Palm m100 series

The Palm m100 series consists of four Palm OS based personal digital assistants (or PDAs) titled m100, m105, m125, and m130. These models were intended to be "entry-level" PDAs. Their cases were built from cheaper materials, the covers of the LCD screens and the digitizers were plastic rather than glass, and the screens were smaller than the more expensive palms. Unlike other Palm computers, which had rechargeable batteries, they were designed to run on standard dry cell batteries (except for the m130, which uses a rechargeable battery). All feature a hinged screen cover with a small window over the screen through which the system clock can be viewed for a few seconds when the "scroll up" button is depressed through a hole in the cover, when the unit is not in use.


The m100 is powered by the Motorola VZ Dragonball processor operating at 16MHz. It has 2 Megabytes of RAM. It was released in 2000. It is 4.66 inches high, 3.10 inches wide, and 0.72 inches thick. It weighs 3.7oz without batteries or screen cover. It came with a serial cable to sync with a computer and a CDROM with Palm Desktop software. It has a durable (will withstand falls better than glass screens) plastic screen, and comes with a hinged screen cover that hangs over the screen when not in use. [ [ The Gadgeteer Review, m100] ]

The m105 is identical to the m100 but it contains 8 Megabytes of RAM, and in the box a cradle is included instead of a cable. The m105 had a problem whereby the capacitator that saved the contents of the RAM when changing batteries would fail. Several hardware hacks are available that fix this error.

The m125 is powered by the Motorola VZ Dragonball processor operating at 33MHz. It has a 160x160 pixel greyscale LCD screen and 8 Megabytes of RAM. It originally shipped with Palm OS 4.0. The cradle connection and expansion port differs from that of the earlier models, and is identical to that of the Palm m500 series, and this model shipped with a synchronization cradle that connected to the USB port (M100 and M105 connected via the PC's serial port.) This handheld also features a memory slot which takes a SD or MMC format external memory. [ [ The Gadgeteer Review, m125] ]

The m130 is powered by the Motorola VZ Dragonball processor operating at 33Mhz. It has a 160x160 pixel LCD screen with 16 bit color. It originally shipped with Palm OS 4.1


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