HMAS Supply

HMAS Supply

HMAS "Supply" (AO-195) (formerly RFA "Tide Austral" (A99)) was a "Tide" class replenishment oiler laid down by Harland and Wolff Limited at Belfast in Northern Ireland on 5 August 1952, and launched on 1 September 1954.

She was initially operated by the British Admiralty with a civilian crew as the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) "Tide Austral". In 1962, the ship was purchased by Australia and commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy on 15 August 1962, under her original name. She was renamed "HMAS Supply" on 7 September 1962 in a ceremony presided over by Mrs. O. H. Becher, wife of Rear Admiral Otto Becher (CBE, DSO, DSC and Bar), the Australian Naval Representative in the United Kingdom.

During her Australian service, "Supply", accompanied initially by Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) frigate HMNZS "Otago" and later by RNZN frigate HMNZS "Canterbury", sailed to Moruroa Atoll in official protest of the French "Canopus" atmospheric nuclear test. [Frame (2004), p 251] "Supply" was part of the relief force sent to Darwin following the destruction caused by Cyclone Tracy in 1974.Frame (1994), p 252] In 1975, "Supply" was present for the proclamation of Papua New Guinea's independence from Australia, and later for the bicentennial of America's independence from Britain.

On 8 September 1980, "Supply" joined five other RAN vessels to form the Australia Squadron.cite book |last=Lind |first=Lew |title=The Royal Australian Navy - Historic Naval Events Year by Year |origyear=1982 |edition=2nd ed. |year=1986 |publisher=Reed Books |location=Frenchs Forest, NSW |pages=p. 297 |isbn=0730100715 |oclc=16922225] The Squadron, which included HMA Ships "Melbourne", "Perth", "Derwent", "Stalwart", and "Otama" spent two months in the Indian Ocean as part of a flag-showing cruise; the largest RAN deployment since World War II.

HMAS "Supply" paid off on 16 December 1985, and was replaced by HMAS "Success". [Frame (1994), p 286]


*cite book |last=Frame |first=Tom |authorlink=Tom Frame (bishop) |title=No Pleasure Cruise: the story of the Royal Australian Navy |year=2004 |publisher=Allen & Unwin |location=Crows Nest |isbn=1-74114-233-4

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