnón, author of the autobiography The Rebel (c.1920)
  • Helena Maria Viramontes
  • Gwendolyn Zepeda

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